Sunday, October 4, 2020

A humbling experience


It was a challenging day yesterday! I had three Zoom sessions and the internet did not cooperate in some of them so I'll be calling my service provider yet again. At least, I have some knowledge of what the issue is to help those that are not trained enough to help fix the problem. 

Speaking of which, I learned a very valuable lesson. I had to give a demo of something that I'm not that familiar with and I had practiced but I wasn't that confident in the subject. It showed and I goofed! Oh boy - it wasn't pretty, but I at least had learned enough to get myself out of the mess and get back on track. Let's just say that I did some more homework yesterday and I WILL be better prepared next time. 

There are two Zoom sessions today and neither requires much preparation so that's great!! I'm getting caught up on my writing assignments. One more went out this morning and I hope to cross two more off the list later this afternoon when the Zoom calls are done!

Without going for a long walk each day (well twice a day) I would go stark raving mad! I don't know how people can be cooped up in their houses all day. I like having a destination, but I don't need one. I just need to clear my head. Yes - it's cooler now, but once you get walking, I warm up quickly and I'm good. If you've put your walking shoes away for the summer, you should dig them out. The afternoons are so beautiful right now. Get out there and WALK!!!! With all the stuff going on in the world right now, instead of sitting and watching the depressing news, go for a walk. You'll feel much better and you'll get to enjoy that pumpkin pie and whipped cream a whole lot better. 

I don't know if you saw this on my QUILTsocial post the other day, but the quote is so important. I'm finishing this off to make a wall hanging that I'll see each and every day. Only YOU have the power to make YOU happy. You can never forget that. 

Inspirational quote by Groucho Marx

The last class yesterday was to finish off our tote bags. I was prepped as you saw in yesterday's post. To help demonstrate how to put the bag together, I sewed along with the group. And here's my finished tote bag. Hey M - do you remember this tote bag??? The colors are nice and bright! Good choices M!!!

One side of my completed tote bag

I love how the two sides don't look the same, but that's OK. And the fusible fleece that was used is pretty thick so the tote bag is quite sturdy!! The only thing left is to cut the Plasticore for the bottom of the bag. I'll get that done today and this will be one more project done! A completed UFO that wasn't really a UFO - well, it was, but it wasn't on the official list. That feels great!!!!! 

Side two of the tote bag

And I must STOP taking projects apart that I'm not happy with and remaking them! But I learn that way so I'm OK with it. 

I got some photos of Kathi's tote bag from yesterday's class. Great job Kathi!! I love your fabric. 

Outside of Kathi's tote bag

She did a super job on the top intersection which can sometimes be a challenge to get to lie flat. It looks great. 

The top of Kathi's tote bag

And there's the pocket on the inside, even with a key fob!! I have a feeling that she's going to be making a whole lot more tote bags. 

The inside of Kathi's tote bag

I know that Rose finished her tote bag and I think Loretta did as well. But I didn't get pictures yet! The fourth person wasn't able to join us today, but I know her - she'll get the bag finished!!!

On Friday, I also got some more work done on Summer Moon and three more blocks are DONE. That leaves 18 blocks left to finish so that all 72 are done and ready to sew into a quilt. 

Three more blocks for Summer Moon

Some of those remaining 18 blocks are done but need the sashing sewn on, others are cut and need to be sewn. So I'm getting there. I have six presentations this coming week, so there will be a bit of prep work involved, but hopefully, it won't be as much as in the past as I'm getting things organized and some of these are repeat sessions. 

I hope to get back to the long arm today and back to sewing as well. 

Oh yes - I completed two more blocks for Vintage Christmas. 

Toy Drum Block

There is one very wonky seam in that block!

Glitter Block

And that's it. Time to get the day started and make calls, write e-mails, and prep my presentation for this morning. 

Remember - turn OFF the news and go for a walk. You'll feel so much BETTER. 

Have a super day!!!!!



  1. My husband was deployed twice to the Iraqi war, in 2005 and in 2009. One of the family support trainers said that we should not watch the nightly news or any of the 24 hour news stations as it would make the deployment and separation much harder to endure. I took her advice, and I haven't watched the news since 2005. I feel much better because I don't think about all the depressing stuff that gets reported on the news.

    1. Linda - so true!!! I want cute puppies every day on the news!! I can't imagine a loved one involved in the bad news events. That would be very hard to take. Sound advice!!!