Sunday, November 17, 2019

Back to normal

I'm back to normal! Well, as normal as things are going to get around here. But I'm back to my routine and I love it! Yep - as much as I like new and exciting things and I love going away, I love my routine at home.

I spent most of the day in Studio B and I was happy. I was working my magic with the camera and with the computer writing blog posts and wait until you read those blog posts. You're going to be as excited as I am. The Husqvarna Viking DESIGNER EPIC2 is - well it's EPIC and that's all I'm going to say about it right now. I don't ever want to stop sewing/embroidering on the darn thing.

I trimmed a lot of quilts and still have one more to trim. It's my own so no rush. I'm still on the fence if I need to add more quilting to that one of mine I did last week. I have to make a decision real quick on it as I need it for show n tell this Thursday. Should I or shouldn't I? That'll be for later today to make a decision on that.

Here's the quilt in case you have no clue what I'm talking about. You see - it has a wavy line going in one direction. I thought about a wavy line in the opposite direction, but since I didn't keep the original pattern, I think it's going to be too difficult to replicate that. Hmmm - I may have answered my question. No more quilting. Now I want to play around with a grid pattern with that wavy line, but not on this quilt. Where's another quilt to experiment with?? OH - I got lots and I'm going to play with them.

Lilla quilt - decision to be made on adding more quilting or not

I was busy on the long arm yesterday. First I finished this quilt.

Customer quilt - DONE!!

I was on a roll so I loaded this Quilts of Valour quilt and it's done as well.

Quilts of Valour quilt - DONE

That's exciting to get another one of these Quilts of Valour completed. I'll drop the quilt off this week and pick up another one! I have a quilt from our charity days that is slated for Quilts of Valour and that one is also slated for this coming week.

My little whiteboard is great for keeping me on track. If things go as planned, that board will be clear by the end of the year - well not clear. It'll never be clear, but things will be up to date. There's even a couple of my quilts on the board at the moment and a couple from our community project days.

This all means that there is, in fact, a light at the end of the tunnel! There's room for one or two more quilts before Christmas. Speak up now or it's not going to happen!

Here's a reminder if you are going to bring me a quilt to quilt on the long arm. DO NOT baste the three layers together. I need three separate pieces - a quilt top, batting that is at least three inches on all sides or you can buy batting from me. And the backing must be at least three inches larger on all sides as well. A quilt recently landed on my doorstep with the three layers basted together. The batting was polyester and the EXACT size of the quilt top. UGH. The backing was about 1" larger all around. Double UGH!

I was able to get the quilt quilted but it took a lot of finagling to make it happen. I also used a new piece of batting - I'm good, but I'm not that good to use a polyester batting that's the same size as the quilt. It drives me crazy when people don't listen. It cost her more money because she didn't pay attention to what I said. I have no qualms about charging to fix a problem. I did NOT get the quilt directly from the owner - it came via Pony Express in case you think I accepted something that wasn't right!

It was a nice day so I popped down to the library to pick up a book that had come in. OH - this is the book from Oprah's book club. I better get that read in the three weeks as I know for sure someone else is going to want that book. And I made good headway on an audiobook as I was buzzing around in Studio B.

It's so nice to go away, but gosh being home is just the best.

I've got a load of work lined up for today - what the heck would I do with my time if I didn't have sewing? I'd be bored out of my mind! You can only read for so long and once you declutter, what then? I'm glad I love to sew!

Still waiting to find my sewing buddy that I can mentor.

On that note, I'm out of here! I still have a wee bit to finish on my homework for today's UFO club. And god forbid that I cough up another $10. That won't be happening. There are quilts to bind and quilts to sew and quilts to quilt. It's going to be a busy day.

Have a super day!!!!


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