Monday, March 22, 2021

UFO Show and Tell

 Well, I'd like to say that I feel great this morning, but I don't. HOWEVER, it's not nearly as bad as yesterday. I couldn't even eat my breakfast which for me - is SERIOUS! 

The dizziness cleared up as the day went on, and I never did get that nap! I'm better, but still not myself. BP is at the low end of normal, which is where I'm usually at. Pulse is 49. My temperature is normal - I checked numerous times yesterday! I think it's time to put a call into the doctor. 

At least I feel better, and it doesn't linger during the day but still worrisome after three days of the same thing. 

It was a busy day yesterday with three Zoom sessions. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to pull it off, but I did! I have to confess that when we had our handwork session in the afternoon, I did NOTHING. I just sat and chatted. 

Today, I'm going to share the completed stuff from the UFO club. WOW -- all I can say is that the club seems to be working. People are doing way more than they commit to for the month, and the number of completed quilt tops and quilts is HUGE. 

Katheleen is getting her quilt tops quilted! She started with this large quilt and got one block completed. The quilting is dense (I LOVE THAT). It's hard to see in the photo, but the block is done. 

Kathleen's one block quilted

The back of the quilt block

She got borders on two other quilts. LOVE those bright colors. 

Borders on two bright quilts

And she quilted two pillow covers. Did you see those pebbles? They take a LOT of time. 

Quilted pillow covers

Linda was binding quilts. She got three projects bound. Oh - how nice to have THREE finished projects!!!! 

Linda's first bound quilt

The second bound quilt

I love this next panel. It's gorgeous!!! Not my usual style, but I sometimes like soft and pretty!

And the third one

Dede is making great progress on her Dear Jane quilt. Yes - it's only four blocks, but four blocks are more than what I did this month on that project. Hmmm -- NO - no time yet to focus on that quilt. 

Four Dear Jane blocks

Linda is madly stitching on this adorable block of the month. She's almost done!!!

December hand-embroidered block

She also finished a baby quilt. I swear that she bought an entire bolt of this panel! But it's cute!!

Linda's baby quilt

She finished off this blue and yellow. This was part of a block exchange that Linda and I participated in with two other people - YEARS ago. 

Blue and yellow quilt

Look what she did with the back!! It's now a two-sided quilt. 

The back!!!

Elaine made a Lacy Bag using that zipper with lace tape. 

Lacy Bag

And she finished this small wall hanging. 

Small embroidered wall hanging

Diane finished this quilt top. This was one of the first $10 quilts that we did at The Hobby Horse. Gosh - that was MANY years ago!!!  Sometimes, these UFO meetings are a great trip down memory lane!

Diane's quilt top

Sharon finished off a set of placemats and a table runner. 

A set of placemats and a table runner

And a tree skirt. Gosh -- so nice to get things cleaned up!!!!

A tree skirt

Sophie completed two blocks for her Halloween quilt. 

Halloween block number one

Halloween block number two

And got the top stitched together. This is adorable, but not so adorable that I want to make it!!

The Halloween quilt

She also got two quilts bound and labeled. 

Quilt number one bound and labeled

Quilt number two bound and labeled

Liz got all the applique done for this adorable blanket toss quilt. I love that the hurdles that we thought we had about a specific project seem to disappear when we focus on finishing it, and there's money on the line. What are we going to do when we finish up all the UFOs?? Well, I have a few that I can pass around to the group!

Liz's blanket toss quilt

Lynne finished the table runner that she designed. 

Lynne's table runner

Here's a photobomb of Morgan's sewing room. Gosh - I've forgotten the gorgeous dog's name. But Lexi is NOT allowed to see this picture! She would be very jealous. 


Anyway, Morgan was moving to a new sewing space - well, a different house, a HUGE job.  Here's a shot of her fabric storage in her new space. 

Isn't this cabinet just the BEST!!! I think a few people in the group would have happily taken that unit home if they could. Now that her new space is all organized, she'll be taking on a UFO this month. 

Morgan's fabric stash

Nancy is working on Misty Pines and is making great progress. She had a ton of flying geese to make last month. Don't worry - the labels for all are underneath the units. One had to label EVERY piece of this quilt, or you were doomed. 

Flying geese units

And even more flying geese units

The last of the flying geese units

I LOVE this quilt. Sheila had five blocks made and wanted to make four more as she was trying to use up this older fabric that she had. Well, that looks like a whole lot more than four blocks she made. This is a huge quilt now! But once she makes the backing and the binding, the fabric will be almost 100% gone!!!

Sheila's quilt top

Susan sewed this quilt several years ago. It's now quilted and bound!!!!

Susan's finished quilt

Suzi finished her LAST block for Aunt Millie's quilt. Yeah!!!!

The last block for Aunt Millie's quilt

And the last six blocks for her Farm Girl Vintage are also done!!!

Six blocks for Farm Girl Vintage

Oh, shoot - I almost forgot me!! I finished the top of the Quilter's Patch quilt, including the binding and the backing!!! Yeah - that was nice to finish that, and thank goodness I had done it several weeks ago. I don't think I could have managed that yesterday morning. 

My finished quilt top for this month

Isn't all that show and tell just the best? I LOVE the UFO club, and there is NO WAY that this Quilter's Patch quilt would be done if it weren't for committing to get it finished. The group is full for this year, but should you want to join next year, well, it's never too late to think about that. 

I've been so busy that I keep forgetting to mention that the Virtual Retreat is happening THIS WEEKEND. Saturday, March 27 from 6 - 9 PM and Sunday, March 28 from 19 AM - 8 PM. So be sure to watch for the Zoom links later this week. 

I managed to get a LOT of paperwork done yesterday. I was feeling great by the evening and didn't feel like going downstairs. It's freezing in our house. It's beautiful outside but now feels like a deep freezer in here. So lots of paper stuff got cleared out or written or whatever. I've got a lot more where that came from, but I'm not in bad shape. 

Well, that is it for today. It's Monday sewing, and I have things to sew and repair and some cutting to do. 

Have a super day!!!!


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