Thursday, November 14, 2019

It's all about the Polar Bears

What a great day!!! I presented my session twice yesterday. We had loads of people in both sessions and that was very exciting. It's super fun to share samples with people, provide tips and also to showcase the incredible new sewing and embroidery machine - the Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2, the Husqvarna Viking Amber Air S400 serger and the Husqvarna Viking Platinum Q165 quilting machine. I haven't had a chance to play with the Platinum Q165, but I can't say enough about the other two machines. So MUCH FUN!

And there's so much new technology integrated into the Designer EPIC 2 that - well, it just blows my mind. The improved apps, sending files wirelessly, the new embroidery design library - well, I could go on and on.

One of the presentations was in the morning and one was in the evening leaving a couple of hours in the afternoon with nothing to do. Christina, the shop owner, took me to the Polar Bear Habitat.  There are currently five polar bears at the habitat.  If you check out the website, they have live cameras in each of the three enclosures so if the polar bears are out, you can see them.

When we arrived, we saw two bears in one of the enclosures. Both of them were being pretty lazy and just hanging out doing nothing.

One of them was hanging out at the fence while the other was back near the trees. We went inside the building where you can view their swimming pool, but obviously, they weren't in the pool

The polar bears

Here's a picture of me all bundled up against the cold!  Notice my northern themed jacket! That fuzzy jacket is made from recycled pop bottles!

Me with the polar bears

I snapped this picture of the other polar bear from inside the building. All this guy would do is wiggle his butt and lift his head. His back legs were totally splayed out so he was lying right on his tummy. Murphy does that too!!!

Having a look around

Then the other one by the fence started to get frisky and was moving around, stretching out on his back, grabbing his back paw with his front paw. So darn cute! So we went back outside.

Having a good stretch

The size of their paws is unbelievable. They are huge!!!  And they are so huge and furry. They look cute and cuddly although that is hardly the case and much care is taken to prevent any mishaps.

Then the other bear finally got up and lumbered over to the bear by the fence. Next thing we knew, the two of them started rolling around on the ground and wrestling. It was so fun to watch. I have to say that they reminded me of Lexi and Murphy. They played exactly like those two silly girls of mine. Grabbing each other by the neck and snapping with their teeth but all the while knowing to play gently and not kill each other.

Polar bears playing

I think we were there for an hour and well worth the visit. This was my first time seeing polar bears in real life. Did you notice that they are far from being white? They are a definite cream color.

The polar bears are from other locations and have been orphaned or born in captivity. They can never go back to the wilderness.

I'll be sure to check out their activity later today.

Driving back to Timmins this morning for two more sessions and then flying home tomorrow. I need to get better at scheduling my flights. I could have flown home tonight, but originally I thought the timing was too tight. Now I realize I would have had enough time. But the cost to change is way too much for my liking so I'll get a hotel tonight (it's way cheaper than the cost of the flight change) and leave in the morning. Shoot - next time - do NOT be in a rush to book a trip. Think it through and then book.

It was almost 10 PM by the time I got to bed last night which is super late for me! But I had a great sleep and ready to hit the road soon.

On that note, I'm out of here!!!

Have a super day!



  1. Did you know that their fur is made up of hallow tubes (like straws)? At the Point Defiance Zoo, the polar bears had a greenish tint to their fur, caused by harmless algae.
    My husband, myself and our two children were at the Central Park Zoo, in NY and I made a comment to our children about "these bears aren't green, like ours."

    And a park employee turned and said, "You must be from Tacoma!"

    The polar bear care givers "family" is a small one and so they all knew that our bears had the green tint!

    1. Yes I did know that the fur is made of hollow tubes. OK - Christina who took me there is an avid supporter of the habitat and she told me while we were there.
      How cool that the care givers knew about your green bears!!!

    2. Yes, it was really wonderful!