Friday, October 23, 2020

On pins and needles


Another GREAT day! I don't care what the rules are - having people to talk to is important! Whether that talking is via Zoom, on the phone, or in person. If you're NOT getting out or connecting with people, you NEED to do that. It's important for your mental health. And it's going to be even more important as winter arrives and people tend to cocoon inside their homes. 

I've found a good way to multi-task. I plug my headphones in, and I make calls while I'm on my afternoon walk. I have to laugh as this has TWICE resulted in a much longer walk for me! I went to the grocery store earlier this week and yesterday. I took the long way to get there, but when I arrived, the conversation wasn't over, so I went around the block, and by the time I arrived at the store, the conversation was finished! That's hilarious! But guess what? I accomplished two things - talked to a customer and got in my walk, and both are important to me. When time is at a premium, why not? 

So go for a walk, take your phone and a set of earbuds and get on the phone and yak to someone. It works!! Call someone you've wanted to call for a while but haven't got around to it. Call someone you haven't talked to in a while. Trust me - there are people out there that need this connection! 

I'm making great progress on all of my Virtual Walking challenges, and I'll share that in a few days! But the excitement is building for the grand finale!

Yesterday was another GOOD news day. I had one presentation last night and ZERO issues with the internet. As a matter of fact, when I did my slideshow, there was ZERO lag on the slides. The second that I changed the slide, it changed for the participants. Are we out of the woods? No idea, but things are looking up! And all it took was a new wire! I almost felt "let-down" after the presentation because things went so smoothly! And I got some feedback that I'm much more comfortable with all the camera switching. Oh yes -- I even did a LIVE demo of ruler work last night. I'm good, and I LOVE IT!

I did get some serious sewing done yesterday, but I don't have much to share with you as I was working on homework, and it's only fair that the class sees the work FIRST. Can you believe that I'm working on the LAST blocks of ALL the new projects that I undertook this year? The last ones!! I'm so impressed that I was able to keep up. 

I was putting the last border on Aviatrix Medallion this morning. I had JUST enough fabric for the border. Yeah!   Two of the borders are on the quilt. The other two are pinned in place. I had sewn the second to last border on, but I didn't pin it very well, so I'm in the process of ripping it out. It won't take long to get those two side borders sewn on, then onto the backing and the binding, and this one will get put to bed BEFORE the end of the class, which is next month! 

The piece on the right is all that was left after the border was cut

I did finish this block from Summer Moon. This is from the homework for last month, and yes, there is a LOT of little pieces in this block. The half-square triangle section is 5" unfinished. So that's teeny. The rest of the blocks are now cut and ready to sew, and some of them are done! 

Summer Moon block

I also got my barn block sewn for this month. I think I might have to dig out a slightly darker grey. That one is a bit wimpy, but I'm not changing it! And now to buy the ingredients to make the cookies! I know - me baking cookies?? 

Barn quilt block

I still have a couple of blocks cut out and ready to go, and I hope to get the blocks on the bottom tray done later today. I've got three events today, so I'll have to work around that, and I MUST not forget my UFO homework, which is due on Sunday. 

Blocks ready to sew

I was the recipient of a Halloween mask! I love the BEWARE across the front. I need to wear that when I'm in a bad mood! Oh - it doesn't show in the picture very well, but they put the elastic on the side with the little toggle, so it's easy to adjust! Thanks so much!!!!

My Halloween mask

You know how we tend to let things slide. Something isn't working just right, and instead of fixing it, we just live with it. Well, I've been living with these horrible pins for months. I'm talking about the red, white, and blue star pins. They are huge and would make horrible holes in my work. They must go. So I'm going to remove them today. I'm not sure what I'll do with them since I do NOT want to use them for any fabric - they are HUGE. But I'm sure I'll find some use for them. If anyone wants them or has a suggestion about what to do with them - let me know. 

My pincushion

Those pins are a good example of FREE stuff. I received those pins when I had reached a certain level of buying at Missouri Star a couple of years ago. So yes, the pins were "free," although I'm sure I bought them several times over with the amount I purchased. But the pins are cheap and horrible. So was this free gift really a free gift? NO - it's useless!!! And that's the story with many free things - they are cheap, they are stuff that we'll never use. So they become clutter in our house! We need to STOP wanting to get free stuff because, in most cases - it becomes clutter!!

M sent me this next picture that she found on Facebook or somewhere. Everyone, at some point in their life, has had one of these. I no longer have one. But I loved them; however, I love my magnetic pincushion much better. 

The Tomato pincushion!

I've been sewing up a storm with enders and leaders. I take the little cut off pieces from bindings or narrow borders and sew them together. Now I have TWO big stacks that are sewn, but I need a serious trimming session. 

Ender and leaders that need to be pressed and trimmed

I have two ironing boards set up, and each one has a pile waiting to be pressed and trimmed. I should add that to the trimming of those double wedding rings arcs, which is going very slowly!!!

More pressing and trimming

So it's official!!! You can now purchase the pattern for the quilt that I designed for Quilts of Valour. Check out their website for all the patterns that you can purchase. My pattern is flexible. You can make the blue/red/cream version on the cover, OR you can save time and put a panel in the center. Very clever!! It's a straightforward pattern to make, and all the proceeds are donated to Quilts of Valour. I did not and will not receive any compensation for the pattern. I'm excited that that project is done! 

I'm still not out of the woods with paperwork - I have some e-mails that need to be sent out this morning and more due soon. I have a busy weekend, but I'll try to fit some of it, so it doesn't become URGENT. That's when it's no longer fun!

Don't forget the CQA Auction of the Trend-Tex challenge pieces. I see many of the pieces have at least an opening bid on them. Will there be fast and furious last minute bidding?? That's the problem with silent auctions. I hate the flurry of activity at the end! And I've been known to threaten people if they want to outbid me! Just kidding - it was a friendly threat!!

That's it for me this morning!! Lots to do, and I'd better get started! 

Have a super day!!!!



  1. When I started my first Home Ec class in 7th grade, my mother gave me my own "sewing kit": scissors, pins, tomato pin cushion, etc. I still have the pin cushion. I don't know what happened to the rest of those items but the pin cushion is still around. More of a decorative item these days, I also prefer a magnetic pin cushion.

    1. Linda --- Oh yes -- while I love the tomato pin cushions, the magnetic ones are best. You can throw pins at it!!! Have a great day!! I'm a wee bit behind in answering some comments.