Monday, March 29, 2021

Virtual Friends!


Oh my gosh -- I had so much fun at the Virtual Retreat yesterday! A HUGE thank you to everyone who stopped by to sew with us or just to say hello. I learned about armadillos and caring for palm trees! I learned about quilt store expansions and other happenings in my area! We compared projects, and we talked about every subject under the sun. OK - so we didn't as we just didn't have time! And a few OLD projects came back to haunt me!!

But what an amazing day! I'm so thankful for my virtual friends - whether you join in on the Zoom call or make comments. It's so nice to connect to people that I wouldn't normally connect to. And it's nice to stay connected to those that are not close to me. 

So technically, I didn't get a lot done - I do spend a lot of time chatting, but you know what? I'm perfectly OK with that. I spend so much time working that the Virtual Retreat is like a day off for me! I LOVE it. 

Mark your calendars because the next one is scheduled for Saturday, April 24 (in the evening) and all day on Sunday, April 25. 

It will be a busy week as I try   NO - get all the homework assignments to everyone. And I need to play catchup on that TODO list. But all is good - it's going to be a fairly quiet week - lots to do, but no major deadlines. Deadlines are the worst! And the best part? There's NOTHING on the schedule for the weekend. Yeah!!!!

What did I get done yesterday? I finished hand stitching the sleeve to my Trend-Tex Challenge. I have to make and sew the label on later today and then walk it to the post office. It HAS to go today. 

I also made the sleeve on this piece. It's only been sitting on the current project table for almost a year! But now the sleeve is on. 

The sleeve is on my challenge quilt from 2020

I even had a spot to hang it up, and so now I can enjoy the piece. I love the design and the quilting!!!

A challenge piece from 2020 is now hung up in Studio B

I did get some quilt blocks sewn together for the homework blocks - you'll get to see those in a couple of days. 

But then, like usual, I picked something that did not have a deadline. I wanted to play, and so I grabbed some black thread and started this project. 

A black UFO

I know - what the heck is it?? Well, I used cord and made a hot mat, so to speak. It's just over 8 inches in diameter. It took quite a bit of time as the cording I used is very small. I have a plan for it - but I'm not going to share it with you today. 

Macrame cord used to make a hot mat

Here's the cording that I used. It did puff a wee bit in the center. Because it was so thin, it was a bit of a challenge to get it started. But I gave it a good press with steam, and it's now flat as a pancake!!! I can't wait to do step two - maybe today??? 

Speaking of walking, I still keep up with my walking - even on retreat days. I'd love to sit and chat all day, but I really do need to get out and take a walk. While the weather isn't as nice as it's been, it's still great to get out and get some fresh air. 

Here's a medal that I got for walking in January. The goal was only 60KM, so that was pretty easy to get in a week. It's been sitting here for a while to take a picture, and well - I got it done today. 

Oh yes -- I trimmed more half-square triangles at the end of the day, but I forgot to take pictures. Trust me - little bits of stuff are getting cleared up. Just not fast! 

No idea where that missing thread is, but that's OK - I'm going to quilt something else. Hopefully, it'll surface by next month. 

It's short and sweet today! It's Monday sewing, and while I have a bit of "work" to do, I can still do that and chat at the same time. This time, I need to work more and chat less!!!

Have a super day!!!



  1. It was exactly the break I needed yesterday. Thanks for hosting.

    1. Thanks for joining - It was fun to meet you and learn about the palm trees!!! Hopefully, we'll see you next month.