Sunday, March 14, 2021

The woes of technology


Don't panic - my technology seems to be behaving itself lately. There are NO issues with the internet, and the computers are working fine. The Zoom Share screen worked fine, although I didn't stay in that mode for long. Yikes - they can literally see EVERYTHING on my screen. So I need to play around with that and minimize everything that doesn't need to be open. That's a positive! 

Nope - it's something different on the technology side. I have some DVDs that I haven't watched, and as part of my clean-up, I'd like to get them watched and out of the house. I had borrowed a DVD player from someone, and I did watch some of the videos, but I need a CD drive for my computer, so I sucked it up a while ago and purchased one. 

I tried to be very careful to buy a drive that would play DVDs and be a CD drive. I was all fired up yesterday and wanted to watch a DVD. Well, when I plugged it in - it didn't work. I got an error message. What?????  I've no idea, so I tried to force it in Windows Media Player, and I got an error message saying it couldn't play because the media was sitting on a removable device. I know that! 

So I've got another technology issue to deal with. Don't you just love this? Well, no time today to deal with that - well, maybe later today. 

My new DVD external drive

We had a great meeting in the morning, and since it was a casual meeting, I was able to work during the call. And I had my tea and biscuit at the same time. 

Working while attending a meeting

I'm happy to report that all those half-square triangles sitting on the ironing board are pressed and trimmed. I'm working on another bunch today. 

Trimmed half-square triangles

I did get some of the stuff cleaned up that I pulled from the kitchen cupboard. I was going to recycle these tea tins, but they look so pretty. So they went into the closet with empty containers. There are not too many, but it's nice to have some containers on hand if I need something. I'll use them for something - just not sure what yet. 

The tea tins are stored away

The placemats got unwrapped and are sitting on the kitchen table. It was nice to look at them while eating dinner last night. 

The bicycle placemats

NOTHING is sacred in our house any longer. NOTHING! Everything MUST be used or given away or a momento. Well, that's not an original thought, but it takes a LONG time to make that a belief that you can live with. 

So that got rid of quite a bit of what I pulled from the cupboard. I need to go through the spices, most of which can be tossed since some of them are ancient. DH does most of the cooking (OK - all of the cooking), and he has HIS spices. There are some rogue utensils that I must look at later today. 

One more customer quilt is now done. 

Customer quilt - DONE

All the quilted quilts are trimmed - I just need to contact the owners for pickup. Yeah! The next one is half loaded, and I hope to get to that later today. Now that things are somewhat calmed down, I have a little more breathing room, and while I don't have a huge pile of quilts waiting to be quilted, it's enough to keep me busy for a couple of weeks, and I'd like to get them done. 

When you read a book, do you peek to the end? I rarely do that. But the one that I finished last night compelled me to peek ahead. When I saw the ending, I thought this is outrageous - this would never happen. But the author tied up all the loose ends and made the ending plausible—sort of. 

I finished an audiobook yesterday - why - TWO books finished on the same day! Anyway, I realized that if I borrow magazines from the library, they also appear in my Libby App on my phone. That's perfect as it means I will never forget them. So I read some more on my iPad yesterday. What a slick way to read the magazines. If that wasn't enough about magazines, the current magazine (hard copy) that I'm reading has a whole article on how to sort and toss magazines! I love it - I'll share the highlights. They are basically doing the same thing that I am - it's just nice to see it set out in front of you!

I have two classes this morning. And NO - I'm not totally prepped for either of them. I got some sewing done this morning, but with the dratted time change, and for some reason, I had trouble staying asleep; I didn't get as much done as I would have liked. But it's mostly done, and I'll be ready!!!

Today is Sunday. Let's take a day off from decluttering or catch up on what you didn't finish this week. Have you noticed that it's a constant battle? Elle, a blog reader, must have an immaculate house! She got on the cleaning thing several years ago, and it seems that every area of her house is clean. But she goes through her kitchen once a year to get rid of what she doesn't use. I know that the first time is the HARDEST as there is so much stuff to deal with. So if you leave some stuff for next time, you are forgiven. Then each subsequent time, you can be even more ruthless. That makes the process a lot easier. 

I need to restart in the bedroom closet and go through the stuff as there is so much I just don't wear. BUT, I'd like to get through all the areas first, and the office is the last place. HEY -- I've made headway in here. You might not think so, but I have, and I'm happy about that. 

On that note, I"m out of here! I've got a couple of presentations to whip together, and a tiny bit of sewing left. 

Don't forget that for most of us, the time changed last night. I try to make it a non-event in my house. The clock on the stove and the microwave are already changed. Everything else flips automatically, so technically, I'm totally on the new time. The only issue is that I look out the window, and it's just starting to get light where it would have been light. Sigh..................

Have a super day!!!



  1. Hubster says Microsoft stopped supporting DVD on Windows 10. He suggests installing VLC Media Player (free online).

    Yes, my house is highly organized and everything goes back in it's place when done. And if it didn't, a quick put away on my way to bed at night. But please don't come over and write in the dust ;-)

  2. I use VLC as a media player. Works great. Much less frustrating than Windows Media Player.