Monday, February 21, 2022

The snow saga continues

I PROMISE this is the last day I talk about the snow. It's just that the saga is so ridiculous that I can't help but laugh. What happened yesterday is so silly and proves that grown men have infantile behavior. And that's all I'll say about that. 

So here's what I found in the morning when I got up. Apparently, the backhoe came back in the night. Usually, the BEEP BEEP BEEP wakes me up, but I must have been tired -- I heard nothing. So imagine my surprise when I looked out the window to realize that they had been back. 

But wait -- what's this? The opening in the windrow has NO snow in it, and there was just a small ridge out from the end, which was a non-event. 

The opening in the windrow at the end of the driveway

That's exciting, or so I thought until I took the dogs for a walk. 

This was the scenario at my neighbor to my left. Sorry -- it's hard to see, but there were a few bit snowballs in that opening, but it wasn't bad. 

The neighbor's driveway

Then the next neighbor to the left has this???? Seriously?????  The %^&*&^ backhoe driver dropped the blade and removed the ENTIRE windrow from the bottom of her drive. You can see how high and wide it was, and he removed the entire thing. She doesn't even have a car! 

The windrow was completely removed!!!

And then the neighbor to the left of her had this. The blade was dropped at the end of his driveway - well out in the street. This driveway hadn't even been shoveled, no cars had moved, but he cleared some of the windrow. 

The windrow was also removed in this driveway

Sigh..................   I'm the one with the biggest windrow, and for some reason, I've ticked him off big time. Let's hope that we get no more snow this winter. Or nothing significant that requires the backhoe to come by. I'm getting tired of his behavior. But obviously, the city listened to the complaints as with no doubt, my two neighbors complained as well. What he did to the three of us was totally unacceptable. 

Yes -- there will be loads of quilt pictures tomorrow. Today -- well, this is what you get. This was the sky yesterday morning. So pretty. And the best part is that the sunrise and sunset are noticeably earlier and later, making the days longer, which makes me happy!!!


When I let the girls out yesterday morning, they made a beeline to the gazebo. Will they ever let that rabbit rest? Will the rabbit ever move out? I think there's quite a build-up of snow and ice, so they can't get right under the gazebo at the moment, but that won't stop them from trying. 

Looking for the rabbit

And there's the goofball on the run back to the house. 

Murphy on the run

Not to be outdone, here's Lexi at the front door waiting for a walk. Yes -- she is howling! No cowering like Murphy. Nope -- she's pretty vocal -- it's time to go. She used to get so excited that she would paw at the door, and I quickly discouraged her from that. How? It was easy -- whenever she pawed the door, I walked away, took my jacket off, and let her stew. She quickly learned NOT to paw at the door. And I swear, she's looking at me out of the corner of her eye!

Howling to go for a walk

And later in the day, she's looking quite bored.


And what's this all about? A nice comfy bed to sleep in, but no, she has to sleep on the part of the blanket that's been pulled from the bed. For whatever reason, she LOVES that quilt and doesn't want anyone to touch it. Murphy is allowed, of course, but no one else. 

Sleeping on the blanket

And then, in the afternoon, the doorbell rang. Who could that be? Oh, it's a delivery. What's that??? 

I had to laugh when I opened the package. Look what arrived!!!  Thanks to the person who sent it -- you know who you are!!! I know who it came from and sent them a note! 

A new journal - I LOVE the cover

Yes --- that describes me to a tee!! And I had mentioned that I didn't need any more journals, but you know what? I have a purpose for this. The book that I use for my sew-along projects is almost full. Actually, I started using that journal many years ago. The front of the book was partially filled with notes from quilt show meetings, some drawings by M, but the back of the book was empty. So I started at the back and worked my way to the front. Well, I think I used the last page the other day. So the timing is perfect!!!

The first quilt that I put in my original book was Sylvia's Bridal Sampler which I taught at Ruti's Needlebed. That was in 2011!!!  Here's a link to that show and tell if you want to check it out. 

The first sew-along that I led was in 2003!!! And since then, the numbers have grown. I've probably taught close to SIXTY of those sew-alongs! Yikes -- and since I wasn't good at getting them done by the end of the class, that's a LOT of UFOs to deal with. 

The sidewalks, for the most part, were in good shape yesterday. A few had narrow paths, but at least it was dry. A bit of slush in some places, but nothing insurmountable. 

Almost clear sidewalks

Look how beautiful it was yesterday! The sky was blue, the temperature was above zero, so no hat. It was glorious! Summer is coming! 

I passed the house with the missing shingles. Still missing! Rain is forecast today -- can you imagine the mess in that house? 

The roof -- still not repaired

I still have a couple of things to finish writing, but I took an hour yesterday and watched one episode of the baking show while I did some tidying. It involved sorting scraps, so watching a show was a perfect task. I was entertained while I sorted through the scraps and a win-win. 

I did a bit of cutting, and I'm prepped for Monday sewing with some mindless tasks, which involve finishing things from previous class assignments this month. I am NOT letting myself get behind! 

On that note, I'm out of here. It's time for spin class. Only three more classes to show proof of vaccine. Yeah!!! I don't mind, but it's a hassle with all the stuff we have to show when we enter the gym. 

Have a super day!!!


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