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Classes for Fall 2020 and Ongoing classes for 2021



Elaine Theriault Class List

Fall 2020 and Ongoing classes for 2021



Getting started with Machine Embroidery

Saturday, October 24
Time: 1 pm - 3 pm
Cost: $30.00

Do you have an embroidery machine and no idea what to do with it? We'll talk about hoops, stabilizers, and all the other tools critical to successful machine embroidery. You'll also be provided with a list of the best websites to purchase embroidery designs.  


If there's enough interest, this will become an ongoing, monthly class.





Binding by machine

Saturday, October 31
Time 10 am-Noon
Cost: $30

No time to bind those quilts by hand? Have you tried attaching the binding with the sewing machine, and you're not happy with the final results? We'll cover what width of strips to cut, seam allowances, perfect joins, including the final one! This class will provide you with all kinds of tips and tricks to make your bindings look perfect.




Sewing Machine Maintenance

Saturday, November 7
Time: 10 am - 11 am
Cost: $15

Did you know that you have to maintain your sewing machine regularly? We'll walk through a basic maintenance routine for your sewing machine to keep it working like new. Any brand of sewing machine is welcome. 





Ruler Work
Saturday, November 28

Time 1 pm - 4 pm
Cost: $30.00
Enhance your quilting skills on your domestic sewing machine by learning to do ruler work. Rulers give you the freedom of free-motion quilting, with the precision you get from rulers! All brands of sewing machines are welcome. You will NEED a ruler foot. Some machine quilting experience is essential.




Electric Quilt 8 (October - November)

Electric Quilt 8 is a software program for designing quilts. Whether you want to become a quilt designer or use it to create your quilts, this series of classes will give you enough confidence to continue exploring EQ8 and all it has to offer. 

Electric Quilt 8 – Beginner

Sunday, October 25

Time: 1 pm – 3 pm

Cost: $30.00

This class is for total newbies to EQ8 or those that haven't touched it in a while. We're going to look at the user interface and the tools for building a basic block and a basic quilt and the options for printing (cutting requirements and quilts) and exporting pictures.  


Electric Quilt 8 - Barn Quilts
Saturday, October 31
Time: 1 PM - 3 PM

Cost $30.00

We're going to create a barn quilt using EQ8. We'll be choosing blocks from one of the Barn Quilt Trails in Southwestern Ontario, and from there, we'll draw the blocks, color them, and then design the setting for your quilt. It's an excellent opportunity to practice using the drawing tools. You can choose simple blocks to recreate or go for the more complicated ones. 


Electric Quilt 8 – Building a quilt using panels

Sunday, November 1

Time: 1 pm – 3 pm

Cost $30.00

Panels are a great way to play with EQ8. You'll learn how to bring a panel into EQ8, and from there, the sky will be the limit for design. We'll be playing around with border options, fussy cutting fabrics, and a whole lot more. You will need some experience with EQ8 - if you've taken my Beginner class, you'll have no problem.  


Electric Quilt 8 – Advanced
Sunday, November 8
Time: 1 pm – 3 pm

Cost: $30.00

So you know the basics, now what? This class will continue where the Beginner class left off. We'll be exploring some of the more complex tools in EQ8. Part of the course content will depend on the students and their needs. 



Ongoing classes


Some details still need to be worked out for this next group of classes, but at least you get a preview of what's coming. The classes will take place on Zoom and consist of a one-hour lecture format. The Show and Tell will be compiled in a PowerPoint presentation, which is like having a front-row seat. We start with Show and Tell and then move onto a discussion for the homework for that month. Most of the classes will start in January and occur monthly until November. The Zoom sessions will not be recorded. 


There will be a Facebook group set up for each class to share your blocks before the monthly Show and Tell and to stay in touch with each other.


A written document will follow within a few days after the lecture is over.


For the project(s) that you are interested in, please read the details carefully. There are different stores and me hosting the various projects, and you must call the correct shop to get on the list. If you require more details, please email me ( directly, and I can answer them for you.




Starting in October


To sign up for this class, you MUST contact Thimbles and Things and purchase their class pass. You can follow the link and sign up online. Follow the instructions with your class pass to complete your registration. Note also that this class will continue until June 2021. Only the first three months are listed in the Thimbles and Things newsletter.





Ongoing classes starting January 2021




Urbanologie by Sew Kind of Wonderful

Sign-up at Oh Look Fabric - Milton    (905) 691-7765

This quilt, designed by the team at Sew Kind of Wonderful, uses the QCR Mini ruler, which means curved seams. WAIT! The curves are gentle, and there's lots of wiggle room to trim. There are also blocks with no curved seams


Several different settings for the blocks are included in the book. Or you can get creative and design your own version.  


There are lots of modern and contemporary block options in this book. And if you bought that QCR Mini ruler and didn't know what to do with it – this is the perfect opportunity to learn what it's all about.










 Bonnie & Camille Quilt Bee 



The Hobby Horse (905-877-9292) will host this class starting in 2021. We're working out the start date, which I hope will be January and run until November. 


You will need to call the Hobby Horse to register. But WAIT – they're not ready yet, so hang onto this thought.


The book has just been released. There are loads of blocks for you to create your own quilt or make the quilt, as shown on the cover.


It's a great way to use up scraps or find a coordinated fabric collection (fat quarter bundle!).





100 Modern Quilt Blocks - Tula Pink's City Sampler


There are 100 blocks in the book with several different settings for the finished quilt. It's a great chance to play with a new colorway, use scraps, and make this quilt your own. We'll be looking at ten blocks per month, but they are easy, and you don't have to make all the blocks.


Cost: $25 for the year

Book: You need the book and should be able to purchase from your local quilt shop


Sign up by sending me an email at . I'll send you more information as we get closer to the date and instructions for sending payment for the class.  PLEASE include the word TULA in the subject of the email.










All in a Row Again


There are 23 different rows in the book. We'll cover all the rows, and you can decide to make a small project (like a table runner, placemats, etc.) from the blocks in the row or make a single quilt. There'll be loads of tips on making row quilts. There's loads of room to experiment and learn new techniques.


Cost: $25 for the year + book (required)

Book: You need the book and should be able to purchase from your local quilt shop

Sign up by sending me an email at I'll send you more information as we get closer to the date and instructions for sending payment for the class.  Please include the word ROW in the subject of the email.












 UFO Club


YES - the UFO club will continue, and even if we get to meet in person at some point, I'll continue with a group on Zoom. So you can participate wherever you are. The UFO Club has been a HUGE MOTIVATOR to get those older projects done!!!!  The cost is $125 for the year. Each month that you complete the assignment that you gave yourself, you'll get $10 back. So if you get all your homework done, the class technically costs you $25. A great motivator!!!!




I'm excited about the line-up of classes.


Since all the classes take place via Zoom, ANYONE ANYWHERE can participate. That's so much fun, and we've gotten to meet some wonderful people that we would not have met otherwise. 





Remember -- if you want to sign up for a class (please note that three of the ongoing classes require sign-up at a quilt shop), send me an email at In the Subject line of the email, indicate the name of the class for which you are signing up. If you want to sign up for multiple classes, send me a separate email for each class.

I'll send you the supply list and instructions for sending an email transfer to pay for the class.






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