Tuesday, June 12, 2018

A quilting treasure story - Part One

Thanks for all the comments yesterday. It’s so nice to know that we’re not alone in this task. It’s amazing how families go through all this same stuff (more or less). I think it’s a blessing to have friends who I can relate with while my brothers seem to be struggling a wee bit more as men tend to not have the same connections as women do. Together, I feel that we’ll get through this.

With all the work that we’ve already done, I feel that the next time will be that much easier and then easier and so on. I have some goals while we’re here and we’re doing great at accomplishing them.

We’re driving Glen to the airport today and so we had a final recap chat last night and despite all the uncertainties we felt when we started, we all feel great about how far everyone has come in this journey. Mom has been great and way more accommodating than I thought she would be. I think we’re all at about the maximum that we can take for this trip, including Mom. I’m heading home in two days, but lots to get tidied up before then.

We were off to the lawyer yesterday morning where we spent an hour asking questions, reviewing documents and whatnot. Having that task done takes a huge weight off our shoulders. After our discussion last night, there’s one tiny detail that we need to take care of this morning and then I think all the paperwork is in order. A few more details with the banks (which may not get done this trip), but then I think we’re good for all the estate planning stuff. I guess our goal in all this is to avoid probate when that time comes. After the discussions with the lawyer, it really is an easy thing to avoid - you just have to be proactive. Yeah!!!

There’s been a LOT of coordination. When I’m at home, it’s usually just me that I have to get ready and sometimes the girls. But here, there are five of us. And there are boxes of stuff - what goes where and to whom. What vehicle are we driving? Which of the five of us are going to do this task? It’s been crazy and lots of details to think about. I’ve got a notebook into which I’m writing lists - lots of lists to keep everything organized. There will be more to add, but for the moment, things are looking good.

My Dad’s aunt died recently and there was a graveside service for her yesterday. Once we found out, we planned to go. I didn’t know Aunt Molly that well (she was an avid quilter in her time), but I knew that my Dad would love to go as well as one brother and his wife. It was a 2 hour drive to get there, but I’m so glad we went. I know Dad appreciated to be there to say goodbye. And we got to touch base with his cousins and their families. Then a two hour drive back, but I did stop and get an amazing picture of a prairie stormy sky.

Aunt Molly reminded me so much of her sister (my grandmother).

Glen stayed behind to assemble some shelving units for the current apartment and organize stuff. Stubborn parents are a pain. Mom says - oh I can sort and put those books on the shelf. Meanwhile, the books are scattered in boxes and other shelves in the apartment and she’s in a wheelchair and the bookcases are tucked in behind their two big chairs. Needless to say, Glen won her over and when we arrived back at the apartment, all the books were nicely displayed on the shelf. He did GREAT!!!  And I have to say that Mom did as well. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster for everyone.

I’m so happy to hear all the comments and what progress that some of you are making. As I get a few quiet moments here and there, I’m thinking how I’ll tackle the mess back home. It’s not a serious mess, but it would be nice to be able to say that everything there is what we need or treasure.

OH - speaking of treasure, I’ll post my quilting treasure story in a second post.

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