Saturday, May 26, 2018

Quilting is supposed to be fun

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE to quilt and I LOVE to sew. It's just that when there is a deadline and the weather is gorgeous outside and I can't be out because I procrastinated and I need to be inside working. It's at times like that that I "resent" quilting.

I should tell myself that it was too stinking hot to be outside yesterday (which it was and I've got no shorts that fit me) so the next best thing was to be inside (in the basement where I had to wear a sweatshirt) and I was very comfortable.

I did get a lot done yesterday. Got most of the homework prep done - I would have liked two more hours and I would have been totally completed. Not bad. I really, really must not let it sit until the end. This is the first month this year that I did that so I'm doing OK.

Listened to my audiobook on my phone which I'm loving. I mostly did that in the evening when I couldn't take being in the house any longer. I sat outside and did some embroidery. YES - I'm determined to get this quilt finished.
More embroidery is done

It's super relaxing and I really need to get a couple more of the blocks traced (maybe all five of them) and then that part is done. I could do that at the Sit n Sew tomorrow. And this is the LAST HUGE block. The other five are considerably smaller. Perfect - I'll get out the light tablet so I don't forget. OK -- it's on the table with the pattern and the fabric. I'm set for tomorrow.

I managed to get a customer quilt quilted yesterday. I love this quilt - yes - it's my pattern. It's called Jeweled Tiles and you can find it on the Northcott website.

Customer quilt - DONE

When I was on the call with the support team (for the long arm computer) the other day, she asked me "do you know all the resources available to you?" Ah - NO. So she told me and I'm trying to read one section a day as I realize that I know about 1% (if that) of how to operate this computer and all that it can do. I can do basic edge to edge designs, but there is so much more. All in due time. But I MUST make the effort to do a little every day. That's the only way I seem to work which is why I don't advance fast on anything. But my brain also doesn't like to do the same thing over and over again.

I also did a little bit of planning  - of which I need to do more! My problem is that I could write out a HUGE list of all the things that I want to get done in the week. The question is how to be realistic about that list. And of course - how to prioritize. That's the key. I'm learning, but it's taking a while and I do get sidetracked from time to time.

While I was piecing blocks (for the class homework today), I managed to get more of the teeny tiny pinwheels done. It still seems like there is a ton of the darn things to sew together and then I have to deal with the pinwheels. Oh - I'm a long way from being done this project, but since it's an ender and leader project, it doesn't really matter when it gets done. Well, I kind of have a deadline in my head.

More pinwheels

As I get ready for my monthly class, I realize that I did NOT post the pictures from the last class. Oh - the class is going to kill me. Well, I'll post them this week. There is always something that needs to be posted and I plain forgot.

Shoot - there was one more thing that I was going to say and it's gone! I went away and trimmed the customer quilt and it still hasn't come to me. I guess it's gone.

On that note, I'm out of here. I'm teaching all day.

Have a super day!!!!



  1. How wonderful to realize that there are a ton of resources available to you. That Jeweled Tiles quilt is lovely!

    1. THanks and yes - I'm lucky to have all those resources to learn from!!!