Monday, December 9, 2019

OCD versus obsessive

We had a GREAT UFO club meeting yesterday. I don't have time to share all the details today and I have loads of pictures so that'll have to wait for another day. It's Monday sewing and I need to get my butt out the door on time! Not that there's a specific time to be there, but I like to get there early.

I recently had a discussion with someone about the difference (if any) between OCD and being obsessive. Hmmm - I think there's a huge difference.

Here's the definition according to the quick search I did this morning. I know - this is just a definition - it's not a clinical diagnosis or anything scientific.

That is NOT me at all. Maybe the attention to detail.

Let's have a look at obsessive. Oh yes - this is me to a T.

I don't think I'm alone. I think all quilters have some form of obsessive behavior.

So why am I talking about this today? On our road trip and no names will be mentioned to protect the innocent (not sure if that's a good word to use), but we got to talking about the difference between OCD and obsessive. Are they the same? No, they are not. Then I asked the question about the toilet paper roll. Which way should it be placed on the toilet roll holder? Oh - I got an immediate answer to that question and I was told that she had already changed the way the toilet paper was hanging in my bathroom!! 

This is the way the toilet paper rolls

Hmm - to be honest, I'm lucky if the roll even gets put in the holder (I personally don't give a hoot), but in this powder room, there's no place to place it other than on the floor. But in the upstairs bathrooms? Oh - there's no need to use the holder thingy. And most of the time, those holders are in a totally awkward place so what's the point. I don't need to do gymnastics to reach the toilet paper. I vote for leaving it on the vanity!!!  But don't tell Shelly or the next thing I know, she'll be visiting all the bathrooms in my house to change the toilet paper or to put it on the holder!!!

It was good for a laugh for sure!! She got busted! I wouldn't even have noticed and it was I who had placed the roll on the holder that very morning upside down. Imagine that!

Just for comparison - I took a picture of my car beside the monster truck. It looks like I'm driving a dinky toy! Yep - I think my car would almost fit in the back of her truck with room to spare. Why does someone need such a huge vehicle to drive around in? Not my problem!

My "toy" car

After the ladies left, I was on my own for the remainder of the day. Except for when I walked to the library to return a book. I finally finished that book The Water Dancer from Oprah's book club. Hmm - that took forever. I might take a rest from those kinds of books for a while. It's not that it was a bad story - it's just that it was heavy. The first part I enjoyed, then the second part got a bit weird.

I was testing out another pattern for our sewing events next year. That project got completed - I'll show them all to you when they are all done. I think we have twelve to make - I've made four. I made my comments/suggestions to the designer and time to move on!

I hit the long arm and finally got the custom quilt done. There's a long story about this quilt. I don't have time to go into it this morning, but since it'll be sticking around my house for a bit, I'll share the story with you another day. Bottom line - it's quilted!!!

Quilt - DONE
Time to get back to the customer quilts. This one got done and is trimmed and will be delivered today. 

Customer quilt - DONE

 The next quilt is half loaded on the long arm and I'll get to that later today.

Oh my --- I see FOUR pretty wide open weeks in my future. There are two sewing days at my house (that's not stressful), two Monday sewing days (also not stressful), there is one and possibly two community sewing days (not stressful), two private classes (perhaps stressful), and a vet appointment for Murphy - that's going to be stressful. Can you believe that???  Do NOT call and ask to book something with me. I've got so much to clean up, sew up and write or learn that those four weeks are going to be jam-packed. I also have a couple of quilts that need to be made for next year so if I made them now, I wouldn't have to worry about them next year. Tomorrow is a cleanup day (not to be rescheduled) so I might start by scheduling those four weeks to be very efficient with my time and then move onto unpacking the last of the boxes.

And soon, the days are going to start getting longer. I can hardly wait!!! 

On that happy note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day!!!!



  1. So, who says this is the correct way to have the toilet paper roll? This is not the way to have the it if you have a cat! Cats like to paw things and if they start on the toilet paper roll that is in this position, they don't stop until they have unrolled the whole thing. If it is the other way up and the cat paws it, the paper just keeps going around and around, doesn't unwind, and the cat gets bored and goes to find something else to play with. Puppies, on the other hand may grab the end of the roll, no matter which way it is and take it for a run through the whole house. Dogs, past the puppy stage, are much better and just ignore the whole thing. I believe there is no correct way to have it. It is up to the hostess of the house to decide which way she likes it and it is very rude for a guest to change it around.

    1. AHA --- I love this comment. And since I don't have a cat - I never thought about that aspect of the toilet paper roll. Personally, I don't care either way - I wouldn't even notice if someone switched and it was only when she fessed up that I knew it had happened. My dogs are too "Grown up" to mess with the toilet paper thing. But when I go to Shelly's house next, I'll be switching the toilet paper and a whole lot of other things on her!!!

  2. I agree with Elizabeth; also, children are pretty much like cats, they will keep unrolling the toilet paper.

    1. Torry - thanks for the comment!! Since we have no children at home nor cats in the house - we're good! But I had never thought of that at all. I shall direct Shelly to the comments!

  3. If the tp was under it lay against the wall, and when the furnace came on my male cat would go to town with it, unrolling and flexing his claws. There is no better teacher than trying to use holy tp! Hotels typically put it on top and fold the corners under.