Monday, May 21, 2018

What are the chances???

I made great progress yesterday. All stuff that I can't share with you today, but you'll get to see it all very soon.

Between taking pictures with my camera and my phone, I spent a good part of the evening editing and uploading and the pictures look great. Even better - a few more almost finished projects and loads of experimenting.

I love to experiment. And by experimenting, I finally settled on a breakfast that I LOVE. It's my favorite meal of the day. My bowl of steel cut oats (the microwaveable kind), a bit of almond milk, a banana (my favorite fruit for the oatmeal) and a couple of turkey bacon strips. And my calcium supplement. Yummy!!!!

Remember yesterday when I said that I had found that sticker and no idea where it was from?

What device is this label from???

As I was sitting at the computer last night, it suddenly jumped in my face where that label came from.

Aha - a j5Create device

I love it - it's right there in big bold letters right in front of my face!!!!

I had to buy a new USB hub when I bought the keyboard as I was running out of ports on the computer. Don't forget, I have two external hard drives and other accessories. The four-port hub just makes life a whole lot easier. But now, I need to figure out the cables a little bit better. It's a bit of a mess and Murphy likes to hang out here and gets caught up in the wires. Which isn't good.

What I need to do is shut down the computer (it's telling me that I'm stretching my luck with the memory anyway - too many darn pictures and PhotoShop is a memory hog).

Yesterday, I'm merrily working away and all of a sudden I realized that I was going to run out of the thread for the project that I was working on. NO!!!!!!   What am I going to do? And I can't substitute a different shade. Crap - that meant an emergency trip to Fabriclandwherer I knew I could get the Guterman thread.

But while I was there, a few things jumped into my shopping basket. No,w how the heck did that happen??

OOOPS - a few things went into my basket

All of the fabrics were on sale - $5 a meter and I didn't get much, less than 5 meters. A tool to fix something for DH and the spool of thread. That was the first thing that I put in the basket.

Now here's the hysterical part of this. This morning, I was taking a few more pictures and I had to open this tin that I use to carry thread for my machine quilting class.

Thread tin for machine quilting class
I find it's just easier to have a dedicated box of thread for that class rather than repack every time I teach which is twice a year. Well, guess what I found in the box???   Yep - the EXACT color that I ran out of. What are the chances of that happening???

The old, the empty and the new

 I could have saved my self some time, some gas and some money if I had thought to look in that box. Oh well - I needed the break and I had to buy that tool for the repair job anyway.

But it does go to show you why it's important that all like items be kept together. I may empty that spool box - at least of some of the spools of thread, but then guaranteed, I will NOT remember to restock it when I go to the next class which is next weekend!!!!

On that note, I'm out of here. I'm off on a road trip today (don't tell anyone when I should be home working on stuff) and there's a lot of stuff to work on. But one more day like yesterday and I'll be in great shape. I did start to move some of the stuff in the studio as well in preparation for the Sit n Sew day. I'm resigned to the fact that it doesn't matter how much room I have or how many shelves I have, I will always have to move stuff. I like to see things spread out. Otherwise, the room looks too empty.

BTW -- no lug nuts in the glovebox. Thanks for that tip. I will check the trunk area once again, but otherwise, it looks like they are AWOL.

Somewhere on Facebook last night, I saw a picture that blew me away. I can't find it this morning, but it was a HUGE (no make that a MASSIVE pile) of quilts for the #Humboldtstrong project. AS I knew would happen, they have received many blocks and tops (as well as completed quilts) and there is a call for HELP!!!!!  I can't do anything for them here, but I think I did my part. I quilted 10 of the quilts and sent FIVE completed quilts to them which I know arrived on Friday. They are guessing the final totals is going to be close to 2,000. Guess again - the deadline was last Friday, but they will continue to receive quilts. If ever you (the quilter) do decide to help out, please, please, please send a finished top. Imagine being overwhelmed with thousands of blocks or mounds of quilt tops. It's very important to send something completely finished so it can be used immediately. Anyway - I'll see if I can find a picture. It was crazy!!!!   OH -- it was Instagram - here's the link to the picture.  Totally crazy. I wish I was closer to help out.

Have a super day!!!!


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