Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What NEXT??????

Crap - for every good day - there has to be a BAD day and the last couple of days - well not so good.

But in a funny sort of way. I'm not complaining - honestly it has been like a comedy of errors.

I was trying on Monday night to get my samples ready for the Elm Creek class, but first I had a disturbing phone call to make. The phone call was weighing heavily on me and after making many mistakes - I decided to make the phone call. Hard to believe that a "healthy" older male (one of my buddies in the cycling club) died in his sleep after a great day of cycling. Like what gives?????   You try to stay healthy and BAM - they think it was heart attack, but I don't know the details. Peter was such a great guy - very helpful, great personality, great drive (he rode 8,000 KM on his bike this year) and last Wednesday  - he just didn't wake up.

Makes me think of a comment that Steve Jobs said - when I get up in the morning and look in the mirror - I ask myself - am I happy doing what I have planned for today? If I say NO too many days in a row - time to rethink what I am doing.

Anyway - the comment was something to that effect. You just don't know when your time is going to come.

Hence all the more reason to get this studio in order!!!!   I can't imagine what they (friends and family) would do if I died in my sleep?  Hmmm - let's move on to the rest of the crazy day.

Enough of those sobering thoughts - let's get to CRAZY!!!!!!

So I get up Tuesday morning - sew and get the blocks in a presentable state for the class. Ooops - let me backtrack a minute. On Monday - someone had brought in a cake from a baptism the day before. The girls ate most of the cake and I brought it home to dispose of it. I accidentily left it on the counter when M and I dashed out to Fabricland. When we arrived back home - we saw this........

saran wrap from the cake

The cake plate licked CLEAN. She (Sparky) even licked the knife!!!
ooops - she left a few crumbs on the counter

She did NOT touch the cookies that were left on the stove. These are those prepacked cookies that come for every season - I wonder what that means when Sparky won't touch them??????

I kept an eye on her and she seemed to be just fine. It was a white cake and a LOT of icing (fatty - just what you need when you are recovering from pancreatitis!!!!!)

So Tuesday morning - I get ready to go to my class. I left a bag of carrots smack in the middle of the island thinking they would be out of her reach.

I teach my class and make a trip to the library to pick up a book and get home. I opened the door and almost fainted!!!!   Let's just say that Sparky ate most of the 2 lb bag of carrots and there were MANY presents all over the living room. The poor thing had been violently ill. Not a pretty sight.

And on my way home from the class - I was looking forward to just sitting down for a few minutes with an ice pack on my knee. The ice is really helping - just got to do it more often.

So I clean up the mess. Decide to have lunch (I'm a mother - I can handle that stuff). The dog needs to go out - vomits some more. Great - this isn't looking good. Then I decided to clean up the kitchen - have to wash the floor from carrots and cake!!  I am almost finished the kitchen and looking forward to that ice pack when I hear more retching coming from the basement. Poor thing - tried to drink water and couldn't keep that down so I had more mess to clean up.

Then I had a customer coming to drop off a quilt and she wanted to chat. Called the vet - have to go in. I did sneak in a quick nap and an ice pack. But the afternoon was SHOT. I got nothing done with the dogs wanting in and wanting out and cleaning up!  OK - so I did get the kitchen tidied up.

Off to the vet - of course, Sammy cannot be left home by herself. She needs to be with us. The vet was concerned because by now - Sparky is VERY dehydrated. Best to go to the animal hospital to get her on IV. Back to the animal hospital where we had to wait and wait and wait. It was a busy night. Finally got out of there and back home. Grabbed a snack bar and off to visit with my Finishing Group.

And it didn't stop there. Oh no - I had a very early appointment at physio. While I am picking up Tim's on the way home - my father calls. Now he has been ill and in the hospital for a week so I'm thinking what's wrong. Besides they never call me. Well - he had questions about geocaching!!!!!   And while I am talking to him - the vet calls. Do you see what I mean?????   It has been NUTS!!!!!!!  

I am finally sitting here enjoying my cup of tea while I write this. And I'm thinking - I really really want a nap and an ice pack!!!!!!   Don't worry - I'm going for both in a bit.

Bottom line with Sparky - oh - just to show the vet how sick she was - she proceeded to throw up in the exam room!!!   It appears that her pancreatitis may have flared up with the excess food. I think she just has a sensitive stomach now and can't eat anything out of the ordinary. I think we would have been fine if she had of eaten just the cake or just the carrots, but the two together - bad news!!!!!    Stupid dog!!!!   Or should I say - stupid ME for leaving that out.

BUT - I did manage to get some sewing done. I got all these blocks together. And only because I need the design wall for something else I am working on today.
Shoot for the Moon from A Little Bit Crazy by The Buggy Barn - blocks TOGETHER

The two borders to be added - not 100% sure of those circles with the stars now 

And the backing which I just found at Fabricland this week!!!!

On that note - I am off to find something to do today!!!!  I can't wait to see what excitement today brings. Oh yes - did I mention that I have company now!!!   Miss K (Kaylee) came to visit last night and is staying for the week. In all the commotion - I am sure she is feeling pretty neglected!!!!  

Have a great day!!!!!



  1. Wow, you've had quite a week...and that only takes you through Tuesday!! My son's dogs will eat anything within reach too....and being good sized Labs, their reach is long. Just imagine what you find when you get home after your dog has eaten most of a pecan pie............

  2. Shoot for the Moon is wonderful! I just love it! :)

  3. We had a dog years ago who could have been related to Sparky. A co-worker gave my husband (then boyfriend) a dozen homemade rolls to bring to me in Toronto. He left 11 of them and a pound of butter on the counter to pack his bag for the weekend. When he went back to get the rolls, Mister had devoured all of the rolls AND the pound of butter. He waited an hour or so before putting the dog in the car and thought all was well...not to be. Have you ever tried to clean dog vomit from under the seats in a Toyota Supra...not an easy task or a pretty sight.