Thursday, March 4, 2021

UFO Show and Tell

 It's time to get some of the show and tell out of the way. Besides, even though I took a ton of pictures yesterday, it was for my presentations, and I have NO pictures to share on the blog. 

The worst of the week is over as far as the number of presentations and prep time. I have one presentation today and one tomorrow with minimal prep time for each. I've got a class today and one on Saturday. Phew! I've got some car errands to run, and I've had no time this week! Hopefully tomorrow. 

I got confirmation that my microwave is being delivered today, and I have a tracking number. I can see that I'm the second stop of the day on the delivery, which can happen anytime between 7:30 and 11:30. Hmm - perhaps, I'd better walk the dogs a little bit later. That information came through via a text message - that's the best!!! Oh yes -- so many good things happened because of the pandemic. Well, maybe something like this was already in place, but it's great to know the deliveries' status without trying to call people. 

If that delivery comes early enough, I might even have time to do my errands BEFORE my 1 PM class. While I wish I were at the sewing machine or the long arm today, I'm behind in paperwork and would like to get most of it done today! 

I LOVE the contact that you can have with authors. I sent an e-mail to Hannah Mary McKinnon about the Sister Dear book. I let her know how unsettling this book was, and that's exactly how she wanted to leave her readers!! I often don't contact an author, but if I really like the book, I let them know. 

There are a couple of things that I love about our UFO club. Some people are digging deep into the UFO stash to get things done. And for the most part, people are staying on track. I've collected $20 so far this year, so that's not bad. Whatever I collect will be donated. 

This is Jane's quilt top. It was something that she had hanging around forever! The blocks were cut, and now she has a finished quilt top. Knowing Jane, this one is already at the long arm quilters!

Jane's outdoor themed quilt top

Linda is working on the CUTEST block of the month ever. Well, it might not be a block of the month, but there's a block for each month. It's hand-embroidered, and she's been going gangbusters to get it finished. Here is November. All that remains is the December block, and then she can start to sew it together. It's ADORABLE. 

Linda's hand-embroidered November block

Next is me with my Quilter's Patch. My goal for last month was to get the applique on that right-hand border done. And I'm happy to report that it is!!!

The appliqued border on Quilter's Patch

Sharon is getting close to finishing the Piecemaker's Calendar quilt from 2000. Oh my gosh - this is HUGE. Her goal for last month was to put the boy and the bunny in the tree. And that's done! If I were her, I'd be jumping up and down with the progress on this UFO. 

The applique on Sharon's Piecemaker Calendar

Lynne is working on a table runner that she designed in EQ8. Technically, it's not a UFO, but some of us do not have UFOs, and I suspect Lynne is one of them. That's OK - if the club helps people get their current projects done - that works for me. 

Lynne's table runner

And here's a pillowcase (cushion cover) that she creates for all her quilts. This case is for a Canadian-themed quilt. 

Lynne's cushion cover

Elaine S finished her quilt top made with the Little Genius fabric collection. 

Elaine's quilt top

And look at the great job she did on the mitered corners. There were a LOT of lines to match, and it looks perfect. The actual motifs are not symmetrical, so they can't be matched, but the lines can!

A beautifully mitered corner

Liz finished her starburst quilt top. It's gorgeous. She made it larger than the original quilt and added two borders. 

Liz's starburst quilt

Including TWO borders

She was on a roll and had to finish some applique as well. This is for the Blanket Toss quilt. WOW -- that's a lot of appliques. 

Liz did a LOT of appliques this month

Diane also worked on applique. She had to stitch around all the owls in this quilt and then assemble it. Rather than put buttons on the quilt, she used some of her decorative stitches on the sewing machine!

One of Diane's owl blocks

I think Diane is like me. All that's lacking is some FOCUS. When she gets focused, she gets things done. We're also trying to discourage her from starting anything new. She's doing a great job so far this year. 

Diane's Owl quilt - the pattern is by Amy Bradley

Katheleen needed to piece the Kaledeiscope quilt top together. The blocks were made, but not together. That is done and ready for quilting. She did NOT make it the full size as per the pattern. The quilt is HUGE, and this center part is already large enough!

Katheleen's Kaleidoscope quilt

She also needed to finish quilting this GIANT quilt which has been dubbed the Snow Dog quilt. It's HUGE, and she quilted it on her sit-down Sweet Sixteen. It is amazing how much we are all getting done when there's a bit of money on the line and peer pressure. 

Katheleen's giant quilt is quilted and bound

Dede's goal was to make three Dear Jane blocks. She wants to make ALL the blocks as well as the borders!!! WOW -- that might take a while, but the UFO club is a great place to get it done. We did this as a class a few years ago. 

Dear Jane block

Dear Jane block

Dear Jane

Morgan was supposed to get two more blocks done from the Christmas Figs quilt. She had a burst of energy and finished the last SIX blocks. WOW -- that's FOCUS!!!!  I LOVE the colors in this quilt. 

Christmas Fig block

Christmas Fig bloc

Christmas Fig block

Christmas Fig block

Christmas Fig block

Christmas Fig block

Susan needed to get this quilt quilted and bound, and it's done! This is her SECOND complete finish for the year due to the UFO club. 

Susan's finished quilt!

Linda also had a quilt that needed to be quilted and bound. It's done, including the binding and the label!!!

Linda's finished quilt

Have you ever wondered why some projects get relegated to the UFO pile? Nancy thought she had made a mistake on this quilt so it got put away. When she dug it out for UFO, she realized that she had NOT made a mistake. It's just a lot of work, and you need to label, label, label!!!

Here are her 14 units that she made for last month. 

Sections of Misty Pines

Sections of Misty Pines

Sections of Misty Pines

I love that even though we have goals, many people get fired up and go beyond the goal they set. YES -- that means that a new UFO can be pulled out. 

Sheila's goal was to make three more blocks for her MoonGlow quilt. 
Three Moon Glow blocks

NOt only did she get those three blocks done, but the quilt top (minus) the borders are done!!!!  How exciting!!!!

MoonGlow minus the borders

I just got a call -- I'll be contacted in 20 minutes about my delivery of the microwave. OK - the girls definitely need to wait! 

Suzi is working on her Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt. She made six blocks and is in the process of identifying an appropriate color for the sashing. 

Six more blocks for Vintage Farm Girl

A potential choice for the sashing - I do LOVE the red gingham

Colleen's goal was to get the second border on her Frolic quilt. Anyway, the second border is on, and it's quilted, and I believe she is working on the binding!!!!

How's that for inspiration? Everyone in the UFO club is fired up! We mean business, and every UFO finished is a UFO that no family member or friend needs to deal with should one of us not come home one night. I'm so PROUD of the progress the group has made!!! It's exciting to see us responsibly using our stashes and our time!! 

I know that I'm thrilled with my progress, and well - I know that I could run the UFO club for a "few" more years and wouldn't run out of stuff to do!! The biggest key for me has been FOCUS. Remember what I talked about the other day. I'm focusing on projects by having those Dirty Dozen lists for each year. That started five years ago, and while I'm behind, I'm OK with that. The UFO club has helped to focus on specific projects in a timely manner, and having dedicated sewing days like the Virtual Retreat has also made a huge difference. 

So whatever it's going to take for you to get motivated and FOCUSED - do it!!!

On that note, I'm out of here. I have to figure out how to put the girls off for an hour or two until my delivery comes!

Have a super day!!!


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