Friday, November 29, 2019

North Star Show and Tell

While I did not get the first two items on my To-Do list done (I knew that wasn't going to happen), I made good progress on one of them and I did get a couple of urgent matters taken care of. The rest of the list awaits for me today. Now instead of telling you that I'll do a blog post on ToDo lists, I'm adding it to my list of topics. Done! I added two items - well possibly three to that list yesterday. As if I would ever lack something to say!

I'm so darn excited to share the show and tell from North Star quilt. This is a quilt designed by Elizabeth Hartman and we worked on it at The Hobby Horse since the beginning of January. Let's say the show and tell is pretty impressive. Someone thought it was the MOST finished tops AND quilts that we've ever had. I know a couple of people (whose tops are done or almost done) couldn't make it so maybe this was the best year ever!

North Star by Elizabeth Hartman

Let's have a look. I'm going to try really hard to get the names of everyone.

I'll start with Marg's quilt. She wasn't able to attend the class on Saturday, so I got a picture of her quilt top on Monday sewing. Marg used the kit - I thought she made a few changes to some of the fabrics but I don't remember. She just had the two side borders to put on and then the top is DONE.

Marg's quilt

The first up from Saturday is Sophie. She used Northcott Toscana for the entire quilt! Shoot - I should have gotten a close up of each quilt but perhaps if you click on the photo, it'll enlarge a wee bit. She moved the blocks around from the original to balance the colors.

Sophies's version of North Star
I believe this was Nancy's. She was using the kit and she's assembled it the same way the pattern is. Notice the dark sashing between the blocks. The last three blocks are together and I would imagine by now that the top is done! I think she changed the walrus fabric. I could be wrong on that.

Nancy's quilt

We hadn't seen several of Sharon's blocks so here's Owen the Owl.

Owen the Owl

Meridith the Musk Ox

Fritz and Fred fox

Sharon also wanted an opinion on what sashing to put in her quilt. Instead of it just being a one-on-one, it was a great teaching moment so the group decided that this GLOW IN THE DARK fabric was perfect. Can't wait to lay under that quilt in the dark!

Sashing for Sharon's quilt

This is Kathi's quilt. I remember at the beginning of the year that she "struggled" with what fabrics to use for her version. Then she got on a roll and well - she had loads of fun. If you look close, she found the appropriate animal fabric for each animal. Narwhale fabric?? You bet!!  Someone said it looks like they're wearing PJs. It's such a fun quilt and a great way to make this quilt her own. You nailed it, Kathi! All the animals have been rearranged as well.

Kathi's quilt
 Diane was using the kit. She had a fair amount of the background fabric left so she used that for the sashing instead of the darker fabric. Looks great, but that linen background fabric required a certain skill set to work with. Pins, pins, and a whole lot of pins were required to make it work. Diane is now the master of using that linen fabric.

Diane's quilt
This is Linda's quilt. Linda also used the kit but she used the darker fabric in the kit for the sashing. However, she made numerous fabric changes. Her polar bear is a different fabric, one of the foxes is a different fabric and I thought she changed something else. Again, you can start with a kit, but that doesn't mean you have to use everything in the kit. Something you don't like? Swap it for something you do like.
Linda's quilt
 Go back and look at the polar bear (top left block). In Diane's version, the polar bear doesn't stand out a whole lot but look at the polar bear in Linda's quilt. Now granted, Linda did use a different fabric, but she also outlined the polar bear. I believe she used a hand embroidery stitch to do that and it makes Patty the Polar Bear pop out. Great job Linda!!!

The outline around Patty the Polar Bear

This next quilt is Lynn's. Lynn used a light blue "frosty" looking fabric for the background and she used elements of the kit for the animals and some of the blocks. Then she used a slightly darker blue for the sashing. It looks awesome!!!

Lynn's quilt

Next up was Sheila's and there were a TON of oohs and aahs when this one went up. Why? Sheila used a VERY busy print for the background and it looks amazing. Those animals stand right out from the background. She's got most of the other blocks done - they're just not sewn together yet. She used a monochromatic fabric for the sashing. This quilt is going to be stunning!!!!

Sheila's quilt
This is Valerie's quilt. I LOVE the colors. It reminds me of the Canadian North - perhaps because of the colors. But boy - those animals stand out - you can't miss any of them. A great choice of background fabric and it makes me think of the north and cold and ice! Great job!

Valerie's quilt
This next one belongs to Rosemary. She chose something totally different from everyone and went with a solid beige background. See how the animals stand out from that background. Each of the three rows is sewn together and notice that she's using the background as the sashing. She just needs to add the sashing to the bottom of the rows and sew it together. Almost there!! Awesome Rosemary!

Rosemary's quilt
Lynne did the small version and chose four blocks. She used icy blues for the background and they look amazing! She may have to do some decorative stitching around the polar bear as he does get lost or perhaps he's sitting in a blizzard. I bet that's it! The color she chose for her foxes is brilliant!!  I always say, this is the best part of the class - you get to see a ton of different ideas for block, colors, arrangement and a whole lot more. Great job !!!!!

Lynne's small quilt

She always makes a pillowcase or a cushion to match her quilts. This one was no exception. She used the seal block for the top of the cushion cover. I think a lot of people went home to copy this idea and it's a great one. Thanks for sharing!

The front of the cushion cover
For the cushion backing, she used one of the stars from one of the blocks. Now isn't that clever!!! I love it.
The back of the cushion cover

Lynne has a love/hate relationship with free motion quilting so she tends to use her walking foot and embroidery machine for the quilting. Here she did a wavy line with her walking foot. It looks awesome. I so love to see when the students in the class take the information, adapt it to what they can do and then get it done!!!

The quilting on Lynne's cushion cover
Remember Heather from the Ultimate Block class? The terrified beginner from January? Well - she's no longer a beginner. Not only did she come with a FINISHED Ultimate Block quilt, but she finished this one as well!!!!  Holy cow! She rearranged her blocks and put the foxes in the middle as that was her favorite block. Owen the Owl is grey and a few other changes. But it looks amazing!!! Heather - you've come a long way and did an outstanding job! I couldn't be happier for you! You should be very proud of yourself.

Heather's completed quilt
You notice that she used a decorative stitch on her sewing machine to stitch a line around the outline of Lucille the Seal to make her stand out a wee bit better. You can see in the picture (bottom right) that she does. Just a wee subtle line is all that's needed.

Decorative stitching to make Lucille the Seal stand out a wee bit more
 More of her quilting in the Meredith the Musk Ox block.

Detail of the quilting

Next up is another class superstar - Sara. Remember Sara from the Lilla class where she showed up with a FINISHED quilt? Well, she showed up with another finished quilt in this class. She really changed up the colors in the animals and used a solid background which showcases the animals very nicely.

Sara's FINISHED quilt

She chose to use straight lines to highlight the animals and to follow the angles made by the pieced parts. She did a fabulous job on the blocks.

Close up of the quilting
Yes - I say blocks because she quilted it "quilt as you go" (which is making a comeback - did you know???).  Here's the back of her quilt with all the joins. Very impressive Sara!!!! Notice how she pieced the smaller pieces for the blocks. She used up a lot of fabric that way.

The back of Sara's quilt

NO - we're almost done! This last one is by JoMarie. Her quilt was also quilted but needed the binding applied. She used a mottled grey for the background and the blocks look awesome. I love her color choices - look at the Lucille the Seal (middle top) - isn't that stunning? Notice that she made her borders wider as well.

JoMarie's quilt
Look what she had her friend do for her. The name of each animal was machine embroidered on the blocks. I fell in love with this idea and if you read QUILTsocial yesterday, you know that I stole that idea.

The names are machine embroidered on the blocks

If you were observant, you'll notice that the center block has a different color background. She started out with the brown, didn't like it and switched. It doesn't detract from the total look one bit. Way to go JoMarie - for not remaking that block and finding a solution!!

The center block has a different background

And there you have the show and tell.

WAIT - hell has frozen over and there's one more quilt. It's MINE. And it's quilted! I don't think that has ever happened in the history of these ongoing quilt classes. EVER!!!! Heck - most of them are still not finished! I'm so excited about this. I do love the quilt and I just need to choose between two different fabrics for the binding. I used an icy blue for the background and a slightly darker fabric for the sashing. It was quilted with a snowflake pattern and I'm thrilled with it.

My North Star quilt

I just did a quick tally. We started the year with 21 students in the class. There were 15 (not counting my quilt) finished quilts, tops or very close to being finished at the show and tell. I know there is one other that is very close to being complete, but the owner wasn't able to make it to class. So for the remaining five? If you didn't finish all the blocks - why not make something smaller like Lynne did? Get it done - use up that block(s) and don't leave it as a UFO. Then send me a picture. I'd love to have TWENTY-ONE projects - meaning at least one thing from each student!

That was so exciting!!!!!  I love it and I couldn't be happier with the results fo the class. A superb job by everyone in the class. So many of them stretched their wings and grew by stepping outside the box whether it be their fabric choices, block placement or creativity by adding the names to the blocks. What a great group!!!!

OK -- so here are two reminders for today. The Bob Ross (CherryWood) challenge is on display in Seaforth, Ontario. Hosted by The Cotton Harvest Quilt Shop. You have TODAY and TOMORROW to go and see this excellent display and perhaps pick up your PINK challenge bundle for the next challenge.

And don't forget to check out QUILTsocial today. We all embrace the technology in our smartphones, our tablets, and our computers. Well, guess what? That technology now extends to your sewing machine!!!  I'm just in love with everything and for a non-so-smart- techie (at times), I can make all that stuff sing!!!

Have a super day!!!!!



  1. Congratulations to everyone! Those quilts are a joy to see! I love the colors and especially the changes, additions, and deletions from the patterns. As a beginning quilter, it helps me to "think outside the box." Thank you!