Sunday, October 25, 2020

Quilter's SIXTH sense


I'm not sure where this came from, but I have a Quilter's SIXTH sense. Too often, I've just winged something because I was too lazy to do the math. I forged ahead and figured if I ran into trouble that I'd come up with Plan B. Well, it happened this morning. I can't show you the picture because it's for my UFO homework, but I worked on a border.

The pattern said I needed FOUR sections, and I only had three. Now what? Well, I went ahead with the three sections. I sewed and cut and trimmed and started pinning, and CAN YOU BELIEVE that there was EXACTLY the amount that I needed with three sections. I did NOT need the FOURTH. I almost fainted when I realized! Yahoo!!!!! The big question now is, will I be able to get it completed by 11 AM this morning? 

I can't believe I had the presence of mind to figure that out when I was cutting this project many years ago, but perhaps I did? If I did - I made no notes to that effect in the pattern. 

As I survey the studio, I realize that I need to resurrect my Task Master. This is literally a TO-DO list to keep me on track for the week. While I'm making HUGE progress - leaps and bounds in progress, there are a few things that are getting set aside day after day. That just can't happen, and there are lots of little things to tidy up. So the Task Master is going to get back into use. I'll be writing out a list of the little jobs that I WANT to get done, and each morning, I'll consult the list to see what I'm allowed to work on that day.

And there's so much swirling in my head that I need to write it down to make me feel better. And the best part? I'll get to check those things off as I get them done! I think I need TWO good days, and I could clear up a ton of stuff, which would make the room look a whole lot tidier! I'm not going to have two solid days this coming week, but I'll do what I can between my eleven presentations. I'm tired of some of these half-finished things hanging around. Like - sew the backing together and get it off the cutting table. Little things like that. 

I also have some machine embroidery samples that I want to make for my book. So there will never be a loss of what to do at my house!

As I was looking through stuff this morning to see what I could put on my UFO list for next month, I discovered three partially completed blocks, and guess what else I found??

Lost tools 

Yep - that would be some tools. I was wondering where that template thing went to! I have a second similar one, but I wanted this one about a month ago. This is the problem with putting tools and supplies in a project box. Well, these blocks will be on my UFO list this coming month, and then they can be put back in their appropriate spot. Good grief!!! I can only imagine how many other tools and supplies I'm going to find as I go through these UFOs. 

I did get out for a walk yesterday afternoon. It was a glorious day! Yes - a bit refreshing, but it was amazing to get out, and once I got walking, I warmed up. I notice that it's Pedestrian Safety Month in our city! Too bad signs like this won't make people more aware of their surroundings. I think this one is aimed at pedestrians. 

Pedestrian Safety Month

And this one is aimed at motorists. I don't know how many times I was almost hit this summer as people came flying around a corner to turn right and didn't stop. It hasn't happened much lately as I'm taking a slightly different route. 

Another sign for pedestrian safety

I was on Zoom for several hours yesterday, as a host and as a participant. No issues. The lag time is practically nil when I present my slides. I'm in heaven and even admitted to DH last night over dinner that the month of hell was worth it. Well - we shouldn't have had to go through that, but we learned something, and BELL should have as well. As a matter of fact, I might call back the escalation center and offer them some advice - politely, of course. So if you upgraded your service and are still having issues, chances are that the PAIR of wires that are needed for the upgrade is NOT pairing with each other. Just ask that a new wire be run, and you should be good. I seriously believe that our original line had issues as the internet was unstable on many occasions, but it didn't drop - with the new lines - no issues. 

Guess who went crazy in the backyard yesterday? You would swear that something bad was happening. Oh - we have a visitor, and it got stuck in a tree right by the fence. Let's just say that it took a wee bit of convincing to get her to calm down and come into the house. Bad dog Murphy!!!

A raccoon trapped in the tree

Don't forget that TODAY is the last day for the Trend-tex challenge. Create an account and place a bid. I don't know what time the bidding closes today. I've decided to only bid on my own. I like that one (obviously). There are loads of other great pieces. It's totally amazing to see the different ideas that people conjured up with the same theme and the same fabric. Even if you don't want to bid - be sure to check out the pieces. Today is the LAST day!!! 

Another busy day - UFO and a class on EQ8 this afternoon. And there will be time to get that walk in. I'll be updating you on the Virtual Walks later this week. Let's just say that GREAT progress is being made! I'm getting very excited! 

Don't forget to mark in your calendar the Virtual Retreat dates. Saturday, November 21, and Sunday, November 22. Saturday will be an evening event as I have a class in the afternoon, and Sunday will be ALL day. I can hardly wait!!!!

Can you believe that it's almost the end of October? Holy - the days and weeks are flying by. BUT I have to say that I'm filling each and every day with good things. So while the days are flying by, I don't feel like I'm losing those days. I see some paperwork is piling up on my desk and so I'd better get that in order today! 

Well, it's time to get the day rolling!!

Here's an easy task for you today. CALL someone who you haven't chatted with in a while! We must reach out to people. So even if you can't visit them, you can still visit by telephone!

Have a great day!!!!


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