Thursday, October 1, 2020

In the neighbourhood


I'm almost out of the woods on the writing assignments. OK - who am I kidding? I'm not. Just because I've almost finished one commitment, doesn't mean that I'm done. NO - hardly, there are still eight more things that need to be addressed on the computer. Thankfully, none of them will take as long as the one I'm completing this morning. Phew! 

So, if you're waiting on a class list or class homework - please be patient for just a while longer. I hope to have a lot of that cleared up by the end of today. 

And if I don't get better time management skills, I'm going to have to fire myself! 

Since I was at the computer for a good part of the day, I don't have a whole lot to show you in the quilting world, but I do have a LOT of links to share with you.  

This is my week for blogging on QUILTsocial. I've had loads of fun playing with various embroidery hoops and trying out different sources for embroidery designs. 

Here's a recap of the week so far. 

Monday - The Anatomy of an Embroidery Hoop

Tuesday - Quilting with the embroidery machine

Wednesday - Messing around with the Ribbon Embroidery Attachment

Thursday - All about using metal hoops

There will be a new topic tomorrow and I'll post that link for you. I learn so much by playing around with the tools that I have available to me. Hopefully, you'll be inspired by reading those posts - I try to keep the text down and use lots of pictures so they are quick reads. But I can't emphasize enough that playing and experimenting is so important! Have fun reading and hopefully, you'll get inspired!!!!

As if that wasn't enough excitement, there's the Spectrum Quilt a Long happening that I'm participating in. This is a project that is sponsored by three amazing fabric companies - Anthology Fabrics, Benartex, and Riley Blake Designs. There are three bloggers, myself, Claire Haillot, and Paul Leger. Follow along to see how different we each make our quilts. 

In case you've missed any of the posts, here they are:

The Introduction

Fabric Requirements

Block One - Claire

Block One - Paul

My fabrics have arrived

My instructions for Block One should be up tomorrow so I'll post that link and as subsequent links get posted, I shall endeavor to link them here. It's all great fun and I totally love that Blue Stitch collection by Riley Blake Designs. A classic blue and white quilt!!!

If you're making the quilt (and of course you are!!!), be sure to send pictures of the blocks to QUILTsocial or send them to me and I'll post them. If you're posting them on social media, use the hashtag #The SewGoesOn, or post them on Facebook (I'll find the link). I'd love to see what colorways that you're making your blocks in!

I've had two presentations since the new modem was installed and guess what? No dropping. I could kiss the guy who fixed that for me. Was it the new modem? Or was it the change in the upload speed? Maybe a combination of both. However, the new modem has required a wee bit of work.  ALL the devices have to be reconnected. Including the Wi-Fi enabled sewing machines. I never thought about that until I wanted to send a file yesterday - no connection. AHA - I need to connect them. So they are all up and running on the new modem. 

Now I have to deal with Alexa. We have four of them in the house. I had tried one the first night and it just didn't work. So I tried the one in Studio B yesterday and it's now up and running so I can stream the radio once again. I'll work on the others once I get over this little time crunch. 

Alexa - can you connect yourself to the internet?

She did NOT respond to that question. I see that we now have a CRITICAL issue with the battery in the front door, so that must be looked at today or tomorrow. There is always something. 

But I managed to get out for a walk yesterday. The weather was bizarre. It was spitting a bit of rain when I started out and was windy like crazy. The next thing I knew, the sun was out and the wind had dropped. Fall is definitely in the air. 

I had snapped this picture of the trees in the neighborhood the other day. I love the brilliant oranges and reds against the blue sky. 

The colors of fall

And I saw this yesterday. Nothing new - it's the new design of the super mailboxes by Canada Post. EXCEPT that I've never seen them in our neighborhood before. Does this mean that the old ones will all eventually be replaced??? I must say that this format is so much better than the old ones. You can put something flat in these without bending. Someone was thinking this time!

The new mailboxes in our area

I have two more presentations and a couple of classes before the weekend is out. Thank goodness, next weekend is Thanksgiving and there are three entire days with NOTHING on the calendar. I'm looking forward to that weekend!

I was off to spin class yesterday morning and someone has reserved MY bike as I had made my reservation later in the week. Of course, the guy was HUGE and completely blocked the screen out in front of me, so I had to entertain myself while I worked out. For some reason, it was a bit of a struggle yesterday morning, but that happens. You just deal with it. I blame it on the bike - it was a bit wobbly!! 

On that note, I'm out of here. I've got loads of stuff to do today.

Have a super day!!!!


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