Thursday, October 22, 2020

So far, so good.................

I'm almost afraid to say this out loud, but we have had no internet issues since the new wires were installed. Could it have been as easy as that to fix the problem? A lot of frustration happened before that fix. I'm still wary as we had one solid week of no issues before, and then it started again. So we're in a holding pattern!

A much better day in terms of getting things done. I don't think we realize how much time is "wasted" as we go from errand to errand. Especially when we're in the car. I'm barely driving my car, and so I get loads done. And that's a good thing because there's a ton of stuff to do. 

I also got my new toy installed yesterday. A brand new microphone. This hangs from a boom on the desk, so it should stop some of the voice fading that happens if I turn my head. Oh yes - looks like a professional studio down there now! 

New microphone

I also got some sewing done in between prepping for my presentation last night. I finished cutting all the sections for the border of PRISM squared. After I cut the first section, I realized that I was supposed to add ½" on the end of the template. The pattern is NOT that great when it comes to the border. Oopsy - well, I'm not making more sections, so I forged ahead and cut all of the pieces without the extra ½". 

PRISM squared with the border

I sewed the border together in four sections. I can see that the border will be a wee bit larger than it's supposed to be because that extra ½" wasn't added. Oh, shoot. However, if I nip and tuck the seams, I can fix it. Most things are fixable - you just have to figure out how! I'm almost tempted to put a skinny border around the inner circle, but that would be a total pain, so I'm not going to do that. 

There remains one more border on the outside - an easy one and then the center. All has to be done by Sunday!! Plus, the binding on that yoga bag!!

I searched for a new UFO to work on for next month. I couldn't find the one that I wanted, but no worries, I grabbed another one from the list, and I'm ready to assign myself something for next month. It's going to be a busy month, so I'm going to go small! HA!!! I haven't written it down yet, and I may add more. I'll see how it goes. I just want these things finished, and that incentive to get things done is HUGE. 

I quilted a customer quilt. I love this one! Made with batiks. 

Customer quilt - DONE

I'm stocked up on machine embroidery bobbins. I LOVE the pre-wounds, and after I snapped this photo, I found two more bags of white ones. They go fast when you're doing large projects! So I have enough for a while. 

Pre-wound bobbins

I finished cutting the last of the Summer Moon blocks this morning. This is all the white scraps left. This is after cutting 72 blocks and all the sashings. I have a great method to prevent huge amounts of leftovers. This bag got moved to the white bag of scraps that I'm using for Long Time Gone. So it won't be sitting around gathering dust! That's the beauty of using scraps - you can just move it along to the next project if the coloring fits! 

White leftovers from Summer Moon

We have a Sit n Sew day today - a teeny group to respect the bubbles. I would love to get all this sewn today, but I'm not so sure about that. But I love using the foam core boards covered with felt to get design boards to layout blocks. It works like a charm. 

My blocks cut out for sewing today

Without going into a lot of detail about the technical issues I discussed yesterday, I think there's a HUGE misnomer when shopping for internet services. Most of the services are described in terms of speed, and while speed is certainly a factor, I feel that it's more BANDWIDTH that we're purchasing. You get 100 Mbps, and that's how much bandwidth you can use, not how fast the speed is. And we can measure the bandwidth CAPABILITY that our lines will give us, but we do NOT have the ability to measure how much we use. I think that's a "neat" little marketing trick by ALL service providers! 

As customers, we want FAST, so we're happy to get more "speed" when in fact, we're buying more bandwidth, but that doesn't guarantee speed or stability. We just want speed. As I mentioned yesterday, the FAST.COM test is really a test of the BANDWIDTH your lines can bring in; it has nothing to do with speed. Funny how that happens!! I still need to check with my Dad to make sure that this is correct, but after all my conversations with the technicians, I'm pretty sure! 

But hopefully, that scenario is behind us! It's time to move on and focus on other things. 

I think I mentioned those four giant tubs of samples that were "donated" to me. Well, I've found a home for them, and I hope to get rid of them by the end of the month! That would be great, and it would make room for the remaining stuff at the bottom of the stairs. Yep - it's still sitting there! No time to process that stuff. I'm going to go through all four tubs and take pictures of the things that I'll be able to use in presentations. Then everything gets packed back in the tubs and will go to a storage unit - not mine! I don't have one!

So - guess what I'll be doing over the weekend and next week. 

Took a quick walk to the grocery store to get bananas for my oatmeal. I hate when we run out of bananas, and I was scheduled to listen to a Zoom call. I started listening on my way home from the grocery store. You have to LOVE technology! I'm not so sure that I was impressed by the call's content, but I did glean an idea or two. 

Well, that's it for today. It's going to be a bit more relaxed, although I do have another presentation tonight. And starting next week, EVERY NIGHT, except Saturday and Sunday, is solidly booked with events for 6 weeks! And others during the day! The next two weeks will be a bit insane, but that's OK - everything is prepped, so it really should be easy. 

Have a great day!!!!


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