Saturday, November 30, 2019

It's all about the pillowcases

I'm short on time this morning. My girls are never happy if they get neglected and I have to squeeze in a walk for them before I get myself on the road to go and see my quilt in the Cherrywood Challenge display. So much pressure when you plan road trips with friends! No worries - it's all good.

I was up extra early this morning but that was to cram a wee bit more embroidery into the day and to help out someone by proofing some instructions they wrote (it helps me too - so I'm good with that). Besides, this person is a good resource and I need to keep her happy! I've already done both of those things and I managed to cut more pillowcases. It's not even 6:30 AM!

I was taking stock of the pillowcase situation since our 100 pillowcases in a day sewing marathon is mere days away. I now have 78 completed kits. The bodies are matched to a band and they are tucked inside their own plastic bag waiting to be sewn together.

I think there are 20 more complete kits coming on Tuesday, along with some extra bands or bodies that need matching up. Plus I have at least 20 bands or bodies myself that need matching up. I'm not sure exactly how the day will go - I think 100 will be more than enough for one day.

More pillowcase kits cut

The second box of the pillowcase kits

I do have the 17 pillowcases that Pat donated to me earlier this month and those will be picked up on Tuesday. Any extra kits or bands and bodies, I think they'll go in the box for the next round. It'll all depend on how the day goes. We might be finished the 100 by lunchtime and want to go longer, we might be finished at 3 and say enough is enough. I've no idea. And if the day finishes early? I'm OK with that.

Bottom line - we're going to have enough kits for our goal and we'll have a good start to our next sewing day. I think we are ten people going to sew that day. So each person has to make 10 pillowcases. And those 10 people are going to be very lucky - they don't have to bring sewing machines or sergers. The best part? They'll all be sewing/serging on some pretty fancy sewing machines and sergers so it's going to be a bonus day for all!

The next date will be in June?? And if you're interested in donating fabrics or perhaps volunteering to sew/serge that day, let me know. Don't know how to serge? A two-minute lesson and you'll be an expert!

I do hope to do some Facebook live sessions as well so those that can't be here get to see what is going on and of course, I'll be blogging about it.

I hope you enjoyed all those QUILTsocial posts last week. I had so much playing around with that amazing Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2. What an amazing sewing/embroidery machine! With that built-in IDF system (the built-in walking foot), those pillowcases are going to go together in a snap! BUT -- we're aiming for QUALITY, not QUANTITY in our endeavor. Then the side and bottom will be serged and we all know how fast serging is!

So today is the last day of the Bob Ross show in Seaforth. Once again, here is the information in case you haven't made it and would like to attend. This is part of the Cherrywood Challenge (the 5th year) and I'm so honored to have a quilt in the show. I'll be taking lots of pictures today so you get to see it (if you haven't already) - but now you'll get to see a picture of ME beside my quilt.

Remember this show was brought to Canada by The Cotton Harvest Quilt Shop. This is a huge endeavor for them and we are extremely lucky that they took this upon themselves to host the show. As you're madly shopping this season, please, please, please - support the local quilt shops. If we don't, they won't be here next year. And please try to shop Canadian! I don't care if it costs more money - buy only what you need and you'll be fine. By the time you pay for shipping and the extra stuff that you had to buy to get that free shipping, work in the exchange rate of 1.37 or something ridiculous like that, then guess what? You could have bought it at almost the same price and only got what you needed and supported local shops.

On that happy note - I'm out of here. Got to get the girls out and then hit the road.

I can't wait to see my quilt.

Have a super day!!!!


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