Tuesday, June 12, 2018

A quilting treasure story - Part Two

I have to share this story with you - it’s about some quilts and it just goes to show you that some people deserve quilts and some do not.

I made a large (queen) sized quilt for my parents years ago. The label says 2004. The quilt was used but my Dad never liked the weight of the quilt and so they didn’t use it a lot. When I was searching through the boxes in their bedroom, I found the quilt. Folded up and crammed under a huge pile of boxes. I have a picture to share with you. It was extremely dirty and dusty from sitting there for years. The label has been removed, it’ll be washed and it’ll be donated locally.

Last year, I had found another quilt that I had made for Dad that was folded nicely and tucked UNDER the seat cushion of a chair or behind the seat cushion on the back of the chair. That one was donated last year.

In 2001, I had made Mom two small seasonal wall hangings. They were paper pieced and took forever to make. She had the winter one hanging on the wall in the kitchen and it stayed there throughout the entire year, despite the fact that she also had a spring one. Finally I suggested that she take that wall hanging down as the sun was going to seriously fade the dark blue in the quilt.

That was YEARS ago and I never saw those two quilts again, although every once in a while, she would ask that I make the remaining two seasons. Summer and Fall because she TREASURED those quilts. Why????  NO idea.

When I was given my “gift of time” from my job, the first thing she said to me when I talked to her was “oh you have time to make those remaining two wall hangings”.  Good grief!!!!  So one of my tasks when I was here was to find those two wall hangings. And I did - they were buried in a box amongst a ton of other boxes. Yes - they were a treasure alright.

I have the wall hangings with me. I’m going to make the other two and I’m going to have a hanger installed on their apartment door and those little wall hangings are going to go there in a place of honour. But good grief - that’s quite the way to display a quilting “treasure”.  She has one of my other quilts, but it’s hanging on the wall, only because I put it there last time I was here. And there will be one more coming and I won’t leave until that is on the wall as well.

All I can say - is be careful who you give a quilt to.

On that note, I’d better get the day rolling.

Have a super day!!!


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