Sunday, December 1, 2019

Bob Ross

Bob Ross - who is this guy? I'd never heard of Bob Ross before the Cherrywood Challenge 2019 theme was announced last November. Turns out, he's a pretty famous painter even though he died in 1995. Funny how people become even more famous after they die! Or that their legacy lives on forever.

If you want to know all about Bob, here's an hour-long documentary about him. And if you want to know what happened to all his paintings - have a look at this incredible video.  That second one is only 10 minutes long. Even Ronda's 17-year old son knows about Bob Ross. I want to know why he knows of Bob Ross.

I think you all know what happened. The Cherrywood Challenge theme (Bob Ross) was announced in November. My fabric mule (Shelly) acquired a bundle for me from The Cotton Harvest Quilt Shop in Seaforth as they carry the complete line of the gorgeous hand-dyed Cherrywood fabrics. Then the thinking cap went on with a July 1 deadline to submit photos. Here's more information on my blog about the previous challenges.

I made the piece with a few days (or perhaps minutes) to spare. The photos were submitted. Hmm - there are things I would change, but it is what it is. I awaited the day when the finalists were to be announced. Oh - I see people posting on Instagram and Facebook - they got in. I did not. But I hadn't received a rejection notice either. Oh well - rejection letters will likely come the following day.

Then I received a couple of congratulatory e-mails. WHAT???  I didn't get in - or did I?? After I checked through my JUNK in-box, there was a happy e-mail.

Tish, whose piece also got accepted, and I mailed them off together. They became part of the traveling show for this year. The entire show was in Houston and I've seen my piece several times from photos. But this was the first (and only) time I'll get to see it in person.

Ronda and I met up early in the morning and we were off to Shelly's house. Then we headed to Seaforth to have a look. Note - Ronda was driving - just in case you think I'm breaking the law with some of the pictures I'm going to show you.

Bob was up early as he was waiting to greet us as we walked in the door.

Bob Ross

Well, I just had to have a picture with Bob. He's much taller than I thought he was. Notice the slimming effect of wearing all black and half hiding behind Bob? I brought my Finalist ribbon with me as I had just received it in the mail a couple of days prior.

Me and Bob

Trina (the owner of The Cotton Harvest Quilt Shop) was there - what a fun person she is! Anyway, any of the finalists who got to see the show in person also got to sign the back of the Bob Ross pop-up. I know - he isn't real. But he looks good.

The finalists got to sign the back of Bob's pop-up

Where's that darn Sharpie when you need it! Anyway - a pen will do. I've now an official finalist in the Bob Ross challenge.

There's my signature - up top

There are a total of five traveling shows. All the Canadian finalists are in the Green Show (there are 9 of us). You can check out the various shows (whose quilt is in which show) and where each show will be shown.

There were over 400 entries and 200 were selected for the show. The competition was TOUGH and I'm honored to be a finalist. I couldn't care two hoots about a ribbon - I'm just glad to have been accepted.

There were also ten vendors at the show so we could spend money if we desired. I have to be honest, I didn't spend any money. I was looking for a particular fabric but none of the vendors had it. I told you, the economy will tank on my spending habits. When I see a new pattern, I think of how many "new" patterns are languishing in that stash room. It chills me to even think of buying more. Same thing with fabric. Don't get me wrong - I'll buy, but only if its something I need or absolutely can't live without. I did see a pattern that I'm going to teach this year because I want to make the quilt. It's something I've been wanting to make for a while. So watch for that. I didn't buy the pattern yet.

My budget yesterday was for the new kit and the book so it's not like I didn't buy anything.

The quilts were hung in two rows on either side of the vendors. I believe there were 60 quilts along this wall. This is where we started. I took a ton of photos. I'm totally blown away by the creativity and the techniques that everyone incorporated into their pieces. Just stunning!

Side one of the exhibit

Here's the second side. There were also 60 quilts on this side of the hall. Meaning that we got to see about 2/3 of the total exhibit. Hmm - do I find a location near to me with the missing two exhibits?? Hmm - the Brown exhibit which is the larger of the two exhibits that didn't make it to Seaforth will be in Grand Rapids, Michigan in August. Something to think about!!!!

Side two of the exhibit

My quilt was on the second side. OH MY  - there it is!!!!!!!!!  OK - it doesn't look like I'm going to my quilt, but it's right there!!!

My quilt!

Here's a better picture of me with my Bob Ross Challenge quilt. I called it The Bridge. Notice it's on the bottom, so I had to get down on my knees to get a photo beside it!

Me with my Bob Ross Challenge piece

As we were admiring my piece, I met up with Sheila and Edna. Sheila follows my blog and so I asked if they wanted to be on the blog today. Why not???  So good morning to Sheila and Edna. It was great to chat with you yesterday and thanks so much for following along with my crazy days. I appreciate it!!!!

Me, with Sheila and Edna

 Alas, it was time to leave! What a fun exhibit to see and so much talent and so many amazing ideas. My head is spinning. If you didn't make the show, that's a shame as it was well worth the drive.

I also got a copy of the Bob Ross Challenge quilt book. All 200 of the finalist quilts are in the book. I'm published!!!!

The Bob Ross Challenge 2019 book

 Here I am!!!! I don't even remember what I wrote about the quilt. I should read it!

The Bridge by me!

Of course, I had to buy the challenge kit for 2020. It's PINK in case you couldn't figure that out. The theme is Diana as in Lady Di. An FYI - if you were thinking of buying a kit and gasped at the price, the price includes the cost of registering for the challenge and helps to offset the cost of shipping the show. Challenges are the best thing in the entire world of quilting. I've done many challenges over the years and I've learned so much from each of them. Some have been "fails" - some have been total learning experiences and well - I wouldn't NOT do a challenge. It has broken my shell of being afraid to try new things. There's more coming on that soon!

The Cherrywood challenge kit for 2020

Here's my entry to the Van Gogh challenge in 2017. My Prince challenge isn't quite finished! I should get that done in the next couple of weeks. This piece didn't get accepted, but I still feel like a winner as I learned a lot from it. And I'm really happy with the final result.

My Cherrywood Van Gogh challenge piece

So keep in mind, I wasn't driving when I took these pictures. I was the passenger.

Yesterday was November 30. And as we passed the ski hill at Kelso, they were madly making snow. For those of you who live near the mountains, please excuse our little bunny ski hill!

Making snow

Then on the way back, I noticed on several occasions that farmers were actually out working the land. I thought that was hilarious when the ski hill was making snow. So then my goal was to snap a picture of a working tractor. I swear - we passed at least five of them. The first three, I wasn't thinking of getting a picture and the last two - well, let's call it operator error. But I did at least capture a field of corn. This was the LAST field as we neared the city. DARN!!!!!

So you have to pretend that you see a tractor working in that picture!!

A field of corn

We saw a sign alerting us to freezing rain later in the day - thank goodness the roads were absolutely dry and relatively good traffic all the way to Seaforth and back.

Freezing rain warning

There's this group of townhouses (I think) that has a very interesting paint job.  You could make a quilt out of that!!!

An interesting paint job on a group of townhouses

We passed a car that was on fire. Thankfully, that happened when there were six traffic lanes near Kitchener so when they went down to two lanes, we still got through fairly quickly.

A car on fire
 And when we passed the ski hill on our way home, they were still making snow!!!!

Still making snow at the ski hill

All in all - it was an awesome day spent with good friends, met new friends and had a small love fest with my quilt!

I have the ENTIRE day to myself today. I don't need to go anywhere, I do need to do a couple of things, but nothing difficult and nothing urgent. How cool is that?  I can hardly wait to get started. Oh heck - I've already started. Six more pillowcases are cut and one piece of embroidery is finished!!! Bring on the rest of the day!!!!

Have a super day!!!!



  1. ok, I know I gave you the heads up yesterday, but my comment disappeared! I am being your spell checker today- It is Trina... not Treena,lol

    1. I wondered when I wrote that! Consider it fixed.