Saturday, November 2, 2019

Three point landing

I learned a very valuable lesson yesterday. Let's just say that I hate learning by experience. So if you don't know, we have two dogs. I don't mention them much here as Lexi tries to keep up to date with what happens with herself and Murphy. Today is an exception. Lexi is a Husky and for the most part is a calm dog, although she has her moments. I can just hear her respond to that! Murphy is a Golden Retriever mixed with something. We think it's "dog from hell" but not sure.

Murphy was at least one year old when she came to us and was NEVER good on the leash from day one. She's been for training TWICE and while she has calmed down and has learned to walk much better on the leash, she has her moments. I've been walking them separately to help the situation. Last week, I was pressed for time so decided to walk them together.

It wasn't bad. Certainly much improved from the previous year. Oh my - we're actually making progress. You have to understand that Murphy loves to chase leaves and so on a windy day in autumn, there are a lot of leaves swirling around. She's also incredibly quick and nimble. For whatever reason, I decided to walk them together yesterday morning which I now regret.

We were doing OK despite her darting behind me, in front of me and wherever to attack the leaves or to catch a pinecone. She preferred to wait until we were in the crosswalk of a potentially busy street (it's right beside a school) to dart in front of me or whatever she did. Needless to say, I found myself kissing the pavement in the middle of that crosswalk.

I landed on my knees (slight bruising this morning) and the left side of my head. Seriously? That must have been pretty elegant with my butt in the air! And where were my hands in all this? Why weren't they out to protect my fall? Oh - holding the leashes of course. My glasses were on when I fell and the one lens got scratched. Yep - that darn pair that I lost for a week! Thank goodness it wasn't my new sunglasses. They are a different type of frame and would likely not have survived.

Thankfully there were no cars at the time as people tend to jump the gun about getting into that intersection. Many don't even stop - yep even at school time. I picked myself up and Lexi was great as I wasn't holding her leash anymore, but she quickly got out of the street and I had to deal with Murphy as I hobbled to the sidewalk.

The lesson is no more walking them together - especially on a windy day. Although this could have happened with Murphy by herself as she likes to dart when there is anything to chase and has almost knocked me down before. The big lesson - NO more walks for her on a windy day. Sorry, Murphy!

I was very lucky - the fall could have been worse. No black eye and for the most part, it's the road rash on my face that hurts worse than the bump. I'll live.

There are no pictures this morning. Here's the thing. I have the pictures in my google drive and they get backed up every day now. That's good. But how do I get them from the google drive to my photo editor???  A wee bit of experimenting needs to happen there. I can edit the photo, but I can't resize it which I need to do. Or the other question is how to find the link. I'll get it worked out so be patient.

In the meantime, I have some very interesting links to share with you.

So you didn't make it to Houston to see the gorgeous quilts. Here's a link to the winning quilts. Of course, we don't get an idea of what size these quilts are. Nor can we appreciate the detail of the workmanship. But we can at least see the quilts and see who won. There are two winners from Canada. If you click on any photo, you'll see an enlarged photo of the quilt.

The other link I have for you and I meant to post it yesterday with the UFO show n tell is this one. It's about a woman who bought a UFO from an estate sale and the story of how it is getting finished. They could be talking about US!!!!!  I mean YOU and ME. Do not let that happen. Try to get those projects finished now. If you've no further interest, then see if someone else wants the project. Or donate it now. Actively choose a new home for the project. I'm trying - I'm really trying. It's those huge projects that are mostly on my mind. I'm slowly (more slowly than I would like to admit) working my way through them, but there's still a lot.

And I'm behind - way behind on those Dirty Dozen lists from 2017, 2018 and now 2019. I'll be making a new list for 2020 and need to get back to be focused on getting those projects completed. I've not started anything this year that isn't completed or near completion so that's a great thing. Nothing is being added to the list and I want to keep it that way. I must get back to making a list of the things that I've finished in the year. I really liked that and it gave me a huge sense of accomplishment. Something to add to the list of things to do.

I taught a class on decorative stitches yesterday afternoon. I know - after the spill, I was tempted to call and postpone the class, but after a bit of lazing around and icing, I seemed to be fine. I was tired when I got home but otherwise, it was fine. It was a GREAT class.  I'm going to try and run it again. The students learned a TON of stuff about their machines. The students were thrilled. I highly recommend this class.

I lied - I found some pictures that I can post this morning. One of the ladies in the class yesterday had been in my machine quilting basics class and also in my free motion quilting class. She was excited beyond words. She has been practicing her quilting and I have to say that she's doing absolutely AMAZING.

We're not talking small quilts either. Here's the first one.

Student's quilt - FINISHED

Here's another quilt

And the third one
Here's a close up of one of the quilts. AH - she's like me - she loves dense quilting.

Detail of the quilting

Now here's a wee story about stitch regulators. All of the quilts above were quilted on an older model of a White sewing machine. Since she knew that she could now quilt her own quilts successfully, she wanted a sewing machine with a larger throat space so she was checking out the Bernina with the stitch regulator. Thankfully, she decided to go with a straight stitch Juki. Why?? First off, she realized that her stitches, while not perfectly consistent are GOOD ENOUGH. Why do we think that every stitch needs to be perfect? And she tested the Bernina stitch regulated machine. She didn't like it.

I have to add to that story - I had a student in my free motion class last week. She had the Bernina with the stitch regulator. Her stitches were probably the worst in the class. I'm not kidding! Why? To make the stitch regulator work - you have to be bang on with the starting or the stopping. No hesitation. I found the same thing when I checked it out several years ago. It's way cheaper and way easier to just use your sewing machine! Let's just say that using the stitch regulator has a learning curve, just like learning to use any sewing machine for free motion. Save yourself some money and just learn to do free motion without the stitch regulator. You'll be much happier and richer.

What's the biggest key to free motion quilting or quilting of any kind? JUST DO IT!!!  Don't wait for the perfect day or the perfect quilt. Match up the threads and go for it. I'm so very proud of Callie and her quilting. She also had some smaller samples that were stunning. Way to go!!!!!

If you want to learn how to quilt your quilts - whether that's free motion or straight line quilting, be sure to sign up for one of my classes. You'll learn lots and I provide the feedback that is so critical to make you successful.

Well, that's enough for today. It's time to get out and walk the monsters! I mean the gentle, well-mannered girls.

Have a great day!!!


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