Monday, August 12, 2019

Much too heavy!!!

This is the FIRST time this has ever happened to me. I have room in my suitcase, but it's overweight. Not by one pound or two pounds but I think I was about 10 lbs over. ACK!!!  I do have one of those travel scales but for the life of me, I don't know where it is. Actually, it might be with the camping stuff. I should take a quick peek. No luck in the camping gear - that means it's in the office. Not going to find that this morning!

I had to start by unpacking the stuff that was still in there from the last trip (June). It's all sample stuff but most of it wasn't appropriate to take on this trip. The samples are all safely stowed back in their spot.

Unpack the suitcase
 Then the task of repacking. The first stuff to pack was all the quilts that I'm taking home and won't come back with me. Yikes - there's a lot. Labels are printed, sleeves are made, the pocket is made for the map and hand sewing supplies are in the suitcase.

Repacking the suitcase

I literally ran around the house the entire day (well, not really) but a good part of the day making some small samples, assembling presser feet and other supplies. I found a couple of books that I'm taking with me and even had time to cut the remainder of the quilt for the magazine.

As I was scrambling to find stuff, I realized that I don't know where my UFO project is. ACK!!!  There's work to be done on it before the end of September. I've searched high and low, but obviously not in the right spot. Well - I'll have a month to find that when I get back. Hmm - where could I have hidden it?

But I did find the remainder of the rose flannel scraps. Now they are all together in one spot. That stack of fabric for community project use is getting HUGE. We'd better start working faster! But I think most of the stuff is now in one spot and we've got a day scheduled next week so we should make some headway there.

Rose flannel scraps are all together now

I had someone come and pick up the rest of the boxes that were unpacked. Yeah!!! That clears a nice spot in the basement, but there are still more to be unpacked but those have to wait. The two boxes of clothing patterns are also gone.

And I get ready to leave this morning, the cutting table in Studio B is nice and clean and ready for the Sit n Sew day and for me to trim quilts when I get back. Just the bits from the magazine quilt are there as it will urgently need to be quilted when I get home.

The cutting table is clear

The books and magazines are unpacked and I'm happy to report that ALL of them have been consolidated onto those two big shelves. That's a LOT of books. But I was able to find two specific books that I wanted to take with me. Found a couple more that I want to read when I get back. So all is good. Yes - there's a lot. I'm slowly working my way through them. I bought them to read and enjoy and I plan on doing that until the time comes when I need to downsize.

Books and magazines are unpacked

Oh, my overweight suitcase?? I decided that I have to take two checked bags, plus a backpack that I'll carry and a tote bag. It better all fit and I'm off to make that happen. It was much cheaper to check a second suitcase ($33) than to pay $100 for an overweight bag!

Have a great day!!!!


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