Friday, March 12, 2021

DH saves the day!

Wow -- this crazy week is almost over—lots of presentations and lots of prep. 

Without getting too complicated about the process, I've been replicating slides or parts of slides in Powerpoint as part of the prep for the next one. The other day, I accidentally opened up a FINAL presentation and started to add and delete slides for another one. I FORGOT to give it a new name, and the next thing I knew, the file was being autosaved, and my FINAL presentation got wiped out. GRRRR

Well, it appears that even though I tell people to do that all the time, I forgot again yesterday! Seriously? How could I do that? So I happened to be ranting at dinner, and DH says, you know that all previous versions are saved? WHAT??? I did not know that. I couldn't even wait until after dinner. I ran to the computer and found the original presentation, and there it was - totally intact!!! WOW!!!! That was amazing. 

I'm not sure if I can rescue the one from last week, but I'm going to check that out this morning. I hope to do the final tweaking and sample making (who am I kidding - that job never ends) this weekend. I'll make duplicates of the presentations and save them in two different spots, and I'll be good to go!!

We made a trip to the recycling depot yesterday to get rid of the microwave and other stuff around the house, like the electronic waste and old appliances, etc. I had the glass from that poster which I didn't want to put in the garbage cart, and have the darn thing shatter on the street if it didn't get in the truck correctly. I did try to break the glass with a hammer, and that didn't work. So we took the piece of glass with us. 

I had to pay $6 to get rid of the glass!! The rest was free as it was all recycling, but the glass was garbage! Oh boy! It doesn't matter, and besides, it was satisfying to toss that into the giant garbage bin and see it shatter into a thousand pieces!

Even though I had a lot going on yesterday, I sat outside for a bit. How could you not? The wind was crazy, but the temperature was WARM. The ornaments on the fence were clanging around, and the two wind chimes were playing amazing music. The trees were thrashing around, and it was glorious as I sat there with my iPad reading a quilt magazine. 

The wind chime was working hard yesterday

Murphy was beside herself as she found a balloon in the backyard. What's this? Can I play with it? I thought it would get popped, but it did not. I tried to "throw" it to the wind, and it ended up back in the yard. 

Murphy finds a balloon

I got a bit of sewing done - well, I didn't really. I trimmed a quilt, and I played with some samples. Took lots of pictures. But I did manage to press some half-square triangles. 

Half-square triangles - PRESSED

Then I started the trimming process. There are many that need to be trimmed, and I need to get them organized and start sewing them into a quilt (s). These are ones that I've made in the last week, or so and well, I have to start somewhere. I hope to put on the audiobook and keep trimming later today. 

Trimming half-square triangles

I have one presentation today, and it's mostly prepped, so I'm good. I have an author talk tonight at the library - I mean on Zoom. I love those author talks. 

But here's something I found - my Trendtex challenge. Oh, shoot -- why do I leave everything until the last minute?? If I wanted my piece to be included in the judging, it has to ARRIVE before April 5. I haven't even started it! Perhaps, I should just make a piece and send it in to be auctioned off. That deadline is in May. 

The Trend-tex challenge

I've decided to get some assistance with my walking. Yes - I'm obsessed - I know it, and I set unreasonable goals and feel 100% compelled to meet them. I also know that age and repetitive movements are not in my favor. The other day when I ran to the library, I thought I was going to die. While I've been walking, my heart rate hasn't been significantly elevated in a while, and my legs have no strength. 

So I went to see the gym's sports health clinic (yes - they are open - the clinic, not the gym), and I had a chat. I'm going to get a program to get me into MORE stretching, potentially yoga (yes - I haven't been doing it lately at home), weight training for my entire body, and the lovely FOAM roller - my "friend" - think pain and torture! 

But I need all that to keep walking, so I'll suck it up and perhaps walk a wee bit less, but stretch more. I know What to do, but I need accountability to someone to make it happen. It's like the UFO club!!  They also do physio, chiropractic, and massage at the clinic, so perhaps I'll get some of that depending on what we find when I have my assessment next week. 

It doesn't help that I have a stupid arthritic knee. Actually, both of them, but I had some scrapping done on one several years ago, and it's fine. I wonder if I can convince someone to do the same on the other knee? I have a hard time facing physical limitations. But I'll be fine!

Well, that's it for today! Lots to do, and I'm excited to get started!

Have a super day!!!


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