Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Surrounded by love


I'm making great progress on getting stuff done. Yeah - last week, I just felt like I was going backward all the time. This week is going much smoother. 

Three hours of Zoom yesterday and no drops. Can I dare say that the connection is stabilized? I'm knocking very hard on wood as I say that! 

I'm in the process of writing a pattern that is taking a bit longer than I had planned, but it's like writing THREE patterns in one. I've got all the paperwork laid out to finish that off. It's now the checking and double-checking that is taking loads of time. It won't get finished today, but hopefully, by the end of the week, I'll be done!

I've learned how to use the OneDrive by Microsoft to act as the server in my house, so I no longer have to use USBs to shuffle documents between the two computers - that's a bonus, and I see some note from Samsung that they are no longer storing stuff in the Samsung cloud. I wonder if I have stuff in there? You just get one thing under control, and something else pops up. 

I even deleted some old files from the computer the other day! How exciting is that? I know there's a LOT more that needs to be deleted, and I'll get to it - baby steps. I know - the office should come first, but that is so far down the chain of things to do - it'll likely have to be in December when things have totally quieted down as far as lectures go.  

As I was typing my pattern, there is one thing that I wanted to do. I swear, I've been able to do it in the past, but perhaps I was dreaming. I wrote a multi-list inside a table, and I need to indent some of the lines to help clarify the steps for cutting. 

Do you think the NORMAL way of making that happen would work?? Oh yes - it works, and I knew how to make it work, but NOT in a table. I managed to find some help on a Microsoft Forum and was provided with a keystroke shortcut to make that happen. But seriously, Microsoft - that should be a no brainer - make that work using the TAB key, and life would be grand!!! 

I know - how and why I end up with stuff like this is beyond me. But when I write a pattern, the TAB function is critical to writing the pattern. Now I know how to make it work - thanks to that volunteer in the Microsoft forum, I'm good to go. There is another way to do it, but I didn't want to get into setting up a new style. 

As mentioned, I had two presentations yesterday. I have one today and one tomorrow, and then I'm off until Tuesday next week. But that doesn't mean the work stops there. Nope - I'm madly learning and madly making samples. Making samples is the BEST way to learn. And it's kind of fun!!

Here are a couple samples that I was playing around with yesterday. These are all samples for my embroidery lectures, and did you know that there are about 30 different embroidery techniques???? Yes - thirty!!! It's hard to believe. 

Within freestanding embroidery, there are three styles. 

Freestanding with fabric embroidery

Freestanding embroidery

You do not want to see Studio B. There are samples everywhere, materials for making samples everywhere, boxes of thread everywhere, and the machines keep get moved around as I switch from Husqvarna Viking to PFAFF. And don't forget my tools and supplies used for each session. It's all tucked away in that corner - well, the tools and supplies are. Even my ironing board is way in the back of the room. Oh well - I get more steps in that way!!

I was making another sample yesterday, and this is what happens when you're not paying attention. This is applique, and my little monster is adorable. However, I chose a spotted fabric for his body, forgetting that you embroider spots onto him. Oops - I don't really like it, so I'll be making another one later today. DUH!!!!  

Embroidery applique

So yes, I'm having a lot of fun, and with the week being way less stressful than last week, I'm enjoying the puttering around. I need to fire up the longarm today as I am slightly behind, so I must get caught up. 

Oh - the more that I look at embroidery designs, the more that I want to stitch all day. Technically, I have three embroidery machines in the house, so I could fire them all up and get some serious embroidery done. But I'd be hopping between machines and well - I'd likely do the same thing as I did with the monster. I messed up some of the thread colors and some of the applique. It's not really messed up - it's just a bit busy!!!

I'm hoping to get a LOT of stuff done this weekend. I'm taking a road trip to kill three birds with one stone. So that will be great. And it will be nice to have three days with no deadlines and no presentations, although all three will be jam-packed with work. But it's work that I like, so I'm not complaining. 

As I look around me, though, I see desk drawers not closed, piles of books on the floor, and - well, I'll be spending some time getting things back in order. 

Now, who wouldn't feel loved when you have this happen. It happens almost every morning as it's getting closer to walk time. 

Murphy and Lexi sharing the love

I'm sitting on my chair at the computer, and they both have to be right there to seek as much love as they can! Of course, they give much love in return, and they can be very insistent. This is something new for Lexi, who would never come into the office. Now, she's in here quite a bit, and they often sleep in the two dog beds. I'm alone at the moment. It's not time for them to move from their night sleeping spots!

Did you get a chance to pop over to the Trendtex challenge yesterday? There are some amazing quilts, and who wouldn't want to own one of them. I'll be alerting you to the auction! I also ordered my kit for next year, and I already have an idea. I just have to see if I can make it work with the fabrics in the kit. There are several challenges on the CQA website, and I'll be linking to them in the future days. Making challenges is how I learned to develop my creativity. Some challenges that I've made have been duds, but I learned by making those duds. You should give it one a try. Even if you don't finish it or don't send it in or enter it, it's a great way to learn!!! I'm so about learning. Every day is a new learning experience. 

I'm hosting a Virtual Quilt retreat on October 17 and 18 (that's a Saturday and a Sunday). Saturday will have to be a late start again as I'm teaching in the morning. But Sunday will be all day. I'll be posting the links on my blog a couple of days in advance. I can't wait - I love Virtual Retreats. So much fun, and it's great to see everyone from around the country. So if you can, stop on by and say hello. 

 I added a few more people to the Long Time Gone list this morning. It exploded in the last couple of days. I can't wait to get started!!! It's going to be loads of fun!!!  There is still time to sign up - the first class is October 17th. Yep - the same day as the Virtual Retreat! Contact Thimbles and Things to sign up. Everyone who has contacted me at my account has been sent the information. If you have signed up at the other e-mail or did NOT receive any information from me, contact me. I don't want anyone to get left behind before we even start. 

Long Time Gone

I know many of you have sent me e-mails about signing up for the UFO Club and the other classes that I'm offering. I have the e-mails but just not the time to acknowledge you. That will happen by the end of the weekend. So hang on, and I'll get you all the details for the classes. Sorry for that - bad timing in the work schedule and signups.

 Well, I'm off to spin class this morning. We'll see how that goes. There's now a maximum of 10 people in this giant room. It's crazy. I'm so fed up with the government putting in rules that don't make sense. Why not look at the number of people PER SQUARE FOOT? My gym is much larger than most other gyms - and isn't it all about social distancing? I'm just tired of it all, and I swear, I thought long and hard about moving yesterday! It sure sounds like a good thing, but I'm not sure I'm ready for that drastic of a move! But Murphy and Lexi? They would love it! 

On that note, I'm out of here. 

Have a super day!!!!


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