Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Ever note how you can have no problem starting a new project and the next one - you can't make a single decision. That's me!!!!

I am working on the small mystery by This & That. I mean it is a small project. Yet - I can't seem to decide what I am going to use for the center block. They just called for a focus fabric, but which one?????   Then I came up with another idea and hopefully later today - I can get my center block done and move on!!!!

Well what a gorgeous weekend. I guess I should have done my outside work cause it is going to get cold. Might go pull a few token weeds today!!  I doubt that - I am now WAY BEHIND with quilting and no time for goofing off.

And have you ever marveled at how we will procrastinate and procrastinate and then something happens and that adrenalin just pumps through and you can do anything???   Well we are having a big dinner party on Friday - that happens very RARELY in our house. And some are people that I used to work with including my old boss (whom I hated!!!! - I told DH to NOT let me have any wine!!!!)   So now all those tasks that I have been avoiding in the house are LOOMING and MUST be done this week.

I employed the help of M and her friend Berke. They built me my two bookcases that have been around forever. We got all the books on them and wow - I just kept going.

Added the small bookcase on the right. 
 I have decided that I CANNOT buy another book or magazine. I have run out of room. The only way is to get rid of some of what I have. ACK ACK ACK!!!!!!!!   I think the only way that I won't buy anything is to take all my money away from me. No credit, no debit, no cash!!!!!   I just love books and magazines. OK - if I loved them that much - I would USE THEM!!!!!!!    HELP ME!!!!!!

This is the other bookcase that got assembled last night. 

This is in the scrapbooking area and same thing. NO NEW BOOKS or MAGAZINES allowed. While there is a smidgen of room - I just do NOT need anything.

The scrapbooking table - almost clear. 
 Putting up that bookcase allowed me to clear the table - FINALLY. Just have to get rid of those quilts sitting on the table.

And you know how one things leads to another - then I got it into my system that I NEEDED to clean up the storage room that I have wanted to clean for months. I forgot to take a picture before - that's how excited I was. I mean you could not walk in this room - everything was on the floor - nothing was stacked. Doesn't it look amazing??????

Cleaned up storage room

As a result of this burst of energy - there are a couple of issues - good and bad.

The Bad:
1. Still have NOT located those missing quilt hangers. I mean there were three pieces and I think I remember putting all three pieces in a different spot (I know - stupid), but I can't even find ONE of them.
2. I found a LOT (I mean a LOT) of projects that I had semi forgotten about. How the heck will I ever get them done.
3. I LOST my glasses. Wearing the spares which I HATE.

The Good:
1. The space is looking AWESOME. And not just because DH will HAVE to show off the space even though he complains about how much stuff and room I take up!!!! There are 11 people coming to sew on Sunday so would have had to tidy up anyway.
2. I found a couple of patterns that I had misplaced.
3. And I feel energized. When the room is this clear it is easy to sew - no distractions!!!!

Bottom line - if I want to start a new project - I will shop at my house. I should ONLY be allowed to purchase stuff to complete a project. If I want a book or magazine- I will go to the library, borrow from a friend, purchase it as an e-book or do without. OR - get one from the shelf that I haven't read!!!!!

Had a great Thanksgiving dinner with Marian and her family. However I FORGOT to take a camera with me. Yep - I own two cameras and forgot both at home!!!

On that note - I have LOADS to do today and must get started!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!


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  1. LOL! I *so* completely can identify with you here!! I love ... no, really ... adore books and magazines! But we live in an RV! I don't have room (or the weight allowance) to get any more! And I recently just cleared out my sewing area and found a LOT of projects/UFOs I'd forgotten I had. And now that it's all organized (and I even made lists of what I had), I've had so much more fun playing, because I can, because I can get to it all!! I hope you resolve the items on your "bad" list soon -- especially the glasses part. I hate it when that happens. And congrats on the good stuff!! :)