Sunday, November 10, 2019

Quilting Retreat - Day Four

It's the last morning! How the heck did that happen?? Although at the same time, it feels like we've been here for a long time. The Fireside Retreat house is so comfortable and so convenient and so full of laughter and friends that it feels like home. We had a little trip down memory lane last night in reading the guest book. Oops - I said that we've been here 16 times. I lied. It's been 15. It would appear that I can't count.

While I managed to get more accomplished yesterday, it still seems like I didn't get much done. I think I managed to get four zippered pouches completed but that seems like nothing. Oh well - it's like being on vacation so I'm not complaining.

I did pop out to The Book Re-View yesterday. I "sold" back some books and found some books in a series that I was looking for. It wasn't one of my best trips there, but we all know that the used book game is a treasure hunt. Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don't. Now I have a bag of books that need to be donated. Hmm - I could save them up in a box and donate them to the Mississauga Symphony Orchestra book sale. I must look up the details of the dates for donating and start a box.

 I was on duty to make dinner last night so I had to stop by the grocery store to pick up supplies for pasta. Once that was accomplished, I was back to the house to sew. Paula also cut my hair so that took up a wee bit more time.

I've taken pictures of what some of the others have done and I'll post more when I get home. If I can remember! I'm happy to report that my black eye healed rather nicely and quickly. I thought I was going to have this big ugly scab for a while, but the scab came off super clean with no second scab forming and the discoloration is almost gone. My head still hurts and my knees are still badly bruised but I'm going to survive!

Paula had great fun with the Husqvarna Viking Amber Air s400 serger. We told her that she needs to put one of those on her Christmas list. Dave are you listening???

Paula using the serger
She made pillowcases and little tote bags and it's so much faster with the serger than having to finish the edges on the sewing machine. I agree 100% and while I've had a serger for a long time, I was a bit afraid of the darn thing. Well, no more. Once I figured out which thread is which (I don't know that for all of the different stitches, but I'm learning), then if you do need to make a wee adjustment of the tension, it's as easy as the sewing machine. And threading the Amber Air s400???  Mere minutes - it's so darn easy.

And here are my two empty cones of thread. Yeah - love, love, love the serger.

Empty cones of thread
So it's currently 6:35 AM. Usually, there's at least one more person up by this time. I'm all alone in the kitchen while I eat my cooked oatmeal. I bet they are all enjoying that last morning in bed when they have no responsibilities!!!

I had to laugh when I was at Value Village. As I mentioned the other day, I love to browse the crafts and hobby book section. Guess what else I found???  A Bob Ross book. I had never heard of Bob Ross until the Cherrywood Challenge theme was announced one year ago. Since then, I've learned a lot about Bob Ross. I even made a quilt for the challenge which is going to be in the show coming to Seaforth. 

A Bob Ross book found at Value Village
 I left the book for a budding artist. BUT - if you want to enjoy the Bob Ross Cherrywood Challenge quilts, please mark the dates on your calendar. November 28, 29 and 30. Do it - DO IT NOW. It's amazing how many people try to remember dates without putting them in the calendar. Then they lament that they missed an event. If I don't mark something in my calendar, it gets forgotten. Do yourself a favor and come visit this show. It's well worth it to see the different styles of quilts that were created. Everyone started off with the same theme and the same bundle of fabric. What they did with it is what's amazing.

You might even get an idea or two. Either of quilting or making a landscape quilt or just figuring out how to tackle a challenge. And if anyone is interested in working with the PINK (Shelly????) bundle of fabric for next year's challenge (Theme - Princess Diana), then let me know. We could have a brainstorming session to get you on your way.

I went for a walk again yesterday. I mean how could you not. The temperature is gorgeous - just a wee bit of a nip in the air, but when walking, one warms up quite nicely. Well at my pace anyway. This time I wore my rubber boots which I had thrown in the car. My feet were nice and toasty, although I could have done with an extra pair of socks as the boots are a tad large for a "forced" march through the woods. If ever you are up here at Fireside Retreat and have NOT walked that trail, you should. It's beautiful.

I stopped along the way to take a couple of pictures. I love this one - it's a natural lichen shelf hanging off a tree.

A lichen shelf

Murphy and Lexi would be in their glory here. I'd love to bring them so they could run and run. It would be the perfect spot. Hmm - we might have to come up just for the day so they can run. I'm pretty sure Murphy would come back easily, Lexi? Not so sure.

AHA --  I see there are now two more people up this morning. Yeah!

I have one more project that I'm going to focus on this morning. I've already packed a lot of my stuff in the car so getting ready to leave right after lunch won't be a huge chore.

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day!!!!!


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