Saturday, October 9, 2021

Let it go!!!

 A quick recap of the One Block Wonder stuff -- The Tree of Life panel set is gone. And I think it went to the right person. Remember the panel? 

The Tree of Life panel

I do believe I found the perfect person to take this off my hands! This person has a TON of the coordinating fabric but no panel. She can now make a beautiful One Block Wonder or Stack and Whack and add cubes, borders, etc., with all those coordinates.

Coordinating fabric to the Tree of Life panel

The animal panels are also gone. I haven't responded to the person who asked for this, so they don't know yet!

The animal panels

Yeah -- that makes me very happy to get rid of those panels, and I'll be quite content to measure out the yardage I had for making One Block Wonder quilts and add it to the backing fabrics. I also found ONE more set of panels that I had bought to make a Stack and Whack. This one is also up for grabs-- there are seven of them if anyone wants. 

Stonehenge panel set of seven

Anyway -- this is a start. I'm learning to let go, and that's all a good thing. I can't take all this fabric with me. I know I won't have time to sew it all up, so I want to do something with it. I'll only be doing this when something comes along, like this type of fabric. I don't really need to do another Stack and Whack. 

But should you still want any of the fabric yardage or panels I mentioned yesterday, you can send me an e-mail. 

And I'm slowly but steadily working on the magazines. The first step I did a while back was to sort them by the title, and each title is in a stack on the shelf. Then I grab a pile of the same publication and tackle that. I'm through two stacks already in this process. Once I was done with the first stack (and I didn't keep any of them or rip anything out), it was donated as it was a pretty magazine that someone could have used for the pictures or just read the lovely stories in it. The second stack was all about quilt studios, and I found someone to pass those along to. I am done with that stack and starting the third one. Oh yes -- this is going to get under control, one stack at a time. 

The current one is called Irish Quilting. I remember being so excited when I found this on the shelves - way back in 2008!!! I even got an e-mail from the editor as she was probably doing a Google search and my blog came up!

Premier Issue of Irish Quilting

There are a lot of patterns in the magazine, none that I think I'll want to keep, but this is the first issue - maybe it'll get a bit more sophisticated as I go through the stack that I have. It's not a huge stack, but it'll still take a while to go through it. 

The stack of Irish Quilting magazines

I won't be passing these along to anyone. I'll read and recycle the issues. What would be wrong is to just take them and toss them without reading them! And I'm going to feel good about doing that! I HAVE to learn that it's OK to do that. 

It's all about finding time in the day to read and NOT get caught up in pulling out another stack! NO! I'm not allowed to pull anything else off the shelves to read. Although I have a ton of reading about sergers to do in the next couple of weeks, that's for work, not pleasure. 

I even stopped at Indigo yesterday to browse the magazines and walked out empty-handed! See - I am learning! Although perhaps I should have purchased this one. 

Issue 144 of QUILTmania

You can purchase it in English and French, and this one was in French! Yep -- that will fly off the shelves in my neighborhood. 

All in French

I also got busy and finished sorting through all the stuff that M left for me to sort through and the Halloween stuff. I made one trip, and it's all gone. 


So no more Halloween stuff, even all the costumes are gone. All that remains are my Halloween quilts. I felt a slight tug as I got rid of some fabulous costumes, but they haven't been used in several years - there's no sense in keeping them. 

Now I must get to work on the three tubs and two boxes of Christmas stuff. I'd like to get that down to one tub. 

So this happens when you're sorting. I found an expensive cold-weather bicycle glove amongst the treasures that M left me. 

One bicycle glove

Seriously???  Why was my GOOD glove amongst her stuff? The big question is - did I have the other one? YES -- I have a small stack of ODD gloves and mitts in the office (I know!), and now they are together where they are supposed to be. 

The pair is together at last

I can only imagine how much stuff goes in the trash because someone didn't put it back in its rightful place, and one of a pair or set is missing. Sigh...................

Out of the mess that she left, this is all that remains, and most of this will probably go in the garbage, but I have to see if I can find the jacket that the hood belongs to and a couple of other small things to seek out. What I don't understand is why people can't take care of their own stuff? Pair things up. 

All that left to sort through

I also managed to get a customer quilt done, and the next one is loaded and ready to go today. 

Customer quilt - DONE

OH -- I have this area at my house (Poor Lexi -- it's right on top of her kennel!), but it's my staging area. Anything ready to leave the house goes in that area. It's a constant ebb and flow of stuff. It's not too bad at the moment as I try to keep it under control. One day - it will be empty as I'll have nothing else to get rid of! I'm just glad to find homes for some of the stuff that I'm getting rid of. 

The staging area

I finished one of the writing assignments. There's a class tomorrow and many coming, so the process gets to start all over again! But that's OK. I'll make it! I did manage to turn on the sewing machine, and I sewed TWO whole blocks. Yeah me!

Om that note, it's time to go for a walk. And it's raining -- that's going to be fun! Remember, when it's raining, and you need to walk, you need to EMBRACE that fact and put a smile on your face. Think of the hot chocolate or hot cup of tea that you can enjoy when you get back. It's just rain - it won't kill you. 

Have a super day!!!



  1. Congrats on getting rid of M's boxes, the Halloween stuff and a bunch of panels that no longer interest you! And the magazines!!!! YES! You can do it :-)

    1. Thanks!!! It's all a mindset to be sure! Once you get started, it will get easier. I'm good with household stuff and I never thought I would do the same with the quilting/craft stuff, but you know what? I'm ready! If I can find a home for stuff, I'm good to let the darn stuff go. Who knew? Thanks for being my cheerleader!