Saturday, November 23, 2019

It's all about the pillowcases

Do you remember that I made a commitment - well a goal at least of making and donating 100 pillowcases to Ryan's Case for Smiles? That date is fast approaching - Tuesday, December 3rd. If you're interested in helping us sew that day - you're more than welcome to come. No need to bring a sewing machine or a serger. I'll have multiple sewing machines and sergers set up that day. In addition to sewists, we're going to need pinners for the first seam, pressers, and finishers so there's a job for everyone. You can e-mail me if you're interested. For those already signed up, I'll be sending out a reminder early next week.

Initially, I went through my stash and pulled some licensed character fabrics. Matter of fact, I used up what I could from that basket of fabric. Then I got a HUGE donation from Sophie.

Donation for pillowcases

I also received a smaller donation from Ronda - you'll see that in a minute. I received a donation of FINISHED pillowcases from Pat. I believe there were 16 or maybe even 17 finished pillowcases. 

Donation of FINISHED pillowcases

I truly appreciate that donation, but I'm not counting it as part of our 100. Those 16 are going to be a bonus for Ryan's Case for Smiles. 

When I first started, I methodically cut a few pillowcases each day but then I was on the road and life got busy and well - the time is drawing near. Yesterday was dedicated to cutting pillowcases. I was long arming a quilt at the same time so I had my afternoon snack at the bottom of the stairs. As I passed by, I grabbed an almond. Well, there are still almonds in the container this morning. I guess that's a good way to snack! Don't keep it in front of you cause you'll eat everything!

My snack

I measured and I measured and I cut and I cut. I think I ended up with 24 more complete kits.

More pillowcase kits

This is the bag of scraps leftover from that huge pile. It's going back to its owner today. That was a mutual agreement! I certainly don't want any more scraps.

Bag of leftover scraps
 I have one box of kits ready to sew on December 3rd.

A box of kits ready to sew

I also have some of the bands cut and they don't have a partner yet.

Unmatched pillowcase bands

These are unmatched pillowcase bodies.

Unmatched pillowcase bodies

I was feeling pretty ambitious this morning so I decided to tackle the second pile of donated fabric.

Another pile of donated fabric for pillowcases

And now I have even more kits ready to sew on December 3rd.

More kits for pillowcases

I have over 60 kits cuts, with components to make another 10 or so once I find a matching fabric for them. I'll be going through some of my fabrics and my solids to find partners. Then it gets washed and pressed and cut. Guess what I'll be doing next weekend?

I think the scrap bin needs to be emptied. What do you think? Yep - time to make another pet mat.

Scrap bin is full

 If the fabric was directional, I cut it so it would go lengthwise on the pillowcase (horizontal, not vertical when made up). I was on a roll - directional - cut this way. Non-directional - cut the other way. I grabbed one print and cut it and then realized that it was a BORDER print. Yes - it's directional but in the opposite direction of a regular directional print. Oh well - that one will be off.

Let's just say that I'm really good and really fast at cutting.

Here's an observation. The pillowcases bodies and bands are cut at 40 ½". The width of the fabric used to be 44/45". Then it got a wee bit smaller and now LOOK!!!!  This fabric has been washed, but I could barely get 40 ½" from the width. I've been using 40" as my rough estimate when determining how many strips to cut for borders or bindings, but I might have to go even less in the future.

The width has SCHRUNK

This is just the fabric manufacturer's way of cutting costs. They print on narrower base goods but charge the same price or even higher. It's like the cereal boxes - same price, smaller box.

I was alone in the house all day. No audiobook, the radio turned down low in the background and I was happy as a clam. No distractions, nothing to think about. Just cut and cut. Oh - and run to the long arm to advance the quilt. And pray that I don't touch the wrong button in the wrong sequence. But all was good. Sorry - I can't share the quilt with you this morning, but I will tomorrow.

I was trolling through Facebook last night and came upon a post - a 31-day challenge to write in your blog for 31 days. There was even a list of topics to help you along. Oh boy - I don't need that list. Matter of fact, I need to make a list of all the things that are sitting here waiting to be blogged about. As I was tidying up a wee bit this morning as I have a full house for Sit n Sew tomorrow, I came across something that I meant to blog about and forgot. I need a new list - topics to blog about so I won't forget them.

I had an interesting comment on the blog after my wee rant about YouTube videos. This was from someone in the health care industry. Imagine student nurses, residents, or doctors using YouTube as their source of information. Yikes!!!!!  I might think twice about going for any major medical treatment in the event they use glue to stitch up my internal organs instead of stitches! or some other crazy thing.

I get it that the internet is a good source of information - I'm there all the time. But if you know nothing about your subject (and other qualifiers which I won't list to not offend anyone), using YouTube as your only source of information? God help us all!

I really do need a big sign at the entrance to Studio B and Studio U. It should read "My happy place" because I'm really happy there. Unless I'm ripping a seam and even then. I'm just happy to be there, working away. While I love sewing with friends, I can certainly entertain myself (and use up all the space) quite nicely by myself.

I needed to take a break but didn't make it out of the house until 4:30. I walked to the bank, the hardware store, the grocery store, and then the library. It took me an hour and it was dark by the time I got home. I thought maybe I'd better start wearing a reflective vest if I go out that late. But I'm crazy cautious in the crosswalks. I trust NO ONE in a car. Great way to break up the day and I got in close to 15,000 steps in. I slept well.

On that note, I'm out of here. Today is the last class for our year-long project classes at The Hobby Horse. Then I have a class after that on making a T-shirt quilt. I'd better get myself organized for the day.

And if you have a blog topic, let me know - I'd be happy to put it on my list.

Have a great day!!!!


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