Tuesday, March 2, 2021

A first world problem


There are a lot of issues in the world. The biggest one right now is that the ENTIRE world is working its way through the pandemic. A lot of people are struggling with the stay-at-home order. It's a major inconvenience, to be sure, but it's not a hardship. I am extremely fortunate to live in a country where we have a pretty darn high standard of living and freedoms. Many of us have not lived through any kind of hardship. I wonder how society would cope if we actually suffered a major hardship?

I'm going to have to go into a no COVID discussion zone because I'm so frustrated by people complaining about the lock-down, about why or how the government(s) have (mis)handled everything related to COVID. Here's the bottom line - we have to be patient. We may disagree with what's happening, but we just have to be patient. It will pass, and soon, we'll forget completely about the lock-down and be on our merry way to doing things like normal. 

So that's it - NO more COVID discussions - I just can't handle it. 

Now here's my first-world problem. My microwave quit!! NOO!!!  I went to warm up my Magic Bag last night, and when I pushed start, there was a horrible noise and ZERO heat. So - the big question is - can I get a new one? And can I get someone to install the darn thing in my house? Is this an emergency? Technically no - but what am I supposed to have for breakfast? I'm eating a protein bar and a banana, too lazy to cook the oatmeal on the stove. 

Oh well -- I'll figure it out, and while inconvenient, there are other options. 

I couldn't help myself as I went out for a walk yesterday. It was 3PM, and I noticed that one of my neighbors was putting a couple of heavy bricks on the lid of her recycling cart, which was at the curb. Hmm - we had HIGH winds yesterday - gusts up to 80 KM. I said she needed to leave the cart next to the house until the morning. The truck doesn't come by until after 9 AM, so there's loads of time to put the cart out. 

She said it would tip over at the house. Well, it's more likely to tip over at the street, even with bricks. When I came back from my walk, the cart was tucked around the corner behind the garage. Their garbage cart and the compost bin were leaning over (she had put them like that). So why couldn't she think of that herself? I saw garbage flying down the street from open recycling carts. I get it that you don't want to miss the truck, but hey - if the darn thing isn't full, there really isn't a need to put it out. And if it is, there's plenty of time in the morning or do it just before bed. But 3 PM???? 

Oh boy -- they say that people get more crotchety as they grow older. Yep - that's me! I hate two things - lack of awareness of a situation and excessive complaining (although I do my share). Imagine how I'll be in a nursing home. Well, hopefully, my mind will be gone, and I won't notice things!

Anyway, enough of my bellyaching; it's time to chat about quilting. 

It was Monday sewing, and I was excited. I had four hours in which to work on my applique. Could I get it done? Well, let's have a look. 

Quilter's Patch quilt top - DONE

OH MY GOODNESS - the top is DONE. I did not get it completely done during Monday sewing, but I got it done after. I decided to keep sewing even after the call was over. I should have been working on other homework, but I was so close by this time. It's DONE!!!!!  And THREE weeks before the UFO deadline. WOW!!!!!  That means I get to pull out another UFO. Already done! 

I was on a roll and kept sewing. The binding got made, and I found some fabric to make the backing. So it got moved to the "to be quilted" pile! Yahoo!!!!!!!

The backing and binding are made for Quilter's Patch

I laughed when I was cutting the selvages off the fabric for the backing. Look at the date!! In case you can't read that - it says 2000. 

Look at the date on that selvage

I haven't had a chance to completely clear the cutting table. Everything on it is ACTIVE, but as I needed space to put borders on, I pushed everything to the back. 

Everything is pushed to the back to cut borders

Then as I needed to cut yardage, everything got pushed to one end. 

Everything is pushed to one side

That is definitely not the best use of my time. I've put a few things away and will try to get it back to normal by the end of today. 

Instead of sitting at the computer, I decided to forge ahead with sewing and completed this small wall hanging or table topper. 

Table topper - DONE

This was the start of the Kaleidoscope quilt, which is a huge quilt, and for some reason, I felt the need to make TWO of them. Thankfully, I had only made four blocks. I repurposed everything to make this quilt. The rest of the fabric for the quilt got put away. 

The binding and the backing are also done, and it also got moved to the "to be quilted" pile. 

Wall hanging move to the "to be quilted" pile

One of the things sitting on the cutting table (OK - so it was sitting on the ironing board) was a BRAND NEW IRON. This is part of the SINGER new GARMENT CARE line of products. Let's get that box open and see what this iron is all about. 

NEW Singer iron

WOW -- it's so retro looking; it reminds me of the iron we had when I was a kid, although it looks nothing like that iron at all. I love the style and the color. Notice, it's got a LONG cord - I think it's 10 feet long. 

Spiffy looking iron

I was making some flying geese, and it worked like a charm.  

Pressing flying geese

Why is that picture so blurry? That's the steam that was pouring out of the iron. It uses regular tap water.

Nice large point

And look at the tip of the iron. It's huge and perfect for getting into small corners. I love it!!! The temperature setting is in such a position that you can't accidentally change it. 

Since I was making flying geese, I had these little cut-offs. 

Cut-offs from flying geese

I'm happy to report that I did NOT keep them. I won't keep anything smaller than what is cut from 2½" strips. Unlike the mini-quilt I showed you yesterday, which was made from cut-offs from 2" flying geese units. 

Cut-offs in the scrap bin

OK -- so what happened with the weather? I was thoroughly enjoying the warmer temperature. The last two days, I even went out for the morning walk with NO HAT. And then - crazy weather. So does that mean that March came in like a lion? And it'll go out like a lamb? I don't know, but I'm debating if I should dig out my flannel-lined pants this morning. It's pretty cold out there! 

Here's one of those silly things that I feel I NEED, but I don't really. This is the Piecemaker's Calendar from 1988. It's the very first calendar quilt that they created. It's ugly as sin. I have all the others - this is the only missing one. If anyone has the calendar (1988) and doesn't want it - perhaps we can talk!

Piecemaker's Calendar 1988

This one belongs to my friend Carol, and she's going to leave it to me in her will!! I probably won't need or want it by then!! 

Well, I apologize for my rant at the beginning, but not really. I do try to keep rants to a minimum, but there are times when I can't help it. It's my blog, after all. 

On a happy note, it's a new day! Lots to do, so much to learn, and well, it's time to get the day started!! Oh - and I have to investigate buying a microwave on-line. That's the easy part - it's the getting it installed that's going to be the challenge. OH - I could have it fixed as I know what's wrong, but you know what? It's probably going to be the same price or more to have it fixed! I might pursue that avenue as well. If I were a bit more electrical-minded, I could fix it myself as it's probably the magnetron that needs to be replaced. I wonder if Shelly could fix it? 

Have a super day!!!!




  1. I'm in Maryland. I wouldn't hesitate to replace an appliance and have it installed. I have maintenance people in as needed. Everyone is masked and I try to maintain an appropriate distance.

  2. Well.... U tube and a good service department can be a game changer, but I have not done a microwave yet....