Thursday, March 25, 2021

Long Time Gone Show and Tell

 It's a GREAT DAY!! I'm making great progress with my work - still far behind, but making good progress. I'm feeling better - not 100%, but much better, and the weather is spectacular!

As promised, I'd better get the Show and Tell up for Long Time Gone. There's a LOT, so sit back and enjoy. What amazes me is how different each project looks. The students have certainly upped the anty with their choices of fabrics and placement of value. I'm so impressed. 

To keep all the pictures in one spot, here are Bernice and Betty's pictures from yesterday. 




Carol has done a great job with a variety of colors. She loves the project, and it shows in her blocks. 



Cathy is using the classic blue and white combination, and it looks stunning. That star really pops off this block. 


Love the change in values she did!



WOW -- look what Cathy S did with her star. She really made that one stand out! Love it!!!

Cathy S

And look at the centers of the churn dash blocks. She changed them up. Who knew you could do so much with a churn dash?

Cathy S

Cindy had fun with her churn dash blocks as well. I LOVE the shape formed by that blue one in the middle. 


What I love is that the class decided to not do all the churn dashes the same. Many did one coloring for the one set and something else for the others. Me? I made them all random! 

These are Diane's blocks. 



Her star is very subtle in this block!


Elle has some funky background fabric happening. And what fun colors. 



She had some catch-up to do, and this looks amazing! Those diagonal rows of color are fun! 


And her star is also very subtle in this block. 


Helen Anne chose to really highlight that star at the end of the plus block. I really like that - it almost looks like two blocks in one. Hmmm - I could do that!

Helen Anne

Jana did the same thing with her star block. And look at the values in the churn dash blocks. Wow -- so different from some of the others, and it's just the value that changes here. 


WOW --- look what Judy did with her churn dashes. Her two blocks look so different from each other - just by changing the value and the fabrics! I think this proves that we should never discount a pattern because of the fabric! Look beneath the fabric choices and make that quilt your own. 


Next up is Kathi, and I LOVE those teal/turquoise!! Look at her second block -- so different, I wouldn't even know that was a churn dash!!!!

And that star stands out pretty well in all those colors. 


Have you noticed how well I can remember whose blocks are whose? After several months, I now have a system, which makes it easy to put the presentations together and keep track of the blocks. 

I LOVE how Keira really made her star stand out. I really like this one and look at the striped fabric she used!! 


Larraine has such a soft pretty look going on - it's going to be beautiful!!!


These next blocks are Laura's. A very modern feel to these blocks with that fabric choice which I believe is a Lori Holt collection. 


I had to laugh when I saw these blocks. They belong to Leslie, who said at the start of the project that she does NOT do small. I see some of those 3" churn dash blocks!!! Way to go, Leslie!


Linda chose a dark center for her churn dashes. 


And look at those twirled seams. YES - I made them twirl the seams, but it makes that block so FLAT. 


And that star really pops off the block. I LOVE this one. 


You have to remember that some of these people are beginners!!!  I do appreciate that they took a leap of faith and literally dove into this quilt!! And many of us did NOT go shopping for the fabrics except in our stashes!!

These are Lois's blocks. OK --- that simple change of the background in the center is brilliant!!!



Lucy started the class in January, and she has caught up!!!  Great job, and I love those colors!!!!


OK -- you need to study those churn dashes carefully. Look at how the value placement made totally different blocks. Gosh - I'm blown away at how all these blocks are different!!!


More bright colors by Lynne! Super fun, and I like how the star shows up in the plus block. 


Margaret is using 30's fabrics, and WOW -- she changed that star block up, and it looks awesome. Super creative!


Rose is finally getting started, and here are her first two blocks. Can she get caught up before we finish?? Maybe we'll have her work on Section Two and Three and have that as her goal for our final show and tell in June. 


Those pluses really pop on Sandra's block. And so does that star!! Why couldn't I make that happen on mine? 


Sandy took out the star part completely from the Plus block. OK - I really like that!!!! Oh, so many options!!!  I almost feel like I should just explain to the class how to make the blocks and, after seeing their choices, make my own!!! I could do it again? NO - don't even go there. 


These blocks are Sharon's. The star part of that block looks totally different, and more dark centers on those churn dash blocks. 


Sheila is making her quilt for a young man, so she has chosen darker fabrics. It's looking awesome!!! She changed the size of some of the churn dashes. 


OK -- so that plus block looks amazing!!! And the star really stands out. So do the changes in value for the churn dash blocks!!!


The last set of blocks belongs to Val. This is a HOT quilt with all those oranges and yellows!!! Notice that one of her churn dash blocks uses the same fabric throughout! So many possibilities!!!!


WOW - WOW - WOW   - I can't believe how different all those blocks look. Imagine what the final quilts will look like. A few people are missing from this show and tell, and hopefully, they are working behind the scenes to get a finished quilt or at least a section for our final show and tell in June.  

I NEED to get the notes written up for them. It's been a totally crazy week. But the presentations are done for this week. Now I have some urgent writing this morning to finish up, then hit the long arm and the sewing machine. I'm behind, and there's no time to dilly dally!

On that note, here's a couple of reminders. The Cherrywood Winners will be announced TONIGHT. I can't wait to see the winning quilts!!!!

And don't forget the virtual challenge this weekend. If you're looking for something to do or in need of a fix with friends - be sure to drop by and say hello. We chat a LOT, but we also get a lot of quilting done. It's a great way to pass an hour or two. 

Here's the Zoom link for Saturday evening, which starts at 6 PM and goes to 9 PM. 

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 892 5423 3911 Passcode: 982797

Here's the Zoom link for Sunday, which starts at 10 AM and goes to 8 PM.

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 872 4663 5892 Passcode: 440473

On that note, I'm out of here!!! Have a super day!!!


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