Thursday, June 28, 2018

I'm a liar

I've been promising you all kinds of information and I've been lax in posting it. I don't have time to post it again today as it's our sit n sew day and rather than gathering photos for you, I've been cleaning up the studio.

I have to say that it looks pretty spiffy at the moment. If only it could be that way ALL the time. But I know that isn't going to happen.

Ready for 10 people to sew today
 But not before it took me ONE HOUR to move everything. And the stuff is crammed in nooks and crannies. OH - I lie - it's right in the middle of the space by the long arm.

Stuff piled everywhere

But what is the worst? There is stuff on those tables that I keep moving every time we have sit n sew which is once a month. I need to get off my butt and get that border on that quilt or make that backing so I won't have to move it again. The same way that I book sit n sew days or days for the computer, I MUST book a day or two a month just for MY sewing. This is totally insane and silly to keep moving things around.

I even did my gymnastics to get that box of Kansas Trouble fabric back into the corner. I read somewhere that high stepping and stepping over things is good for your flexibility or your ability to keep moving. I should have no problem even when I'm 100. I'm very good at stepping over things in that stash room.

The bad thing about yesterday? I was getting ready to go to that retirement seminar only to realize that it was on TUESDAY, not WEDNESDAY. How stupid of me. For some reason, I've had the dates behind one day all week and well - that's why we put things on our calendar. I've e-mailed the bank to find out when the next one is scheduled. I feel like an idiot. Ronda had a good laugh at me! But then something good happened. We went out for ice cream. I had to pick up a box of fabric - enough fabric to make two quilts. One has to be in the US by July 16 (and I need one week for shipping). Yes - rather tight, but that's what happens when the fabric is late arriving. The other one isn't due until August.

But even better - I managed to get all the quilts done for the submission deadline. PHEW That was intense and I cannot let that happen again, but when they send out SEVEN at the same time and you have ONE week, it puts a bit of pressure on. I'm going to suggest they don't do that again. Of course, I didn't have to respond to all seven, but I liked the topics or I had an idea. The next one (due July 1) is only one idea. Thank goodness. I've got the fabrics downloaded and will work on it tomorrow.

And the pattern got sent for proofing. There were a couple of tricky parts with angles, but I think I got everything as it should be.

I get a package from my kid. Do not open until my birthday which is two months away. Seriously???  You know what is going to happen. I'm going to put that in a safe place and I won't remember where it is. Then years later, I'll unearth it! Just like the charger for my iPad. I tried to find it last night, but couldn't find it in all the usual spots. Then as I was cleaning up this morning, I found it on one of the work tables. Goes to show that you should always return things to their proper location!!!  Now, where am I going to put this box so I don't forget it?

Early birthday present

I finished the book called Toss, Sell, Keep by Leah Ingram. And I need to STOP reading these kinds of books. I know it all now. I just need the time to make it happen. While she did have a lot of good ideas in the book (and I'll get to the china story tomorrow), some of them were a bit weird. She talks about swapping, selling, donating or tossing stuff, but doesn't mention that you need to figure out why you have so much stuff in the first place and STOP that. OH - she does mention that in relation to magazines - my one weakness which I'm ignoring for the moment.

Here's the thing - she mentions having a yard sale or selling online. Do all this work and you get a couple of hundred dollars??  I hate to sound flippant, but I think my time is way more valuable than getting a couple of hundred dollars for hours and hours of work. And how much time would one spend taking pictures and doing all the admin to sell something online? Seriously????   My time is way more valuable than that. So - I'm going to keep giving things away. No time to start on the next round, but I'll get at it soon.

Here's a funny story about decluttering. I recently ran into someone who was in the process of selling a bunch of stuff. In the past, I've known this person to give away stuff. But they've been going through the entire house and setting aside stuff to sell. The living room was stocked with stuff to sell. And they had just sold a set of golf clubs for $100. I just gave away TWO sets of golf clubs!!!!  Anyway, the irony of this? As I was talking with this person, the UPS truck arrived with the latest purchase from online shopping!!!!!  Yes - you need to STOP the inflow or you'll never get the mess tidied up!!! I guess if you're retired or don't have a job that this is one way to make money, but I couldn't handle the admin.

So look at what comes into your house? Magazines (Yes - we're allowed ONE weakness), fabric, clothes, dishes, food - whatever. If you do NOT have a home for that thing, then it should NOT come into your house. STOP the inflow - at least until you can get stuff organized. I went to three different stores yesterday looking for the May/June issue of Quilty. I couldn't find the issue, and I did NOT buy a single thing. Then I went to the library to pick up a book on hold and that's the ONLY book I came home with.

I hope my brain will be more relaxed tomorrow. It's still going a hundred miles a minute and I have other paperwork to get done today, but I'm in good shape. (for the moment)

On that note, I have to run and walk the girls before the sewists arrive. I think Lexi has something to say about Murphy this morning.

Have a super day!!!!!


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