Friday, November 1, 2019

UFO Homework

With all this decluttering and learning how my phone works, there was one aspect of my phone that hadn't been done. How to put my pictures in the cloud. Well - now they are in the cloud and off my phone. How did I do that? Well, there are a lot of Google apps that one must learn how to use. So after a gentle push from Ronda to make that happen, the photos are now floating in the cloud. What I need to do now is start deleting some of them. There are loads that I no longer need or photo sessions with the girls that I need to select the best ones and so on.

Bottom line - I'm learning so much. My brain is positively brimming with new stuff. It's very difficult to keep up with everything - new sewing technology, new phone technology, and a whole lot more stuff. NEW NEW NEW.

However, I have to get back to the last post that I prepped before I went away at the beginning of October. It's the UFO homework from September.

This has been a super successful class or group or whatever you want to call it. Yep - it's going to happen again next year. I'll be sitting down soon and figuring out what classes, groups, etc. that I'll be offering in the new year. That'll be about mid-November if not sooner.

Let's start with Susan. She's making these blocks that are assembled with English Paper Piecing. Holy - that's a lot of work, but the blocks look amazing. This one block was her homework.

Susan's block is completed
There are twenty blocks in the quilt. I think she's completed 16 of them. She started this project in January of 2018 so that's not bad. Great job Susan. I can't remember the name of the project, but I'll get that info for the next post.

The rest of the blocks that are completed 

Dede is working on Rosewood Cottage. She's got all the stitching accomplished on the two side borders. If any of you are familiar with the pattern, you probably don't recognize those dragonflies. Nope - they are NOT part of the pattern. She added those in. The color of this quilt is stunning. It's hard to appreciate it from the photo.

Dede's Rosewood Cottage side borders
Lynne's goal was to get this quilt top together. It's the summer sew-along (2018) from Border Creek Station.  It was called Let's be Friends. She purchased a kit. I don't know if it was intentional but look at the photo. Do you see how the colors are very nicely placed with a bright block interspersed with a duller color?  The layout of the blocks looks awesome.

Lynne's quilt top

Because she purchased a kit, she didn't have any extra fabric to make a sashing. So the blocks had to be pressed in a very specific way to fit together properly. Let's just say that a wee bit of ripping and a wee bit of repressing was required to make this work. This was a slight oversight of the pattern. GRRR!!!!  One block - that shouldn't have been the case. But I digress.

Detail of the pieced blocks

Lynne had some fabric leftover so she made a pillowcase (gift or storage bag) for the quilt. What a clever idea. And this would be awesome if it were serged (I'm not sure if it was), but that would prevent the seams from fraying when it (or if) it gets washed. This is a great thing to have in case any repairs are needed for the quilt.

Pillowcase (gift bag) for Lynne's quilt top
Sharon is working on her chunk of the month. This was a block of the month from several years ago. I designed the project. She got one more section added. Getting to the end!!!! The value change from light to dark is pretty cool. I do need to finish mine - someday. It's actually called Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

Sharon's chunk of the month
Elaine got the center section of her Stitcher's Garden quilt together. Those colors are looking awesome. It's a super quilt to learn how to use your sewing machine and the accessory feet a wee bit better. Yep - I'm working on that one as well.

Elaine's Stitcher's Garden quilt

Linda was working on an autumn quilt. The main part of the top is together. I think there's some applique or fancy quilting that's going in the center.

Linda's autumn quilt top is completed

Ronda's goal was to have the Amish with a Twist II quilt top together. It was done and ready to be quilted.

Ronda's Amish with a Twist II
I'm also working on Stitcher's Garden. My goal was to have the backgrounds of the remaining blocks quilted. Yep - that got completed. Yeah!!!

My block backgrounds for Stitcher's Garden

Laura's goal (and one for me) was to have her Kaleidoscope quilt quilted with the binding on and ready to hand stitch the binding. She finished the top, I quilted the quilt and sewed on the binding. Now she's busy hand stitching.

Laura's Kaleidoscope quilt - DONE

Diane's goal was to have her fall shop hop quilt (2018) together. The top that is. It's together and ready to be quilted.

Diane's Shop Hop quilt
Liz's goal was to get this Christmas quilt top completed. And it's done. I attempted to rotate that picture, but for some reason, rotating in that software isn't working. Back to Photoshop Elements for future rotations.

Liz's Christmas quilt top  - DONE

I like this picture better anyway. Why are quilt tops like magnets to our pets?? I bet that cat is thinking up its Christmas list.

Cat approved! 
 Liz also finished this project. It's a panel with borders.

Another quilt finished by Liz
 She did some big stitching in the border for quilting. I love that and it's something that I want to try.

Big stitching in the gold border

I had to save the best for last. Shelly couldn't make the meeting so she sent a photo. She sent several photos. Her goal was to finish the top of this Shop Hop quilt from several years ago. Great job Shelly - the quilt looks awesome.

Shelly's Shop Hop quilt

However, doesn't this picture just beg a few questions???  Is this really her clothesline? Is her hubby really that short that he needs a ladder to reach the clothesline? Well inquiring minds want to know the story of this photoshoot! It's hilarious. Thanks for the chuckle, Shelly. BTW - isn't red a derivative of PINK???

No one wanted to give up $10 that month! We've already met for October, so I have to get those pictures edited for you. That leaves two months left. How much more money will be accumulated?? I hope no more money goes into the pot! We're going to have a nice pizza lunch on the last day! I can hardly wait!!!

I'm teaching a class this afternoon and I have a few more errands (drop-offs) for this morning and a wee bit of paperwork.

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day!!!!



  1. You do an amazing job on this blog with all sorts of photographs of other peoples work as well as your own which make it wonderful. Then I have to add a but. When you photograph blocks like Susan's paper pieced one, could you either slip a ruler in beside it or tell the size of the block? It is really hard to judge the size of small pieces and so we don't appreciate all the work that goes into making them. If you hadn't said they were English Paper Piecing, I would have thought they made up a much larger block. Maybe you could keep a well marked ruler near your camera, so this wouldn't be too time consuming to do?

    1. Elizabeth - What a great suggestion!!! I know there are many things that you can't appreciate from the picture. I shall endeavor to have a ruler handy or at least indicate the approximate size!!! Thanks so much.

  2. Wow, Elaine. You motivate us to get our UFOS completed.
    Love to see photos of the work accomplished. Well done!!!
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Suzi!!! Loads of fun at the same time!