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I often get asked - how do you store your scraps? Or what is a scrap? Well, a scrap is a small piece of fabric! How small you want to deal with is your choice. I keep most scraps - OK - anything less than 1" goes, but do you know how often I need 1" strips? 

As for sorting, I sort mine by color and store them in clear plastic shoe boxes. 

I love when a project calls for scraps. OK -- I guess the patterns I'm working with do NOT call for scraps, but I'm using scraps. I have Long Time Gone - totally being cut from my scrap boxes. Schoolgirl Sampler - totally being cut from my scrap boxes. And Tula Pink Sampler - again - totally from scraps. So THREE of the five ongoing projects this year are cut from scraps. One is being cut from a layer cake that I won years ago, and the last one is being cut from a small bundle of fat quarters that I bought years ago. 

The only thing I've had or will have to add is the sashing (for three of them) and background for two of them. 

The worse thing? I've not even made a dent in those scrap boxes. This morning, I was cutting for a project, and this is what the cutting table looked like. 

I started with the box of orange scraps tipped out on the cutting table. OK -- so I have TWO boxes of orange scraps. 

Cutting orange scraps

Then I had to dig out the yellows. Good grief - there are THREE boxes of yellow scraps. 

Boxes of yellow scraps

Oh - let's add in a touch of pink! What fun to go through all these boxes. 

Add in some pink scraps

What I really need to do is when I go to a quilt retreat (and there will be quilt retreats this year) - we did FIVE of them last year. All legal and above board, of course!  Anyway, I should take one of these boxes and start to make fabric. I've got to start using the scraps up faster! And I think the new fabric will look amazing as a background for applique. Oh yes -- ideas are rolling through my head!!!

But here's what you do NOT want to happen to you. I received a lovely hand-written card from a blog reader yesterday. OH NO!!!!  She had a stroke and was hospitalized for a couple of weeks. While she was away, her helpful husband decided she had too much stuff and started to give some of it away or boxed it up - UNLABELED!!!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  

Thankfully, the stroke did not have many lasting effects, and she is getting back to normal. But this scenario could have happened to any of us!! How organized are you if this happened? Be sure you have a discussion with your significant other or family members and explain the value of what we own. Maybe, it's even time to give them the name of someone who could help with the boxing and giving away if it comes to that. 

I know that my sewing areas are in better shape than they have ever been, but I bet you all know more about what is where than DH does. I must put a small plan together - a floor plan and notes or names of people to contact for each area should something happen!

Take care, Anita!! Speedy recovery. 

I got two small quilts done yesterday. And everything is trimmed and ready for pickup. All that's left to do is contact the owners, which is on the list of things to do this morning. 

Customer quilt - DONE

Customer quilt - DONE

I had a bit of a rough night last night. I went to see my new friend - the chiropractor as I need to get myself in a wee bit better shape. The good news - I've got quite a bit of flexibility. I can easily touch my toes - almost able to put my hands on the floor. The bad news? My low back is TIGHTER than a drum, and that's what's causing a lot of the discomfort. SIGH...............  I knew that - I was just in denial! 

After a wee bit of deep tissue manipulation in that area which is totally fun when you're wearing a mask and face down on the little table and breathing into a towel as well! That was the easy part - the hard part was the pain! The worse part of all this? I know better! But what I need is someone to be accountable to - just like others are accountable to me for their UFO projects. 

I got a list of exercises to do, and I did some of them before I went to bed. I had a heating pad, and I had to get up in the night to take a pain killer. But I feel fine this morning. It will take a while to loosen those tight muscles, but I was NOT told to stop walking! Those two hours of walking outside every day have kept me sane and have kept my weight in check. Nothing gained and nothing lost - well, it fluctuates in that five-pound range which is just below my goal. Am I happy? You bet!!!

Plus, I've saved gas, and I've learned that I can do 99% of my errands without a car! I LOVE that. That's going to be a factor whenever we move. We need to be close to a library, a mall, a doctor, a dentist, the bank, etc., so I don't need to drive! I don't even need to take the bus! 

I finished The Innocent Man by John Grisham. I'm stunned! The amount of injustice, the narrow minds of some legal and law enforcement personnel, is just beyond belief. At the end of the book, John goes through the financial burden that arrogant mentally cost the town, the state, and the country. It was HUGE and simply because a few people were a tad too arrogant to admit that maybe they made a mistake. Even when Ron was exonerated (sorry - spoiler alert!), the legal and law enforcement personnel refused to apologize or even acknowledge that DNA cleared the two guys charged with murder, with one of them being put on death row. It took years before the real killer was charged. Why? Anyway, DH suggested that I do not read books like that in the future since I got pretty riled up about it. 

And the best news? I have NOTHING to listen to today. I'm kind of relieved. It's too much to listen to an audiobook all the time. My brain needs a break, and I'm sure I'll have a new book in a couple of days. In the meantime, I'm glad to listen to nothing! 

I have to say that it felt bizarre to not have a presentation last night. I almost felt like I had forgotten something! I've got a class tonight and one presentation today. Then it's a crazy weekend with lots of Zoom stuff going on. 

What are we going to organize today? After receiving the note I got yesterday, the focus should be on our sewing areas. Today, it's all about cleaning up the ironing board. I know that I mentioned that a while ago, but I bet you've let it pile up? Right? Well, clear it off!!! 

On that note, I'm out of here! 

Have a super day!!!


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