Monday, March 15, 2021

All in a Row show and tell


I knew you would all come through for me! I see TWO suggestions to use VLC as a media player, NOT Windows Media Player. I will have to try that later today and see if my DVD plays. Thanks to Linda and Elle for the suggestion! You are the BEST!!!

The morning was a bit hectic, and well - I goofed! I returned from my walks with the girls only to discover that my FitBit was still in the charger! 

Wait - you forgot me!!!!

Hmm - now what to do? Do I add a few KM to my numbers that get logged automatically? It's not cheating - I just didn't wear the tracker, but I did the distance. I haven't logged the missing miles yet, but I will. I mean - sheesh - it's the same walk every day - I know the distance, and NO ONE wants to lose 5,000 steps. They just won't be logged into the FitBit, but they will be logged into my virtual challenges. 

Speaking of virtual challenges, I'm currently walking the Appalachian Trail, which is about 2,100 miles long. Wendy suggested I read Bill Bryson's book - A Walk in the Woods, which I discovered was made into a movie. I have The Lost Continent on my own shelf! Oh - I also spent some time cleaning up the library holds and what books I have on loan. I mean - really, how many books does one need on hold? So that is all cleaned up as well, and a REASONABLE number of books are on hold. I really don't like the pressure of having too many books on hold. Then it means I HAVE to keep reading when I may not want to read! 

A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

I started the book yesterday and watched the movie trailer. OK - so I have to rent the movie - it looks hilarious! And despite the bear stories (I've met bears before in the wilderness), I think it would be so much fun to walk this trail. I NEED to walk one of these famous walking trails in my time. And since I'm getting older, I'd better get myself organized to do one soon! But 2,100 MILES? With 40 pounds of gear on my back? Perhaps I'll find a slightly shorter one. 

And why would I want to do this? Because it's there! 

One of the classes yesterday was All in a Row - an ongoing project for 2021. 

All in a Row Again 

We're not a big group, but we're learning a lot and having fun while doing it!! There are many rows to choose from in the book, and each of us has chosen the rows that we want to work on and are now merrily working our way through them. Last month we did trees and water! 

This is Kathi's row of trees! That's a big forest! 

Kathi's trees

The water is represented by the Snail's Trail block. These blocks are 2½" UNFINISHED, so they are teeny tiny. Kathi did an amazing job at putting them together. 

Kathi's Snail's Trail blocks

Cathy also had to make the trees and the Snail's Trail rows. I LOVE the autumn color on her trees!! And there were many ways to sew those Snail's Trail blocks together - who knew!! They look awesome. 

Cathy's blocks

I'm making TWO rows of trees. One row is completely finished - well, the pairs of trees just need to be sewn together. I have that on the list of things to sew today at Monday sewing. 

My tree blocks

I have ONE Snail's Trail block done. I need FORTY-EIGHT!!! Oh boy - I need to get started, or I will never get them done. It's a great project to do on a Virtual Retreat or Monday sewing. 

One Snail's Trail block

These are the blocks that make up the rows for this month. The first row is a combination of tulips............

One tulip block with two tulips

And butterflies. 

One butterfly block

So any combination of the tulips and butterflies can make up another row. 

The next row we worked on is the beach houses which coordinates with the Snail's Trail blocks. I'm not using the tulips or the butterflies in my quilt, and I'm not using the beach houses either, but I am using the Snail's Trail row. I'm going to make a little wall hanging from the beach house - it's cute. OH - should I add some waves to the bottom? I guess I should! NOOO - more of those Snail's Trail blocks to cut and sew!

My version of the beach house

So far, I'm up to date with all this homework, but I need to keep moving. There are more classes this weekend and lots of stuff to prep for those. It's a very manageable week, and that's great! I have a LOT of writing to do this week, so I'll be chained to the computer, but that's OK. I'm getting used to the writing routine now, so I'm good with that. Before, I used to resent the writing time because it took me away from sewing. 

I've decided to make TWO quilts for this All in a Row quilt project. As I mentioned, there are so many cute blocks that I didn't want to leave many of them out! So two quilts and each one is totally different from the other in the blocks chosen and the style!!

What did I learn yesterday?? I learned about a software program for organizing my embroidery files. Thanks to Karen for sharing that info with our embroidery club! I've downloaded the software, and now I need to start populating it. It's time to get all the embroidery designs in ONE place, so there is no need to be shuffling floppy disks, CDs, or USBs around. I think I'm going to start by getting everything that's on the computer in one directory. Then I need to empty the USBs, then go to the CDs. How do you store or sort your embroidery files? 

I remember chatting with one lady, and she had 80,000 designs! I hope they were organized in some fashion!

That's the task today - if you have embroidery files, get to work on sorting them. The program Karen mentioned is FREE and called 2Stitch, which you can find here

I spent considerable time with my calendar yesterday and hopefully got everything organized, planned, and scheduled for the next couple of months. While the calendar is full, there's plenty of downtimes booked, and that's a good thing. 

On that note, it's time to get the day started. 

Have a super day!!!!


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  1. For the walking trails, like the Appalachian Trail or the Continental Divide Trail, they each come close to settlements at various points. You don't have to walk the whole trail. Pick a portion that starts at one settlement and walk to the next point on the trail that is close to a settlement. Depending on where on the trail you pick, it would only be a few miles (or KM). You could pick the part of the trail that is shortest, or longest, or at the highest point, or goes by a particular mountain or forest or a lake. The options are endless. Many people walk the whole trail by doing only a section at a time.