Sunday, May 27, 2018

Now that is great news!!

We had an amazing day at our class at The Hobby Horse. (check out that link - they're having a HUGE sale in the near future). We even got a sneak peek at some of the things that Gail picked up at Spring Market. It's super interesting to see what tweaks each shop owner who goes to Market. I did pick up one of Elizabeth Hartman's latest patterns - Penguin Parade. It's super cute.

The show and tell items were incredible yesterday (as they usually are). I'll be posting the pictures from the last class and yesterday during the week coming up. I didn't sleep well last night so got up late and I don't' have a lot of time this morning as I'm hosting a Sit n Sew today. Yeah - super excited for the Sit n Sew. Always good times and lots of fun.

When I got home yesterday after teaching machine quilting as well, I decided that I needed some downtime. I was so looking forward to finishing my audiobook. I plunked myself in a chair outside (not the lounge chair because I would have been out) and fired up the audiobook and started to embroider. I only used to do embroidery when I hosted the embroidery club before I got that daytime gig. Well, even though I no longer have a daytime gig, I still wasn't getting any embroidery done, but that project is on my list of things to complete this year.

Now that the block is properly marked, it's a snap to stitch. So I'm more likely to do it. It's summer and I want to be outside so this is perfect.  I got quite a bit done yesterday.

Embroidery is coming along nicely

I'm super excited to get this block done. There's still some fiddly candy canes, another scarf, and some snowflakes, but all is good and moving forward. I looked at the remaining blocks to be traced later today and realized that there are only FOUR more blocks, not FIVE. Oh - that is the best news ever. That means this project is very doable and the remaining blocks are considerably smaller than this one.  Oh, happy day!!!

When I was browsing the shelves at the Hobby Horse, I was looking at another embroidery pattern. But I didn't buy it. No - I told myself that when I'm done this one, I have another big project by the same designer. It's partially stitched, not sure to what extent, but that will become my next project for the embroidery world. And now that I'm good with the marking method, I should be good to go.

I finished that audiobook and tried to download the next one in the series, but it wasn't available. It's now on hold and then with the aid of my computerized book lists, I found another book to read (yes - another series). What is the matter with me?????   I need to get those lists up to date. Both of my booklists are now based on the internet. One lists all books and one lists the books in series and identifies the next book to read. That list needs to be updated from the master list and I must take the time to get that done. It would be a great thing to do on a plane if one decided to pay for internet access. I wonder how much that costs???

Not sure if you've seen this video, but it's very cool. Quilting in space. I love it and we think we have troubles here on earth. I love her hair.

I've had these pictures sitting in a folder for a couple of weeks and I had better share them since the end of the month is coming and I'll be flipping to a new folder and they'll get forgotten.

We are all subject to getting "junk" mail in our mailboxes. Flyers from all sorts of things. I get it but I don't read those flyers and they usually go right from the mailbox to the recycling box. When I was sorting the mail this one day, I noticed that I had received not one, not two, but THREE DIFFERENT pieces of marketing material for the SAME CONDO complex. Seriously???   Three different pieces for the same thing. Do they think we're stupid and we'll miss one, but not three? Advertising for this condo is EVERYWHERE in our neighborhood. This is such a WASTE of money and resources.

THREE different cardstock pieces for the same condo complex

Then I received this lovely (heavy) package. Yes - it's a big envelope. I saw who it was from - not interested, but decided to open it to see what kind of glossy brochure was inside.

Heavy envelope -- marketing propaganda

It was from Land Rover and this "beautiful" glossy brochure with fold-out pages provided me with close up details of some new fancy Land Rover car that costs gazillions of dollars. It was addressed to me so they bought my name from somewhere. Again - what a huge waste of money as it went to the recycling. I detest getting this kind of huge waste in my mailbox. And I wish that people would target their mail better or just stop doing it. This is why those condos and cars are so expensive. They have to pay for the marketing crap that they randomly send out.

Glossy brochure for a new car

I think I already showed you this picture of the trilliums in the forest. It's a shame that we can't walk there and enjoy the quietness of the forest, but these two girls of mine are a bit more enthusiastic about chasing things and well, the forest is too much of a distraction for them. I should really take a walk by myself in the forest - that was one of the best parts of my day and I miss it.

Trilliums in the forest

On that note, I'd better get ready for the dog park.

Have a super day!!!



  1. Me again! RE those annoying flyers (unaddressed admail). Did you know you can ask your mail delivery person to not put that junk in your mailbox? They will put a sticker in your box that identifies you don't want the flyers. (Then supervisors or whoever covers your route while your mail person is away, also know). Cuts way down on mail volume and your time trying to sort it all out and chucking it into the blue bin. Have a good one!

    1. Peggy - thanks AGAIN!!!! You're a fountain of information! What else do you know?