Friday, January 15, 2021

Is that for me?

 As I was reviewing the pictures this morning, I realized something. Murphy does NOT have a single blanket/quilt/mat that she can call her own. How did that happen? Lexi will have to write a story about poor Murphy, and then there's the poop incident. Yes - Lexi will need to get busy. 

I'm trying to keep up with my e-mail. I'm hovering around 700 in my inbox. I hope to get that even lower, but right now, I'm managing to keep it at 700 - it works for me at the moment. I have a TON of class sign-ups happening now, and I NEED to keep on top of those as the first of the classes starts TONIGHT. It all begins with the Tula Pink 100 Modern Block Sampler, and I'm excited! I hope I remember how to run a Zoom class - it's been a while. 

Book for 100 Modern Quilt Blocks

And I'm teaching some classes at Thimbles and Things, and HOLY - the number of people signing up is crazy!! We're going to have a lot of fun! 

And my current audiobook? Oh my - it's one by Ruth Ware, who writes very intriguing murder/mystery. The latest one, called One by One, takes place in the mountains at a ski chalet. It reminds me of Agatha Christie's - And Then there were None. The narrator is AMAZING. It didn't get good reviews, but it's perfect for listening to while sewing. 

I got some documents written, and they are gone, but now there's more looming that have to be written. I haven't written in a while, so I had to get back in that mode as well. But since I love to write, that's perfectly fine with me. The only thing - I can't multi-task when I write. 

I got another customer quilt done. Yeah - it was a big one, but it quilted up very nicely. 

Customer quilt - DONE

The next one is loaded, but I don't think I'm going to get to it today. That's a job for tomorrow after my class. But this one is trimmed and ready to go—one more to trim this morning. 

I had to pop to the library. I know - I can't help myself from requesting books. I'm not getting much read in the physical book department, but I can't stop requesting books. That's OK - I do read them; it just takes longer. Thank goodness for audiobooks, or I wouldn't get a chance to read anything some days. 

So technically, we shouldn't be able to pick books up since we are in a state of emergency and only allowed out for essential items. I guess books are now considered essential, and that's a VERY GOOD thing. 

In the past, a librarian was hanging out at the table with the table inside the foyer. Yesterday, the door was closed, and the books are labeled on the table (they were always labeled). I didn't see a soul as I picked up my book. And I was on the way home from my walk, so technically, I was getting my exercise for the day!

Library curbside pickup

I just did a calculation, and I'm averaging just over 12 KM walking each day so far this year. My goal is 11.5 KM per day so having a wee bit of a buffer is good if I can't walk for whatever reason. 

Did I get another orange pipe cleaner bow? Nope - but I got a note on my tag. 

A note from the librarian

That put a smile on my face for the rest of the walk home. I love my librarians!!! Do you know how a simple gesture like this can make you want to skip home? Say hello to a stranger or write a short note or e-mail to someone - just to say HI! It can make someone's day! 

A couple of us decided to band together to send a package to a blog follower that lives in Germany. The package arrived, and the note of thanks that we got in return was so beautiful!! That really perked my day up!! You're are so welcome, Nina!! We love being able to quiz you about all things Germany, and we love your quilting as well. We met her through the virtual retreats!! Oh yes - if you don't' attend the virtual retreats, you should. They are so much fun, and we've met some amazing people that I'm happy to call my friends. The next virtual retreat is scheduled for January 30 (evening) and January 31 (all-day). 

The previous day, I had assembled my second Christmas Fig quilt top. Once the main part was together, I had to trim it before the inner border went on. That was a challenge since the blocks were so big - I needed two rulers to reach from reference point to reference point. The final pictures are posted on our Facebook group, the final document (somewhat late) was sent to the group, and I can officially close that class. Only two more quilt tops to finish sewing together, and I will have completed all the ongoing projects from last year. Yeah, me!!!!

Trimming the on-point quilt

I still have to make the binding for both quilts. The strips are cut, and the backing for one is cut and ready to sew together. I need to find backing for the second one - there wasn't enough in that pile of fabric to make the second one. The rest of the fabrics have been put away!!!!  The little bag of trimmed half-square triangles will be filed with the remainder of my half-square triangles. I was going to make something, but I'll wait. 

A little bag of trimmed half-square triangles

Oh - you want to see the quilts?? See what I mean about Murphy? I cannot put anything on the floor without her charging over to check it out. Is this one for me? Can I have it? I look good in blue! 

Murphy checking out the quilt top

Oh my - Murphy - I'll see what I can do. Perhaps she can have one of the hand-crocheted rugs that I need to finish. I'm almost finished hand binding that quilt I'm working on. I'm going to forge ahead and make a label for it as well, and then I can officially call it done. I must get that label done today. 

Oh, yes - the quilts. Here they are. There were twenty blocks in the book. Each block measures 16" finished. Yikes - putting all 20 in one quilt will make a HUGE quilt. So I sorted them into two piles - one with 12 blocks and one with 8 blocks. This is the quilt with 12 blocks. It's huge at 68" by 86". 

Christmas Fig number one

And here's the second quilt. There are 8 blocks set on-point. It has an inner and outer border, and it's also HUGE at 65" by 91". Imagine if I put all the blocks together in one quilt. The quilt in the book did NOT have a border on it, and well - I didn't like that. And if I had put them all together and added a border? Well - that's just too huge for my liking. Both of these will make generous lap quilts, and I'm good with that. The on-point blocks are also in the correct orientation (at least to my personal tastes), and I'm a happy camper. Or should I say happy quilter?

Christmas Fig number two

And I managed to finish my block for the Breakfast Club Sew-a-Long. Good grief - I waited until the very end and wasn't sure I was going to get credit, but I just squeaked in under the deadline. I love this block. 

The Breakfast Club block for this month

I think that's four blocks done for this quilt. I'm making my blocks much smaller than the original blocks - again - I don't want a giant quilt. I was going to make extra blocks so I could make a lap quilt and I might still do that. If I put the blocks on-point, I won't need to make as many. I'll see how things progress. I think we're making 12 blocks in total. I just took a peek at my EQ8 version of the quilt. I need 18 blocks if I put it on point, meaning I need to make six extra. Well, that's not so bad. That's what I'm going to do - make 6 extra blocks. Now to scour the barn quilt site to see which ones to pick. And hope that I don't repeat one that the store picks!!!

So what's going on in the decluttering department? I sure hope you're still setting that 10-minute timer each day. It's a slow process, and it might take a long time before you see any light at the end of the tunnel, but you will. In case you need some motivation - I might, from time to time, give you a specific spot to clean. Today, it's all about the ironing board. Is your ironing board clear? If so - you're off the hook today. If there's crap on it - get busy and clean it off. It's an IRONING BOARD, not a dumping ground!!!

And on that happy note, I'm out of here!!!

Have a super day!!!


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