Thursday, March 11, 2021

The Enchanted Garden

 So everyone was right! When I said I had two more crazy weeks, they just laughed! The worst of this week is over, and now it's time to tackle the next big assignment. Lots of writing. It's not bad at all - just makes me laugh when I think how optimistic I am and my friends bring me back into check. 

Even though I'm busy, it doesn't mean that I'm working all day long! And I've found a new way to read magazines. Well, it's not new as I've been doing it for quite some time, but now we seem to have access to many more magazines. 

I downloaded the Overdrive app to my iPad, and I downloaded FIVE quilt magazines. And there I was, sitting in the gazebo yesterday reading one of them. I laughed when I looked at the picture this morning as the quilt title in the magazine was called The Enchanted Garden! 

Reading quilt magazines in the gazebo

And then, when it was time for lunch later in the day, I was in the kitchen, with my iPad reading the magazine. 

In the kitchen with the iPad

Now here's the good news. I can read these magazines, and if I'm super intrigued by something in it, I can always find a copy and buy it. If I'm not, I simply return it, and no need to worry about what to do with the physical copy. It's brilliant, and I'm not sure why it took so long to get more quilting publications available. 

So if you don't have Overdrive on your iPad or computer, get it! Then check out your local library and access the quilt magazines and many other publications for FREE. I can see this being a HUGE wave of the future. No distribution costs, no reams, and reams of paper are needed. 

And while I'm not a fan of reading ebooks on the iPad, I'm sucking it up and learning! Who knows, I may even decide to read an ebook one day. Let's start with the magazines first. 

While I was outside, many things entertained me. It's a beautiful spot, and I absolutely love the backyard. I did a bit more tidy up, so that ugly part of spring is almost completely gone from our yard. 

There's Mr (or Mrs.) Squirrel sitting on the fence eating something. I've no idea what they were eating, but it seemed to be quite good. 

The squirrel eating his breakfast

While the fish are at the pond's surface, they are very lazy, so I was able to do a quick count of the ones that I saw. Over 50! And there's likely babies or the darker, smaller ones that you can't readily see. Oh boy - does anyone want some fish? These are the cheapest goldfish that we could find - I think they are called feeder fish. Let's just say that they have thrived in the pond. 

The fish in the pond

Oh my - what's this animal? It looks like someone is being punished as she is literally got her nose poked as into the corner as she can go. 

Murphy being punished? 

There are openings between the slats of the fence, which isn't always a good thing. The girls love to watch through the fence and see what's happening in the forest. There's a public path there, and with no leaves on the trees, they get to see a lot. 

I swear, I could sit out there all day and just watch the world go by and be entertained by the girls and the other wildlife. 

Seriously???  NO MURPHY!!! 

Mom - there's a dog in the pond

She is the BUSIEST dog I have ever seen. She's constantly on the watch for ANYTHING. Someone sent me a link to a video about a husky at a dog show. I have to wait until she is out of the room because someone loves to see dogs on any screen and whines at the top of her lungs. Oh boy!!!

I did some searching for the lost disk with that alphabet. I have a feeling that it might have got put on a hard disk? And it's gone? No idea - I'm sure I'll find it at some point. But when I went through the cupboard that houses the software, I found this. The floppies are gone, and I'll be tossing out the CDs hopefully later today. YES - I'm keeping the paper envelopes. 

The start of the software purge

Every little bit of cleaning up helps. I just can't imagine if this job was left to someone else. Holy - it's amazing how things accumulate. At one point, I used this stuff, but then you move onto the next thing, and the old stuff gets left. I'm very confident that it'll get completely under control - a little bit at a time. I guess that's why they say when buying clothes -- buy one item and get rid of one or two. If you don't, it all adds up until you have a huge mess like those receipts that I haven't touched in a couple of weeks. 

So on my walk yesterday, I glanced at the mall and WAIT A MINUTE!! A Marshall's is coming to the mall? I thought this was where the movie theatres are going? I've no idea what's happening!!! 

Marshall's coming to the mall

People driving cars have been pretty good lately, but yesterday, some guy came whipping around a corner - it's a bit of a blind spot, so he should have been a bit more cautious. His ONLY focus was to beat the oncoming traffic on the main street. He wasn't going 30 KM - but more likely 50 or more. He missed me by two feet. No concept that I was there until we were side by side. He went barrelling out into the street and across three lanes of traffic. His ONLY focus was on beating the oncoming traffic. I hope I scared the crap out of him. Why are people in such a hurry? Be in a hurry if you want, but realize that it's NOT just cars out there - some people use the sidewalks. Seriously??? People actually walk on the sidewalks????  I'm so cautious at that particular spot, and perhaps I should write the property management to ask them to remove the shrubbery as it's perilous. 


Again, I bring up the topic that ALL new drivers and let's say every five years that EVERY DRIVER to maintain their license, should be made to walk around a shopping mall or in some other busy part of town, so they know what it's like to be a pedestrian totally at the mercy of someone who only cares if they can beat the traffic. I doubt it would make a difference, but it might. 

It's incredibly warm already this morning. And yesterday, I went out with a light vest on. No coat, no mitts. Spring is coming! But we're getting some colder weather later this week. I'm OK with that. It's been fun to get out and enjoy the backyard, go for a warm walk and get some clean-up done in the backyard. 

Something disconcerting happened yesterday. I called my parents, and my Mom answered. I usually talk to my Dad as my mom is busy watching TV—her choice. Anyway, I asked her about something, and she actually questioned me about the item as she was uncertain. That NEVER happens. My Mom is sharp as a tack, or she has been. I hope this was because curling just came on TV, and she was distracted by that rather than anything more serious. But she NEVER leaves that apartment and spends almost the entire day watching TV, although she does read as well. She was probably distracted! 

I've got errands to do today and some sewing/prepping and meetings. So it's going to be another busy day - just like every other day at our house!!

I'd better get it started. 

Have a super day!!!


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