Tuesday, October 26, 2021

One step at a time

Well, I have to say that my clean desk is actually making me more productive! But we all knew that it would. Who am I trying to kid that having a messy desk is an effective way to work? The same thing with the cutting table -- if it's piled high with stuff, who can work there? New and better habits are forming, and I LOVE it. 

So I was responding to e-mails (still a "few" more to deal with), buying tickets (going to a movie tonight!), ordering stuff (necessary for the business), and paying a bill or two. I've cleaned out my pending folder -- well, dealt with almost everything that was in there that needed attention. Slow and steady! And once the current stuff is under control, I'll be more inclined to tackle the hidden stuff! I might just be able to get this mess under control. 

But have you ever noticed that the more productive you are - the more you need to do? I bought tickets online for the movie, only to find that my Scene card won't work online because it's attached to another account? Probably my old e-mail address, which wasn't changed in their system. So how do I do that? That requires an e-mail and likely some follow-up. 

Then I went to order some longarm supplies, only to find that the leaders I need to replace are NOT on their website, so that required an e-mail to ask how to order them. Then that will require more follow-up. 

Do you see what I mean? Nothing seems to be straightforward. Oh well. That's life. 

And it's time to get my calendar dates solidified as we are starting to book events for next year. So I need to spend some time there - booking all my vacation time NOW. Most of the dates are booked, but I'm waiting for a couple of straggling decisions -- again - Lots of wasted time trying to get confirmation from people. Sigh  .......  

If I can find a way to not pay for shipping for something, I'll do it. Someone is going on a road trip and could pick up something that I wanted. I was on the store's webpage last night, getting ready to order the product. Before I hit Place Order, I decided to check my supplies - just in case. And WHOA!!!! I found what I was about to buy. Thank goodness I looked. 

What was I buying? 

Go! cutter circle die

I wanted the circle die for the GO! cutter. And look -- I already have it. I thought about getting the other circle die with bigger circle sizes at 4", 6", 7", and 8", but it's for the GO! Big, which I don't have. So I'll have to be content with these sizes. Wouldn't it be nice to have a 4" die? Why can't they make a die for the middle-sized machine instead of just for the large one? I guess that's a FOMO/Marketing ploy which I won't fall for. I'll be happy with 3" or 5" circles. I did check the Accuquilt website, and they sell a 3 1/2" die - but I'll work with the 3". 

We had Monday Sewing yesterday, and I worked on the magazine quilt. Making good progress, and thankfully this one isn't that large, so the goal is to get it in the mail by Monday. 

Yesterday, I was working on customer quilts. I got this small one done!

Customer quilt - DONE

And I managed to get another small one done. 

Customer quilt - DONE

I need to keep up with the trimming, so the smaller one is trimmed. I'll do the other one later today. And the next one is loaded on the long arm. 

I just wanted to thank those who used my name when they signed up to do a Conqueror Challenge. I got a free event from the referrals. THANK YOU!!!!

Meanwhile, I've already reached the 20% mark on the Pacific Crest Trail, 4,000 KM in length. Every time we pass a milestone (20, 40, 60, 80, or 100%), a tree gets planted! That's awesome!! If anyone wants to try it out -- there are LOADS of shorter trails that will be easy for anyone to complete.

I must confess that I didn't go for that afternoon walk yesterday. It was a crappy day weather-wise, and I was on a roll with the e-mail. I still walked 8.8 KM during the day, and I rode 30 K in the spin class, so I wasn't a slug on the couch.

I had to deliver 7 small quilts to Project Linus. I was going to walk - it would have been a 6 KM round trip - more or less. But given the weather, I decided to take the car. It's incredible how my behavior has changed. In the past, if I were out, I would have stopped to get a tea or a hot chocolate and a muffin. Yesterday, I thought long and hard about that pumpkin spice muffin. And then, without any hesitation or anxiety, I didn't even stop. 

Wow -- that's huge for me, but I didn't even notice it when I got home. I had a snack and a half glass of chocolate milk, and I was fine. However, I may have a bag of popcorn tonight for dinner. I'm so proud of myself for not needing to stop for those treats. 

And here's another slight anomaly that I need to fix. The scale at home shows 2 LBS higher than the scale at the gym. So which is correct? I would think the one at home, which is supposed to be connected to the internet, needs to be recalibrated. The one at the gym, I suspect, is the right one! So that's all positive news! But -- one more thing to deal with!

Speaking of walking, I have to show you how one little step can lead to something huge! This is the map of my walk across Canada. I started on January 1, 2020. A total of 8,378 KM, and look where I am. I'm less than 600 KM from Signal Hill in St. John's. 

The route for my walk across Canada

I'm super impressed at that and never would have thought it was possible, but it's impressive looking back at my accomplishment. That's one of the reasons I love the Conqueror website. It allows you to track a preset goal or make your own personal goal like I did here. It's going to be time to pick another continent or country to walk for 2022!! There's no medal for doing this walk that I mapped, but I'm OK with that. I get loads of satisfaction looking at my progress. 

On that note, I have a few more e-mail to respond to today, presentations, porch pick-ups to coordinate, and well, just another busy day!

Have a super day!!!



  1. I'm with you. I find Accuquilt VERY frustrating. I won't buy the BIG! cutter as I have the GO! and it works just fine. But the other dies I would want aren't made for it. And the cubes? Well, you get 1 shape from most of them. I can cut from strips faster with 6 layers than taking the time to position and roll through 1 stinkin' shape at a time.

    Manufactured for obsolescence created for those addicted to shopping. :-( Not this girl!

    1. Hey tell us how you really feel!! I would have to agree with you. It works great for certain things, but I don't use it often for the reasons you described. And yes -- I can cut squares/rectangles faster by hand. It's all a question of us old dogs using regular tools the proper way! But yes -- we love to shop! Thankfully I checked before I bought!

    2. I know. I do have a tendency to hold back ;-)

      A friend in Virginia did redirect me to an Aussie company 'Blue Wren'. I've ordered several dies from them and even with international shipping they are a good buy. (I wanted Storm at Sea and Snails Trail and I love them!).

  2. I do have the GO BIG and love it. I had the regular GO but my shoulder would ache. Totally agree with the cube thing. Now I am only purchasing strips and then counting them down - like a 5 inch strip and then cut them to 5 inch squares

    1. I have one cube, but never even opened it. I might not! Was I surprised to know you have the GO! Big? Have a great day!!!