Sunday, January 17, 2021

Long Time Gone Show and Tell

Well, I've been up since ridiculous o'clock. I had all intentions of getting some documents written so they could be sent out. I have a few that are due NOW. Instead, I spent hours doing admin work and prepping for the three sessions today. I'm OK with that - the admin stuff needed to be taken care of to make life easier for me. And I think I almost have all the distribution lists, class introductions, etc., taken care of! Phew - I'm guarding those lists with my life. If those distribution lists get lost, I'm going to very unhappy. 

But you know me - as much as I complain about administration, I do like organizing, and that's really what admin is all about. And when you're the boss? It's even better. 

I thought I'd share the homework from the Long Time Gone class that I hosted yesterday. Oh my - this quilt is so exciting! I can't wait until I start putting it together. WAIT!! I have to be careful what I say, or I'll have everyone in the class forging ahead and assembling. So - my homework is done, and I'm waiting patiently until it's time to do the next homework section. 

Sit back and enjoy. Some pictures show all their blocks to date; some people are a wee bit behind (but most are not!). And some people have gone crazy with making their own modifications. I LOVE it. So inspirational. 

Here's the book - Long Time Gone by Jen Kingwell. The class is being hosted by Thimbles and Things. Can you believe we are over 60 in the class? And NO - you can no longer sign up!! I'm closing this class. But I could be open to Gypsy Wife or something else once this one is done!!!

Long Time Gone by Jen Kingwell

You would think that this is my quilt, but it's not! It belongs to Val. Great use of a busy print to camouflage the large space in the bow tie blocks. 


Cindy didn't like the bow tie blocks, so she made two basket blocks instead. 


Linda is starting to audition fabric for the sashing. 


Oh, shoot - I don't remember everyone's name, and I'm not going to have time to search them all out this morning. I'll do what I can until I run out of time!

They do NOT have to keep up with the homework - if they do - that's a bonus for them; if not, well, we don't want any UFOs! I guess Sharon's second bow tie block is done! 


A very soft and pretty palette in these blocks by Linda. I love how people's personalities come out in their color choices. 


I love this colorway by Jana. I'm stealing this combination for one of my future quilts. 


Lynn has nicely tied her colors together with this grouping of blocks. Gorgeous jewel tones.  


Nothing beats the classic blue and white. Helen Anne is raiding her scrap boxes, and the result is gorgeous. 

Helen Anne

Leslie has some wild and bright colors happening in her quilt. I LOVE how she colored those flying geese. 


Maria has such a fun grouping of fabrics. They are all FLORALS -- who would have thought that florals could be fun. But these are modern florals. 


And look at her bow tie blocks. She fussy cut them. LOVE it. 


Sheila has a darker look to her, but the burgundy and greens look beautiful together. 


Kathi has a great color combo with these bright jewel tones. Notice how she toned down that center of one of the bow tie blocks. 


And look what she did with her zigzag row. Love it!!


Jennifer has a great scrap quilt on the go. I love how she added some different values to the backgrounds of her blocks. 

Cindy has some fun colors happening in this quilt. Love the little pops of orange!!! Or is that gold? Let's get sophisticated and call it cheddar! 


OK -- so I want to steal this one. Elle used a busy background (one day I'll get brave!), and the colors are bright, yet they aren't. It's just a fun looking quilt. 

Sonya was behind, but she made a huge push, and I believe she's all caught up now. This is going to look awesome—a very scrappy (my favorite) look. 


Nancy has a deep contemplative look to her quilt. And she's undecided about the bow tie blocks - center filled or not?? She's going to have to make some choices at some point. But the floral fabrics look great. 


Did you see what Bernice did? Look closely - she's highlighted the pinwheel that forms in the middle of those flying geese blocks. 

Laura has a fabulous look with mostly red, yellow, and blue, although there's a wee bit of brown. It's gorgeous. 

Lois is working from a pack of 10-inch squares. Love the combination and the great contrast. 

Here's one more block from Lois. 


Look how the pinwheels pop in Lynn's version of the blocks, and she switched the values of the zigzag row. 


Oh my -- this is very bright and cheery and made by Brenda. The colors are FUN!


Another classic blue and white by Cathy. I LOVE the fact that some of the blues are very close to the background. It adds a bit of mystery to the blocks. 


OH MY GOSH  - Paula lives on a farm and has managed to incorporate farm themed fabric into her blocks! How adorable is that? 


Lynne is going crazy with the color, and I LOVE it. This screams fun. Notice how she changed the zigzag row on the left. 


Look what Larraine did with her flying geese units?? Doubling up the color like that makes the blocks look so different. I swear - we could make that block a hundred times and make each one different. 


Cathy has a totally different palette from everyone else. It's very classic, I don't want to say country. But it's going to be awesome!!! And the little print fabrics in the background soften the empty space in the bow tie blocks. 


Here are Susan's blocks. It's hard to tell in the photo, but there's a bit of navy in with the blacks and greys. Love the neutrals. 


Shoot - I can't remember whose blocks these are. Sorry. But some nice colors in those blocks. 

I think this one belongs to Margaret. She's using 30's fabrics, and they look smashing in the quilt. 


This last one belongs to Carol, who got her homework done just minutes before the class. You have to love Zoom - heck - you could still be sewing while you attend class!!! A nice soft color palette. 


By my count - that's 31. Some of the ladies just joined, so I didn't expect them to have any work done. I'll be working on the others - we don't want this project to become a UFO. I told them that I didn't care if they only did ONE block and quilted it  - this must NOT become a UFO. 

And since I'm the teacher, I'm supposed to be just ahead of the group. Here are all my blocks with the latest homework blocks added. The more blocks I make, the better I like the quilt. 

My blocks

Well, I didn't do too badly on the names - only one I can't remember and one I wasn't sure about. I'll get the group to review, and hopefully, I got everyone's name right. 

I've got to run - I still have some prep work before the classes start today. 

HEY - don't forget your 10-minute tidy up assignment. You thought I forgot, right?  How about a NON-quilt related area today. How about the cupboard beneath your powder room sink? Or any bathroom sink?  Get it cleaned up!!!

Have a super day!!!



  1. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher.
    I love you blocks mostly black, grey and white with a dash of orange here and there.
    And you got my name right.
    Have a great evening.

  2. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher.
    I love you blocks mostly black, grey and white with a dash of orange here and there.
    And you got my name right.
    Have a great evening.