Saturday, March 13, 2021

Pandora's box


Life is one big learning curve. It never fails that each and every day, I learn something. It could be a small tidbit, it could be monumental, but there's always something. And sometimes, you don't even know what you don't know! 

So I've been on Zoom for a while - gosh - I think it's close to one year! That's incredible. This time last year, I had no idea what Zoom even was. I've been able to share my screen for PowerPoint presentations, and all is good. However, there are times when I want to share my ENTIRE screen, especially for software events. I've had to unshare and reshare, which is very annoying. I kept looking at the settings, and YES - I've got it figured out now. Only to find out that nothing changed. 

After I made myself look like a fool (not really) with my US colleagues asking HOW do I share my entire screen, in which case, they said just hit the button that says ENTIRE SCREEN. And after a test session with Margaret, I FINALLY figured out what everyone is talking about. I do NOT have the button that says share ENTIRE SCREEN. AHA -- so that's why it won't work. 

There is no share ENTIRE SCREEN button on my Share Screen tab

So I Googled it, and I searched the Zoom site, but do you think I could find anything? Nope. So I spent considerable time trying to get in touch with Zoom support. While I love the CHATBOTS (the robots that respond to your questions), I needed a REAL person. What to do? I typed in caps - I NEED HELP NOW! I was instantly connected to a real person! That was hilarious!!!

After some finagling with screenshots and back and forth that lasted over 1/2 hour, we got the problem solved. I was trying to finish a quilt when I started the call, and it ended up while we were having dinner. 

Communicating with Zoom support while quilting

The problem is that there are so many settings on Zoom. There's a web-based client, and there's an app that sits on your computer. Where do I find the right setting??? So here it is in case you ever need to share your ENTIRE SCREEN.  On your web-based profile, go to SETTINGS. Unless you have a higher account, you should not need to touch the ADMIN settings. The settings in that area are the same but do not affect my account. Ask me how I learned that!

Go to SETTINGS on your web-based profile

Then scroll down until you find this setting. 

Mine was ON and had been ON ever since I started Zoom. Many others had their setting OFF from Day One. Of course - only me! It doesn't matter - it's fixed now, and I can die happy! 

This setting needs to be OFF to share your entire screen

I have a software class this afternoon, and I can't wait to try this out!!!

This morning I was looking at the countertop while my oatmeal was cooking. Hmmm - there's not much left on the counter, but how about I put the Vitamix away since I don't use it every day. I opened the cupboard and found a toaster. Hmm - we don't need a toaster since I don't eat bread. Then I looked at the rest of the stuff in the cupboard. Oh boy!

What's in the cupboard?

Actually, even without taking anything out, the cupboard is in pretty decent shape. It's not very full at all. Oh my -- what's all that stuff? I found a box of TEA. I took the picture AFTER I removed the box. 

An Iced Tea Collection

Just when I thought I had the tea situation under control, I found more tea and a diffuser. M used to work at Teavana, hence the huge amount of tea in the house. Although it's mostly gone now. 

More tea and a diffuser

In the box is a bag of Rock Sugar. I don't use sugar any longer, so does anyone want some rock sugar? I have another container of rock sugar as well. And more tins to hold loose tea. How many tins does one household need? 

Rock sugar

I removed a couple of other things, and OH MY - I found a brand new set of placemats. With bicycles on them. OK - we are going to start using placemats now! 

Brand new bicycle placemats

I pulled out most of the stuff, and I see I need to wipe the cupboard down. Then I'm putting stuff back, but only what we want to keep. The rest needs to be dealt with. Perhaps, it's time to go through all the cupboards again. Although I know that there isn't much left in many of the cupboards. We have some bowls and stuff that we use only occasionally, and well, we have loads of room, so I guess things will stay the way they are for the moment. 

Our kitchen is in pretty good shape, so I'm not worried about it, but we need to tackle the spice drawer and this one cupboard that I opened. Then everything will be more or less organized. And when we need to downsize, it'll take very little time to get rid of those occasional use things. I suppose the pantry is next, but not at the moment. 

I got another customer quilt done yesterday. I hope to get it trimmed today and have it ready for pickup tomorrow. 

Customer quilt - DONE

Last night was another author talk at the Mississauga Library. Emily St. John Mandel. What a nice lady - actually, ALL of the authors we've heard have been great. I was loading another quilt while she was talking. So I put my wireless earbuds in, brought the computer to the long arm (again!), and got the quilt loaded and ready for today. I'll have to keep her books on my "to read" list as I don't want to download another book right now. WAIT A MINUTE - I went into Goodreads and checked my list. I read her book about the Pandemic last year - Station Eleven.  Oh boy -- how quickly we forget. I remember the book now. Our version of the pandemic is NOTHING compared to what the characters in her book go through. OK -- so I want to read her latest book - The Glass Hotel. 

Listening to the author talk while loading the long arm

I did manage a wee bit of sewing yesterday. That pile of half-square triangles is trimmed. 

Trimmed half-square triangles

No worries - there are lots more to press and trim—no danger of running out. 

More units that need to be pressed and trimmed

This is the next little pile that I'm going to work on. Tiny steps!

The pile to be pressed today

And no danger of running out of triangles to sew together. This is just one basket that sits on the sewing table. 

Little triangles to be made into half-square triangles

And then there's this container. Never mind the two HUGE buckets that are overflowing in other parts of the studio. Maybe on the next Virtual Retreat, I should focus on sewing those little guys together? 

More enders/leaders

Spring is definitely on the way. Look what I saw on the trees yesterday. Yes -- there are buds on the trees. It seems a bit early, or is it???

Buds on the trees

I'm sure my neighbors wonder what the heck I was doing standing there at the tree taking pictures!

More buds

Only one class happening today and a get-together tonight. Ooops -- and a meeting!! There's always something EVERY day! And that's OK. This week coming up, has fewer Zoom sessions, so that gives me a little bit more flexibility. 

It doesn't matter - there'll always be something to do at my house - each and every day. I'm OK with that. It keeps my mind sharp!

I finished one of the five quilt magazines that I downloaded to my iPad. It's been returned, and I'm onto the second one. I think I could get used to this. It's just a question of NOT forgetting that the magazines are there. 

Well, that's it for today. I now have another job to do, and that's to clean up the stuff that I took out of the cupboard. That's going to be your assignment today. Pick one cupboard in your kitchen - in the bottom and pull out everything. What do you need? What's just sitting there and can be donated or tossed? 

Have a super day!!!!



  1. I have the very same crockpot. I rarely use it but it sure comes in handy sometimes and I have the space for it. I go through kitchen cupboards and drawers every year and get rid of what hasn't been used since last time. (Started that about 10y ago).

    Like you, I have a constant supply of HSTs to use as L/Es. I am in an online quilt group and am known for loving them. Envelopes and sometimes boxes of them arrive in the mailbox ;-)

    Currently I'm making 2 HST quilts. 1 is 100 patches at 1 inch finished. Another is 4patches of identical 1.75 inch and then those foursies will become the body of the quilt.

    Happy Saturday!

    1. WOW!!! We had a discussion about the crockpot. Should it go or should it stay. Since we have the room, it stays. What patterns are you using for your HST? I've got several in mind, just need a push to START sewing the finished units together. I certainly do NOT need more of them. I've so many waiting to be sewn together.

      Have a super day!