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Ultimate Quilt Block collection - show n tell

I'm happy to say that I went to bed with an almost clear conscience last night and I slept right through the night. Amazing how those little voices in our head are our own worst enemy. My job is to keep those little voices out of the picture! But that means that I have to get my work done on time!

It's time for show n tell today! This time it's about the Ultimate Quilt Block Collection. A book by Lynne Goldsworthy. This was the last class for this session - we're moving on to something else for next year. The goal of this class was totally left up to each student. If they wanted to make a quilt - great, if they wanted to make smaller items - great, if they didn't want to try one of the techniques - that was OK.

I had gone through the book and loosely sorted the blocks into categories and each month we worked on one technique. We had a few interesting moments with a few errors in the book, but for the most part, things worked just fine. From the show and tell over the year, I think everyone learned at least one thing and that's really what it's all about.

I think one of the more interesting things these classes teach you is how important or not important color and value are. You are NOT going to be making multiples of each block in different colorways and this is one way to see a lot of the same but in a totally different.

Matter of fact, I was showing the new projects for next year to my Sit n Sew group and someone said how much they liked a particular pattern, but didn't have that fabric. Well - that's an opportunity waiting to happen. Think outside the box - get creative - use up your stash, but whatever you do - remember if you're not learning something new - well what's the point????

Oh - I've got my work cut out for me for next year's classes which are all finalized and I'll be sharing them all with you this week. I now have SIX quilts that I have to find a color scheme for. I do NOT want to copy the fabrics shown on any of the patterns. Not because I don't like what the designer has chosen, but I want to do something different so I can learn. I also have a few options that I need to experiment with and why not do it now???

Onto the show n tell.

Ultimate Quilt Block Collection

I have to say that the students in this class were very adventurous and learned very quickly. We did curved piecing - now keep in mind - this was just a lecture - they didn't get to practice with me around. Perhaps some of them may have watched a YouTube video (gasp!) but I think a lot of them got the concept of using the three pins and honestly - it works like a charm. No need for massive pinning on those curves.

Let's start with Sandra. Sandra made at least one block every month, but her goal was to make the block and then create a finished item. And she succeeded. This time, she made a cushion cover. Sandra is a beader first and second a quilter. So she has to put beads on everything she makes. She beaded the seam between the blocks and used a decorative stitch around the outside. Well done!!!

Sandra's beaded cushion cover

Judi is making a quilt and this is her curved piecing block. She didn't get the quilt top together as she has more blocks to make. I can't wait to see this quilt as she has used a beautiful teal throughout and it's going to be awesome. This is an example of using a busy print for the background and while it works, the contrast could be more pronounced to truly appreciate those curves. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this.
Judi's curved piecing block

Kathi is (was) a new quilter at the beginning of the year. She can no longer call herself that. Those sections are paper pieced (the freezer paper way) and then she sewed the block together using three pins. She did an amazing job and the coloring is great. Should I say this? but it looks like an eye on one of her fabrics!!!

Kathi's curved piecing block

Barb is also making a quilt and hasn't got the top together, but this block looks awesome. She did make her backgrounds a wee bit bigger as the seam allowance at the joins is just ¼". Again - another super job!!!

Barb's curved piecing block

Lynne made a table topper using one of the curved flying geese blocks. The center block is paper pieced and then she added some swirls on the outside. It was quilted with a decorative stitch. It doesn't have binding, but she used the envelope method to turn it.

Lynne's table topper

Lynne also made a quilt top. I love the way the white sashing just makes the blocks pop off the quilt. And I love the colors - for anyone looking for a color scheme for a new quilt - looking at what others put together is a great way to choose a new color scheme. I might just steal this idea. It's hard to see in the photo, but there's a small block in each corner. An error in the book led Lynne to make a small block instead of a large one. So instead of wasting the small block, she made three more - one for each corner. Now that's the mark of a true quilter!!!

Lynne's quilt top

Heather - oh dear Heather. At the beginning of the year, she came to the first two classes - I think a little terrified that she had gotten in over her head. She didn't bring in any show n tell for two months. Then something happened and she was flying. She brought in a FINISHED quilt - that she had quilted herself. I love the colors in the quilt. She did the most amazing job for a "beginner". Here's another one who can no longer claim to be a beginner.

Heather's quilt
 I was busy holding quilts and trying to take pictures so I didn't really get a good close up of her quilting, but it was amazing. Heather took my quilting classes over the year and she took to free motion like a duck to water. Her philosophy? Just do it!!! And I agree with her 100%. If you're not good - you'll get good but if you don't start, you'll go nowhere.

Close up of Heather's quilting
My quilting classes help you to eliminate all the variables in free motion quilting and all you're left with is one thing. Steer the fabric. If you haven't taken one of my classes, you should. I know - if you're far away, that's not going to happen, but - there's always the internet! You never know.

I have to say that I'm very proud of all the students in this class. These blocks were NOT easy. Oops - did I say that out loud? The class is finished - I can say that now! Well, some of the blocks were challenging and each and every one of the students rose to the challenge and made some magnificent projects.

I also asked them to bring along some other show n tell so everyone would at least have one thing to be oohed and aahed over.

For the life of me, I can't remember whose quilt top this is. The center is a Frozen II panel (up to the first dark blue border). Then a border of disappearing nine patches and some half-square triangles and it looks absolutely amazing. Shoot - whose quilt is this???? I think it belonger to Sandra.

Frozen II panel quilt

This is one of Susan's quilts. It was part of our UFO club earlier in the year. I think she only needed to put borders on this quilt and now the entire quilt is finished. And if those of you from away are jealous of the UFO club - don't worry - we're going to be accommodating you this year. Watch for the details on that.

Susan's finished quilt

This is another quilt of Susan's. Again - it was one of the quilts she finished in the UFO club. This one was partially quilted if I remember correctly and she completed the quilting herself. I absolutely love the quilting  - the texture is amazing!!!

Susan's finished quilt 

Susan V brought in the most adorable block from the Farm Girl Vintage II book. It's a horse with a quilted blanket. I love this!!!!

Horse block from Farm Girl Vintage II

Susan V also made this little zippered bag. I've forgotten the name of the bag, but it's got lots of pockets to keep everything super organized. I might need to make one of those someday. I actually have a lot of bags so I think I'm good. But it's cute!!! And the recipient loves llamas so the pockets are lined with llama fabric.

Susan V's zippered pouch

Susan V also showed us her latest quilt top. HOLY - this is amazing!!!!  It's made with Kaffe Fassett fabrics and that stunning blue grunge fabric from Moda. She wanted bright and she got bright. Although her husband did ask why wasn't it brighter - you know - with oranges and yellows! I love his comment, but I think it's TOTALLY bright and I love the colors.

Susan's bright (beat the blues!) quilt top
The big print is her backing and the strips of Kaffe Fassett will be the binding. It's going to be an amazing quilt. Imagine getting up on a January morning and seeing that on your bed? How could you not feel good about life?

The backing and the binding for Susan's bright quilt
This is Sara's quilt top from the Lillaclass that also finished up last week. Hey - we need to get as much mileage out of our show n tell as possible. It's a great example of how you can make a modern quilt without using modern fabrics. She quilted it herself (YEAH!!!) and it's bound. Ready to be used.

Sara's Lilla quilt
 Kathi, who is a total fan of anything Grinch - actually, I think it's her husband who is the Grinch fan. She made this advent calendar for him. She's going to put goodies in each pocket and there's a little stuffed Grinch that you can move each day as you await the arrival of Santa. You can't see the red/white striped ties at the top to hang it up. Super cute.

Grinch advent calendar

We all went into oohs and aahs when Barb showed this quilt. It's Imagine from Art to Heart. She did all the applique by hand - mostly black thread using a buttonhole stitch. The quilt is absolutely STUNNING. It was a year-long BOM kit from The Hobby Horse. Shoot - I wish I had done it. OK - I have the pattern - now get off my butt and make it! It is absolutely gorgeous!

Barb's Imagine quilt

Wow WOW WOW!!!!  What eye candy. They are a very talented group of people and you can see how some total newbies became seasoned quilters over the course of one year. I've seen this time and time again and it never ceases to bring a huge smile to my face to see that. We learned from each other (oh yes - I get as much if not more from the students than they get from me - so THANKS to you all), we shared many stories and had a lot of laughs. It was a great class and I thank everyone for all their hard work!!

As I was on my way to the class that morning, I got stopped at the railroad tracks. As I was sitting there contemplating life, I noticed all the amazing graffiti on the trains. This picture doesn't do justice to the artwork of these graffiti artists. Imagine doing this with a spray can? I'd loved to watch them at work. OH - I know - there's probably a YouTube video for that.

Graffiti artwork on the train

I know I make fun of YouTube, but here's the thing. I like to watch YouTube videos. I like to mostly watch for entertainment rather than learning, but on occasion, YouTube has saved the day. Like the time we were at the retreat with a can opener that we had no clue how to use. YouTube showed us how. On the other hand, I watched a video on how to groom a dog, which turned into total advertising. And the way she was brushing the dog was shameful.

Like anything - if you watch YouTube videos - it's buyer beware. And I'd follow Sara's excellent advice - don't just watch one. Watch several on your topic or watch only those from WELL KNOWN people in that industry, although that isn't always safe. Anyone with a camera can make a YouTube video and what you get isn't always the best information.

On that note, I'm out of here! I've got loads to do - OH - Elle mentioned that a group she is in, set goals for the remainder of the year! I'm not sure that I have time for that. But I think it's a great idea. At the very least - keep a list of all the things you get done between now and the rest of the year. I might do that!

OH -- don't forget to check out my blog post on QUILTsocial today. I'm exploring a new feature of the Husqvarna Viking DESIGNER EPIC 2 and how it can save a ton of time for quilters!!!!!

Have a super day!!!!


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