Monday, August 26, 2019

It's all about the backyard

I know I promised the homework pictures today - not happening. I forgot it was Monday and I need to get ready for Monday sewing. I've been away for two weeks and I've loads of handwork to get done.

I haven't taken my sewing machine once this entire year and I'm not running out of stuff to do by hand - not even close. Not taking my machine has forced me to work on the embroidery or applique projects that have sat (for years) and would have continued to sit. I'm thrilled with the arrangement. It also saves having to carry the machine and packing and unpacking it and all the necessary tools.

This morning, I'll be sewing the sleeve on the magazine quilt. Yes - I persevered yesterday and got it finished and put the binding on last night. The sleeve is pinned on and will be stitched this morning and off to UPS this afternoon. It should have been out of here last Thursday, but a few days late? Couldn't be helped.

Just a quick note about shipping - did you know that it's MORE expensive to ship a quilt from my house to Newmarket (which is an hour away) than it is to ship it to Colorado which is far away. Now, why is that??? Next time - I'm driving to Newmarket - other than the time - it'll be way cheaper - I just didn't have the time the day that quilt needed to leave. Better planning to save money!

OK - so today we're talking about cool stuff for our backyard. Here's a much better picture of the lily flower in the pond.

Lily in the pond

I've been fascinated by barn quilts since I first stumbled across them a number of years ago. I probably read about them in a magazine or online or somewhere. Since then, I've seen a few in person in the US, but mostly in Southern Ontario. There are 14 different barn trails in Southern Ontario. Did you know that? Here's a link to their web site.

I saw quite a few of them when I was out riding my bike in that area a couple of years ago.

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention my friend Susan from Saskatchewan. It was because of a barn quilt she had made and put on one of their outbuildings that we met and have been friends ever since!!! That was in 2012!!!!!  Check out that link above for the story. In chatting to various people, EVERYONE (OK - just quilters) are familiar with Susan's quilts (well - anyone who drives Highway 4). They may not know who Susan is, but they've seen her barn quilts. Even my family saw them when they were out visiting while we were all home last week. Here's another story about Susan and her quilts. 

There are quite a few trails in the US and there are books about the barn quilts. I don't have time to go into more detail this morning, but check it out!

So I want a barn quilt. Imagine - where the heck would I put an 8' square barn quilt in my backyard? Not going to happen and I don't think the neighborhood would appreciate if I had barn quilts on my garage doors, although it would be the talk of the neighborhood! And it would be easy to spot my house!

That's where Brenda comes in. Brenda is the owner of Quilt Designs in the Yard. She lives in Saskatoon and we met up with her when we were out there last week.

Brenda has SMALL (12" square or 24" square) designs that are printed on metal that works for our severe outside temperature changes.

Here's a picture of me with one of the 12" square ones. Isn't that gorgeous and who wouldn't want one of these for their backyard????

Small backyard barn quilt
Here's a shot of the 24" square ones. I love them and want them all. NO - I'm not getting them all. I'm going to be placing my order this week because I think it would make an amazing addition to my backyard. 

The larger (24" square) designs

Here is one more design. The picture was taken through the screen which dulled the colors, but they are VIBRANT.

One more design

They come with holes in each corner so they could easily be attached with screws, nails or zip ties.

Aren't they gorgeous????  I'm so glad that we got to meet Brenda and see the designs in person. My pictures do NOT do justice to the designs. The price is right as well and they are going to look fabulous in my backyard. The hard part? I don't know which ones to order!!!!!  I think there is a sale on RIGHT NOW.

On that note, I"m out of here!

Have a super day!!!


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