Friday, November 15, 2019

Wrapping up

After the late finish on the first day of presentations, I stayed in Cochrane. I wasn't about to travel to Timmins in the dark when I was tired. I was up early yesterday and back on the road. There was a bit of snow coming down but nothing too significant. The roads were just fine.

If you've never traveled in Northern Ontario this is what the roads look like. YES  - I stopped in the middle of the road to take that picture.
The "traffic" in Northern Ontario
I've driven across Canada in my car in various segments and I think I've only once driven through Northern Ontario. And I rode my bike across Canada several years back. Let's just say that there are a lot of trees. There is no rock per se in this area. No one passed me (in 100 KM) although I did meet traffic coming north. A long lonely stretch of highway. As I mentioned, the roads were good, the sky got lighter as I drove and I had a good radio station in the car. Speaking of which - that's the weird thing. I had dialed into a Timmins radio station in the car and I had amazing reception all the way to Cochrane.

When we're in Orillia, we have terrible reception. Now why is that?? Perhaps - it's the radio. Not the one in my car, but the one in the retreat house.

Yesterday I wasn't doing my presentation in a store. Instead, we were at a church where we had quite a few people in the morning and a full house in the afternoon. It was exciting to see so many people out. It's not often that "guest" speakers get up this way and everyone turned out in full force.

I met some great ladies and we had loads of fun. I don't know the numbers exactly, but there are a lot of bilingual people living in this area. It's quite impressive. Perhaps I can move to Northern Ontario so I can practice my French. Kidding! But you got to love the traffic or lack thereof. I mean seriously, how much time and energy (gas) do we waste in the city. Something to think about when I retire.

I have to say that by the end of the fourth presentation in two days (same presentation all four times) that I was getting a wee bit talked out. Yes - even me. So while I was sad to see the presentations end, I was very glad at the same time. And as far as I know, this is the LAST trip for the year. My December is so wide open, I could roll a bowling ball through it. Don't get me wrong - the next two weeks are crammed with classes and sample making and blog writing. And there's still Sit n Sew days, charity sewing days and UFO classes.

Now I can be home with my head down making samples and trying to get some of my UFOs completed before the end of the year.

As I run through my examples and samples, I realize - OH - I could make this or I could make that to show off some of the techniques or features. It just never ends and I'm OK with that. I need to get my creative thinking cap on.

I popped down to the used book store but I didn't have my list with me and I quickly went through some of the authors I remember but didn't see anything.

I had a long leisurely dinner last night in a restaurant right beside the hotel so that was great. Then back to the hotel to read for a bit. I have to repack my suitcases this morning as I just winged a few things into the car. So I had to haul all that into the room and now I have the fun of packing it all up. It never fails - I leave for a destination on an airplane and everything is neat and tidy. I get in the car and my suitcases seem to explode. EVERY single time. I guess that's why when I go to retreat, the car is filled.

Thank goodness I don't go to retreat via airplane. I'd never make it. How do people do that anyway???

Looks like the weather is good this morning so I shouldn't have any problems getting home. Which is good since I have a class to teach later this afternoon.

On that note, I'm out of here to cram everything back into the suitcase.

Have a super day!!!!


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