Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Cleaning up!!!!

OMG - I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I had a lot of fun unpacking boxes yesterday. I don't have time to share the photos with you this morning, but here's a couple of quilts that I've been working on over the last couple of days. My goal is to get ALL of the customer quilts sitting in the queue to be completed before the end of the year. I'll still have some community projects quilts to do, but those can wait. I want the few customer ones left to be done! I know there is more coming in, but those are for January!

Customer quilt - DONE

Customer quilt - DONE
Customer quilt - DONE

And yes - even though that long arm has a robot on it, I still have to know how to operate the darn thing. It's never a good idea to get into a groove and absently push the wrong button. Cause if you do - guess what? Now you've got a big problem to solve. I know how to solve most (I think), but I'm sure I could get myself into trouble if I didn't pay attention.

Setting up the long arm robot

I still have to be there to change the bobbin, advance the quilt, and load and unload so the robot does the boring part of the job, but it can't function without me!

Here's a picture of the cold storage room that's under the front steps. Three saw horses (where's the fourth? I haven't seen it so likely it's gone or why would I have an odd number?). The rest of the stuff is painting supplies - brushes, rollers, and other stuff. I need to go through all that and sort it out. That's a job for next year. For the moment, it stays there. But for the most part, this cold storage room is pretty neat and tidy.

Cold storage room
Good because I need a space to put some boxes. I have a "few" sewing machine, embroidery units and serger boxes that I need to keep. So I laid those big planks on the floor to keep the boxes off the concrete floor and now all those boxes that were cluttering up the basement are now safely and neatly tucked away in the cold storage room.  And NO the plank is not covering the drain in the center of the floor. There's a bow in the plank so should anything need to drain away, the drain is clear.

Storage for sewing machine boxes

 I did say that my goal was to get the basement completely done by the end of the year. I might just make it. I'll be sharing more with you later this week. It's a huge job and I know that once I'm done, I'll be starting over. Although I might take a break from the basement since it's not in bad shape. I might restart at the top of the house and go through closets and whatnot to get rid of more stuff. What I'm loving about this is that while I'm getting rid of stuff, there's practically nothing (or very little) coming in.

That's the most exciting part! And I guess I can't put it off any longer, but the office is going to need to be tackled. It's going to be a thankless job. I know I could spend days here and not make a dent. Should I pack it all in boxes to clear the space and then work on one box at a time? Or do I work through the mess? Hmmm - I need to figure that one out. Since the rest of the house is in pretty good shape, perhaps I give myself the entire year to clear out this mess in the office. Maybe that's a bit much!

So here's the thing. I have lied in the past. Come on - we've all lied about something or we've cheated on something. I think it's human nature to try and get away with stuff. In my case, it's been nothing big. But I can't lie to myself. Ronda persuaded me to get back to using the MyFitnessPal app to track what I eat. It's not that I was eating poorly or excessively, but I knew there were times when I had an extra cookie when I didn't really need it. I've been maintaining my weight in my 5-pound buffer zone for over a year. But I do know that if I eat more sugar and fat than I should be eating (note - I eat sugar and fat - I'm talking about excess sugar and fat) - well guess where they both go??? Right on my waist and I don't like that! So I don't gain weight per se, but my body fat content goes up!

Well - I can't cheat that stupid app! If I have something, I log it. Logging the food is a pretty painless undertaking. You can scan food in or look them up - the information is readily available. And I think most of us tend to eat pretty much the same things, so now the information is even more accessible since it's already in the app.

Now here's my problem (and it's a good one to have). If  I want a snack, I think long and hard about what kind of snack I have and how it'll reflect on my nutrition in the damn app!! Can you believe it? However, here's the thing - it's saved me from mindlessly eating and makes me limit myself to two cookies a day instead of three or four. I'll have yogurt or fruit as a snack instead. And yesterday? I walked to the bank so I could have an extra big snack! The more steps you take, the more calories it allows you to eat since the app is linked to my FitBit. I did over 15,000 steps yesterday and already at 4,000 for today.

I think it's hilarious. But then I saw a sign at the gym today "you can't out-train a bad diet!". That is so true.

Just for fun, you should download the app - it's free. MyFitnessPal. Log in a typical day of eating. Don't change anything. Then look at the caloric intake - the sugar, the fat and see what you're eating. You might be shocked! I know that I need to increase my protein. That's my biggest downfall in eating so I've got to try and have a protein shake each day.

I can't put it off any longer - I need to get more paperwork (administration) stuff done this morning. I want to sew all afternoon, but that's going to be a reward after the paperwork is done. Where's my secretary?

I did think of one more amazing gift that you could add to your list. Pay to have their car detailed - inside and out. That would be a wonderful gift for anyone! And go back and read the comments from yesterday's blog. People are changing, but it's going to take time! Baby steps - but we need to start taking giant steps!!! Kudos to those that are bucking the trends!!  I love the phone in a basket idea - we need to do that more often. DH says I need to do that at the dinner table, although last night, together we booked our movie tickets for Christmas Day!

On that note, have a super day!!!


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