Friday, August 2, 2019

Viewing art

I knew, yesterday wasn't going to be a productive day as far as making things as I had a few errands to run. One of them took me to Hamilton where I got some roman blind rods trimmed to the correct length. Look at the size of shears one of the ladies was using in the store. Those are HUGE  - I don't think you'd get those on an airplane in your carry on!!!!

Huge pair of shears

I stopped in Oakville to view some art. I've posted about Fuzzy Mall in the past and some of his pieces are on display at the Queen Elizabeth Cultural Center. If you haven't seen this artwork - you must get yourself down to that display. Here's a link to all of the faces in the display. Not all were on display but a good many were. Very interesting.

I have to say that the center itself is AMAZING. Tons of rooms and looked like lots of different clubs. I wonder whether the rooms are priced so the groups can actually use the space??

Anyway, I took loads of pictures and it's just amazing to see his technique, use of color, and recycled materials. Beautiful works of art from nothing. While I was there, I realized that there was also some quilts on display by the Oakville Quilters Guild so I looked at those and then I found a display by the Oakville Fibre Artists.

Just when I thought I was done, I happened upon the main display in the gallery which was about denim versus jean. What a super interesting display. They had asked Oakville residents to tell stories about their favorite denim piece. Wow - that was so interesting and there were a couple of neat quilts made from denim. Shoot - I don't see any information on their web page about the display.

The explanation of the exhibit

Even their bicycle racks were neat.

Bicycle rack that looked like bicycles

Access to all the displays is free. My only beef was that the center was occupied by hoards of young children. Supposedly supervised by teens? It was bedlam and it seemed that during my entire visit, the various groups of kids were moving from one room to another. Trying to keep them quiet was not working. Telling them not to run and then to see three teens running like mad down the hall themselves. Thankfully I didn't have their job, but those kids (both big and small) were mad!

Another errand to Fabricland where I bought only what was on my list. Then I got home to use what I bought only to discover that I had bought the wrong thing. Back to Fabricland to make an exchange. Good grief - I had the right thing in my hand (rings with clips) and then wanted larger ones. I thought they were all the same, but after I realized that only some of them had clips, the others had a small ring with no clips. DRAT!!!!

I also managed to find heart confetti at Micheals so I could make the February pillows from Kimberbell Designs.  Hmm - their web site seems to be down.

But after looking at the work for the month and knowing that I'm away for part of it, I'll be working non-stop until I leave.

By the way - if you live near Saskatoon and are curious about the Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC or the PFAFF Creative ICON, or the fabric frame, I'll be doing classes at The Sewing Machine Store in their NEW location. Call the store to sign up - the dates are 15, 16, 17 of August (Thursday, Friday and Saturday).  I can't wait but I have a few samples to work on first and there's an issue of a magazine quilt as well.

Diane S finished another top for our community projects. And she took three more quilts home to sew. I see on our next community projects day that we're going to have to concentrate on making kits that people can take home to sew. I have people who want to sew, but the materials aren't sorted as such. That's a job for later this month. Notice that the binding and backing are also made!!! Thanks, Diane.

Another quilt for our community projects

After my errands which took up most of the day, it was time to get back to the long arm. I got two smaller quilts done.

Customer quilt - number one - done

Customer quilt - number two - done

I have a few stories to share with you from Quilts at the Creek. I have stuff set aside for various people in my house and when I know I'll see them, I get it to them. Seems other people do as well. Imagine my surprise when Gillian approached me at Quilts at the Creek and presented me with this bag of flannel scraps. I had a great chuckle from this. A number of us had purchased the same fabric kit and I had asked for their scraps so I could make something with the leftovers. I don't do that anymore!!!!!  I had received a bundle of scraps from Rose which is made up into several quilts (after I added my scraps to hers). I still have a box of scraps somewhere. With the scraps from Gillian, there's probably enough for one more quilt!!!

Here's one article about those flannel scraps.

And one more dated from 2013!!!!

I think I made three or four quilts from the original fabric and the scraps.

Flannel scraps give to me by Gillian

I also decided last night to spend some time organizing some of the magazines. My goal is to sort them so all the same publications are on the same shelf and to put them in order of date. Do not CRITICIZE me - I'm a Virgo - that is just the way it has to be.

While going through some of them, I found this. THREE copies of the same magazine and then two of another. Let's just say that I found a few duplicates. And these ones aren't cheap. What a waste. I know some people who would be interested in these quilt artsy magazines. They're in a bag for those people.

Magazine duplicates
Thanks to you all, I've been very successful in finding a new home for some of my stuff. One thing that is still homeless are these picture frames. They say "World's Great Quilter's Grandchildren". Since I don't have grandchildren, they are up for grabs. Otherwise, they go in the donation box. 

Two picture frames - up for grabs (for free)

The Cherrywood Challenge winners were announced yesterday. I had no doubt that my piece would not be among the winners. Hey - I'm just thrilled that the darn thing was accepted. That's winning enough for me. But check these quilts out. They are STUNNING and the detail in some of them is just crazy. The first one looks like a painting. Seriously??? Those artists have way too much time on their hands!!!

On that note, I'm out of here. Except for delivering those Quilts of Valour quilts, I'll be glued to a sewing machine all day.

Have a super day!!!!


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