Monday, May 14, 2018

Mother's Day

Yesterday was a fabulous day. Did I get any quilting done? Very little. It was the first absolutely gorgeous day that we've had all year and I was going to take advantage of the day. The girls had fun at the dog park and then the rest of the day was for ME!!!!

Here's the wee bit of quilting I got done.   I made the binding for the remaining two #Humboldtstrong quilts.

Binding for the last two #Humboldtstrong quilts
My plan was to get all four bindings on so the quilts could be packaged up and in the mail today. That didn't happen. BUT I did get the binding sewed onto the back of all four quilts. Today, I just need to bring that binding to the front and stitch it down. Shouldn't take that long and the quilts will go out tomorrow.
Four quilts ready for the last round of stitching

I decided that with such a nice day that I had to go for a bike ride. The FIRST outdoor ride of the year. Always a big deal. Thank goodness for having multiple bikes. I have a valve on the front tire of my road bike that is temperamental and for whatever reason, I could not get the pump to attach to it properly. No worries. I got out my touring bike (which is a tad heavier) and used that instead.

I always start my rides by taking a trip to the end of my street - just in case there is something wrong. Hm - the brakes could use a bit of a tune-up. They felt stiff although they were fine later. I swear that everything just leaves my brain when I get on that bike. It's total freedom and I love it. I wasn't sure how far I was going to go. I did pack a wee snack (almonds and yogurt covered cranberries) in my pocket. Oh yes - I have to tell you that when I put on my cycling clothes, I was very happy. Losing that weight meant that there was no muffin top sticking out the top of my cycling shorts. I actually looked like a buff cyclist. Did losing that weight make cycling any easier? I think it did. That's 20 + extra pounds that I didn't have to carry up the hills and there were hills!!!!

Out riding my bike
I didn't take a selfie. I'm sure with my much longer hair than I'm used to when riding my bike (and how to contain that) and my bright orange helmet, that I looked a mess. While it was warmer, I still wore my windbreaker - that's how fast I was going. Just kidding. The temperature while riding a bike is about 5 degrees cooler than you feel when you're not riding a bike.  I did take the sleeves off at one point but kept the vest part on.

The Mississauga skyline is way in the distance

I ended up doing 57 KM which is a nice ride. Took about 3 hours. It was a glorious route and almost all drivers were very courteous. Just a couple of idiots in black pickups who feel the need to rev their engines and roar around you like I'm a slow-moving vehicle that hogs the entire road. We all know where their brain resides.  And let's not forget the sports car caravan. I'm not sure how many cars there were, but there were Porches, Lamborghinis, Ferraris and a whole lot more. Must have 30-40 cars. I was glad when they were passed me.

I'll load the stats later today, I didn't do it yesterday. I wanted something to eat when I got home and then I was tired. I thought I could read for a bit but soon gave up. Pulled out my lounge chair from the shed and put it in the gazebo. Got all comfy and realized that I was still cool in the shade. Got my fleece quilt from the family room and I was OUT!!!  The windchimes, the pond, the leaves rustling in the trees. It's like a lullaby to me. I felt awesome when I woke up and it makes me never want to move away from this house. I so love our backyard. And I got "permission" to eat a whole lot more calories yesterday which I didn't end up using.

Naptime in the gazebo

It was gift day as well.  Here are a few little items that DH picked up for me when he was away. I guess you can figure out where he was.

A couple of souvenir magnets and thimbles
Which fit in with the other holiday souvenir (and non-holiday) magnets that we own. They reside on the front of our fridge!!

Holiday magnet collection

Then it was time to open the present from M.  This is the packaging. I'm sure the postal workers get a charge out of how packages are addressed.

That mailing envelope was addressed to MOMMY
I love it!! Always makes me smile when I see that. My kid is in her 20's. You gotta love them to bits. Inside was another thimble - from the west coast. Actually from Tofino which is a place that we visited when she was just a teeny baby (OK - she was a toddler) and now she goes there all the time (or so it seems). I should post the pictures of her when we were there years ago. No time this morning.

West Coat thimble
All the thimbles are now unpacked and on the shelf with the rest of the collection.

Thimble collection
And let's not forget the beautiful card.  Thanks, M!!!!!

Mother's Day card from M

These are a couple of pictures of M from yesterday with Mister Bear.

Bear and M

I think Bear is saying this is so boring to have your picture taken (again!)

Oh - he's definitely cuter than she is!!!!
Bear got a present for Mother's Day.  I think Bear has a HUGE wardrobe!!!

Mister Bear

Opening her presents that Bear bought. Murphy and Lexi say it's nowhere near as nice as what they got me and I agree!!!!

Checking out the presents

And here's the inspirational quote for today. I thought it was appropriate for Mother's Day. After all, from the moment we wake up, this is what is happening! Now if more of us could all walk together and hold hands (nicely) that would be awesome.

Inspirational quote of the day

On that note, I'd better get moving. It's Monday sewing!!!!

Have a great day!!!!


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