Wednesday, May 23, 2018

I have the BEST friends!!!

I know that I haven't met a lot of my readers, but I consider you all my friends! I get lovely comments/suggestions/ideas and I try to respond to them all.

I didn't respond to comments about the UPS issues. I don't send a lot of packages, never had a package get lost (I know - there's a first time for everything). I'm just not convinced that I need to pay $5 to have a signature. I might just continue on blind faith that when I get the confirmation that the package has arrived that in fact, it has arrived.  BTW - the #humboldtstrong quilts arrived on Friday - right on time.

I do have an update about the lug nuts. I was going to call the car dealer yesterday, but someone had suggested that I look in the space where the spare tire is stored. And guess what???  There was the white cloth bag with the lug nuts. PHEW - thank goodness I checked there first before I called. Thanks for that suggestion to whoever suggested it. They've always placed the bag beside the tires. FYI -  the lug nuts would NOT be attached to the winter tires as there are NO bolts on the tires themselves. It's the lug nuts that attach the tires to the car where the bolts are attached to whatever the thing is called that they are attached to. But thanks anyway!!!

And since you are all my best friends - if ever you want me to post something you've done or discovered - I'd love to do that (as long as it makes sense). My posts are totally random so I'm sure we could fit it in. Or you have a topic that you want me to explore? I love that and I love experimenting so bring it on!  Keep it sewing/quilting related of course!

I'm a collector of patterns. I won't say hoarder, but that adjective could be used. I've collected a number of Laura Heine patterns. She uses a collage technique on all of her designs. Now I could figure the technique out myself, but what's the fun in squirreling myself in the studio any more than I already do? I saw that there was a two-part class at Thimbles and Things (in Orillia). I asked at our last retreat if anyone was interested in the class. I got two takers. Vivenda and Sacha. We drove up together both times which was hilarious. Let's just say that what was said in the car, stays in the car, but we had some pretty good conversations. And of course, we solved the world's problems.

I hadn't had a lot of time to work on my project since the previous class, but I was determined to not arrive with NO work done. So there I was yesterday morning, busy as a bee slapping my collage together. Once I got started, it was pretty easy, but then I ran out of pieces that were prepped and time. My goal for the day was to get the entire image in one piece.

As I was cutting and browsing through my fabrics to "fussy cut" certain shapes for certain parts of the image, I was coming up empty. I searched the fabrics in the store, but there were certain fabrics that I was still missing. I had some maybes but nothing that jumped out at me. Then Vivenda pipes up that she has some flowers and would I like them?  OH MY GOD -- they were PERFECT. I could have lept over the table and hugged her but I thought that wouldn't be too mature. She had some amazing fabrics that added the perfect touches to my image. 

Do you want to see???

My collage giraffe
Notice the mane  That was from Vivenda's fabric. It was so PERFECT and I used some of her fabrics for the face and the eye.  I'm so happy with the piece. It's totally assembled which was my goal for yesterday. I just need to cut out a few other things (the grass) and then it's ready to be put on the background and then quilted. It could be done today if I wanted, but I don't have time.

Thanks, VIVENDA!!!!!!!   You're the best.  I did trade some pansy fabrics for her giraffe which you can see in the back leg. She hasn't trimmed the legs down yet so the giraffe looks like it has pants on. Those vibrant colors are STUNNING!!! I'm not sure which giraffe I like best. They're both amazing. Did you see the bows on the feet of Vivenda's giraffe!!!!  Nice job and can't wait to see it completed. 

Vivenda's giraffe

Sacha was working on the owl. I didn't get a picture of it, but she had more applique to do for the background and she was working on that.  I'll get a picture when she finishes it.

Seriously, it was totally fun to get out and do something with friends and how would I have ever found that perfect fabric if I'd done this myself??  Now I have a few other of Laura's patterns and I'm gung-ho to work on them. I just need to find the time. Remember, I'm not supposed to start anything that I can't finish this year. In preparing for the sit n sew tomorrow, there is so much there - most of the projects are half done or almost done. It's just a question of focusing as I'm working my butt off.  All in good time.

One of the patterns I need to write is written - it just needs to be formatted which I'm not good at, so I have a bit of learning to do. The blog posts are coming along just fine - a wee bit more sewing and all is good and there are quilts to be quilted. I can't let that slide. But here's my problem  - the remainder of the week is supposed to be amazing.  Oh no - how am I going to cope???  I've already thought that I can take the sewing machine to the gazebo which I might do on Friday (a laptop would be pretty handy, but I'm NOT moving the computer outside - too many wires and accessories) and if I had a video monitor that watched the long arm, I could manage that while I'm outside as well. Sewing of course, not reading - there's no time for reading this week.

While we were at Thimbles and Things, we found another class that coincides with the dates of our next retreat. I'm going to encourage some of the others to attend with me. So check out the classes at your local quilt shop/guild and even if you already know how to do the project, take the class anyway, but sign up with a friend. Seriously, we had so much fun over the last couple of classes - it was so worth it. Just be respectful of the teacher (which we were) and we had a good chat with her and with the store owner - getting all the scoop from Spring Market.

Shoot - I need to mention that the Quilt and Fibre Art Festival in the Waterloo area is happening this week as well. I really, really wanted to get to that, but I'm not sure that I'm going to have time. But check out the schedule - remember what I posted yesterday about the quilt shows. Make it a FUN time with friends, not something that you think you need to get your money's worth from. Keep an open mind and you'll have fun.

OH -- if you go all the way to Ailsa Craig, you may want to stop in at the Museum in St. Mary's. There a display of 47 SMALL quilts. They are 12" square. One of them is MINE!!!.  Here are the details.

Well, we have made it big, and have 47 small quilts to exhibit!  Thank you all so much for joining us in this venture.  I think you will be astounded and delighted at the interpretations of "Big and small".

Do come and enjoy the Grand Opening next Monday evening, May 14, from 6pm to 7.30pm at the St.Marys Museum, 177 Church St S, St.Marys. Friends and family are welcome.
Cadzow Park, where the Museum is situated, is a building site at the moment, but drive right up to the Museum and there is a small parking lot there. There is always street parking.

The show continues through until Saturday, June 9. The opening hours of the Museum are Monday to Friday, 9am to 12 noon, & 1pm to 4pm.  In June, it is also open on Saturday and Sunday, from 1pm to 4.30pm. Entrance is free, but there is a donations box.  The curators, Amy Cubberley and Bethany, are very helpful and always ready to answer questions.

On that note, I'm out of here to get something done today.  I've already been to spin class and I'm pumped!!!!   Also to note, strawberries on the oatmeal are NOT as good as the banana! 

Have a super day!!!!


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