Monday, October 26, 2020

What motivates me


I can't help it, but I go to bed most nights, EXCITED about the next day. Why? I've no idea! I guess it's because there's going to be something new to learn or something new to do or even doing the same old. I'm making great progress in so many things that I want to continue on and get them done. I know that I am VERY fortunate to have that outlook on life. I REFUSE to let anyone or anything get me down. I've had my share of bad days, and I will, in the future, but only ME, MYSELF, and I can make me happy! 

I also know, and this is sad - well, not really - that I'm motivated by goals, and I LOVE checking the status on my Virtual Walks each morning. I know - it's hilarious, but I can't wait to check the maps in the morning to see where I am. I swear that it's the highlight of my day, and it's over at 6 AM. 

I'm not ready to share with you my position on Route 66 yet - maybe tomorrow. However, when I checked the status of my walk across Canada (from west to east), I saw this sign on the side of the road, so I'm going to share it with you. Anyone from that area will know where I am. 

Road sign on Highway 11 just east of Thunder Bay

This is just east of Thunder Bay. Yep - I passed through Thunder Bay the other day. The next major stop will be Sault Ste Marie. If I keep up my pace, I will pass through that city before the end of the year. But just - it's 700 KM away, and I'm walking an average of 11.5 KM a day. 

On our group walk from east to west, we're just south of Ottawa heading to the 401 highway, on our way to Toronto. Actually, we're a bit further along, but the others in my group don't update their numbers as often as I do, so we're probably getting close to Toronto if they were up to date. Doesn't matter. Progress is being made on all of the walks, and I love it. 

I had two SUCCESSFUL Zoom sessions yesterday. One was the EQ8 beginner class. I could NEVER have done that class without the new internet connection. The lag time was non-existent, and that made it a breeze to go through the program. No waiting for the mouse to catch up! THANK you to BEll for fixing the service. Yes - it took time, but it appears to be FIXED. Kudos to that service guy - whoever he is  - I LOVE HIM!!!

I have to say that when the last Zoom session was over, I kind of felt deflated. I had NOTHING else scheduled for the day! So I did putter and got the next quilt loaded on the long arm, and I'll try to quilt it later today. I trimmed quilts, and I did a wee bit of tidy up. 

I have to focus on the next couple of days (in between those presentations) to clear up the cutting table. While there is a lot of work there - or a lot of stuff, it shouldn't take that long to get some order happening. 

The cutting table

Even though I was super excited about getting to work this morning, I had a bad start to the day. I was writing out the assignment for the Summer Moon class. I did NOT give the document a name when I started. When Word asked me to save, everything froze. Yep - and I lost the entire document. I was mad, but what could I do - it was totally my own fault. This is the second time this has happened, and I should know to save the document the moment I start so it doesn't freeze when it goes to Autosave. So I reloaded all the photos and rewrote the text. I was hoping to be finished to send it off early this morning, but I still have to proofread it. At least, I did get it rewritten. But I wasted 45 minutes, and I HATE that. It'll go out this afternoon. 

I've been wanting to find my label maker for the last week or so. I'm making a sample book of machine embroidery techniques and sewing machine techniques. I NEED to have some order with my samples, and it's driving me crazy. That's some of the mess on the cutting table. I wanted my label maker to make labels. Do you think I could find it? Of course not! Who could find anything in this messy office space? I searched on the table, and the desk and in a few other places. I searched downstairs in the scrapbook area and NO label maker. 

Hmm - there's this bookcase filled with things. Could it be there?

One of the bookcases in the office

So I opened the doors with a little cloud of dust! I haven't been in there in - well, definitely months and could even be over a year. 

Oh my - look at all the stuff in there. What's all this stuff? And look at those two stacks of library books on the open shelf. Yikes - I'd better start reading faster!

MORE paper

I started by pulling out a small black basket that was on top. I lifted up some papers, and OH MY - there's the label maker. It was like I had received a subliminal message on where to find the label maker. However, I had a good laugh when I saw it because this is NOT the label maker I was looking for. I used to have a green one. Somewhere along the line, I must have purchased this one. Now when did I do that? 

AHA  - the label maker

Not only did I find the label maker, but I found two packs of label ribbon as well. BONUS. The batteries are toast, but that's OK, I have a huge pack of AAA batteries, so I should be good to go. 
The label maker and two packs of label ribbon

And the best part? After I found the label maker, I wondered if it might not look better if I type the labels out on a piece of paper with more information on how the technique was done!!!!  But at least I have the label maker. Now to put it in an easier place to find for next time. 

While I was in the basket where the label maker was stored - I found some paper that well - I didn't really need anymore. So I did toss some paper last night. 

Row by row license plates pages from years ago - GONE

Yep - I need to do a WHOLE lot more of that. I need to get started on that, so, in the future, it would be a breeze to find the label maker or anything else that I might need to locate. Baby steps, but I should book a day in December when all of my presentations are over to clean the office. I just booked THREE dates in December for office clean up. Even if I clean for ONE solid hour each day, I can make great progress. DO NOT let me reschedule those dates!

I see the stack of paperwork on my desk is getting a bit out of control, so I hope to tackle all that stuff this week and get it cleared up before more stuff gets added to the pile. I'm under control, just not completely up to date. 

Well, on that note, it's time to get the day started! Well, the rest of it!

Don't forget to get out for a walk today. Even if you just walk to the end of your street and back. We NEED the exercise to keep our bodies from seizing up, and we need the fresh air to clear our lungs, and we need to change our environment even for a little bit each day, or we're going to be suffering from depression, and gosh knows what else. GET OUT!  

For many months now, I see an older couple out for a walk every morning. She walks with a cane, and the gentleman matches his pace with her. We say HI if we pass each other or if we see each other down the street, we wave! It's so cute! And I'm so impressed - HOT or COLD, they are out there - walking! Where is everyone else?

OH -- and DO NOT listen to the news. It's totally depressing, and for god's sake - can they not report ALL the numbers and in percentages instead of this FINITE number of new cases. 

NEVER let that number scare you. I won't go into a long diatribe this morning, but if you look at percentages of deaths and recoveries and ALL the numbers, we're probably not in bad shape. We CANNOT continue to live like this - get OUT and enjoy life. And DO NOT BE AFRAID! The government is using scare tactics to make people conform. Hmm - I thought we lived in a democratic country. AH -- but certain members of society refuse to follow the new mask rules and handwashing, and hence we need the scare tactics to scare the crap out of the rest of us. 

Have a super day!!!


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